How To Earn Money Without Lifting A Finger?
Renting out your spare room or property is an excellent way to earn an income off your current assets with little to no effort. The short-term renting market is extremely lucrative. Online leasing sites facilitate marketing automation and provide a great deal of flexibility for both the landlord and the tenant. Compared to long-term lease contracts, short-term leasing provides an opportunity for turnover with a higher return. As a property owner, you are able to set your prices based on demand in the market and you have the flexibility to block off certain dates as required. Full Concierge and Property Management Services At Frank Porter, we can take care of every aspect of your lease so you can earn money without lifting a finger! Providing full concierge and property management services, we can style and furnish your property as well as take professional photos to ensure your listing stands out across different platforms. Not only this, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, so we provide fresh hotel quality linen for all listings – Ensuring your guests sleep soundly and review accordingly! Offering premier short term rental management, Frank Porter takes care of everything including the listing, renting, hosting and guest management. Adding to this, we will clean the property, set the price, list your property, screen guests and maintain your property during and between each guest. This allows you to reap the benefits of the highest potential earnings for your listing with minimal effort. Short Term Rental Advantages Renting your property to short-term tenants has numerous advantages. Firstly, the short-term property market yields higher returns than the long –term property markets. Another important factor is that landlords can have complete flexibility when it comes to availability, features offered and renters chosen. Third party websites help to connect the landlord with potential tenants and having a furnished listing ensures you are able to generate the highest possible income available.   A disadvantage worth noting is that unlike long-term rental contacts, you are not guaranteed a tenant. However, with the consistently strong tourism industry in the UAE, there is rarely a low season as it attracts people from all corners of the world at different times of the year. Therefore, in such an environment, the risk of not having a tenant is low. The logistics of operating a short-term lease can also be a deterrent for property owners. This is where Frank Porter comes in! Let us take care of every aspect of your listing so you can enjoy the benefits without putting in the work. What could be better! Home evaluation If you’re looking to get your property earning money but aren’t sure where to start, head to Frank Porter to receive a free online home evaluation. Depending on the type of property you have and its location, we can run a pricing algorithm to demonstrate your expected revenue. From there we can work together in any capacity you choose in order to make sure your listing produces the best return possible. The short-term renting market has grown exponentially since allowing private holiday lets in The UAE. Now is the perfect time to join a flourishing market and diversify your revenue streams!
What Are the Different Types of Airbnb Rentals?
Long gone are the days when we used Airbnb as a rental platform. The service caters to a different audience these days. People book them when they want a homely comfort during their vacations. But the platform has undergone a drastic change. Now they have included three categories Plus, Airbnb Luxe, and also Airbnb for professional work. The Airbnb listing management you hire would tell you more about the same. But the truth is that how are these different from each other. Obviously, they each have their own pros and cons. Before booking any, you must know all these facts. Here we will tell you details about different types of Airbnb that are available. Airbnb Classic This is the most basic of the Airbnb types available. If you are a host, you should know how Airbnb users can sort the rentals. Entire Place Here the listing will show ads where users get an entire home for themselves. People who opt for these want total privacy. The hosts have to provide all services exclusively to the user. The Private Room This is when you have only one room to share. In this case, the host has to mention the facilities available. For example, if the guest can use kitchen services or not. A Unique Stay This includes the homes that are unique either in their location. For example, if it is a glasshouse or located in the forest, you can mention that. Super Hosts Many people only want accommodation with a super host. If you have that facility, ensure that you mention it. Airbnb For Professional Work This profile is useful when the companies have to book multiple accommodations for their teams. However, to get yourself listed here, you have to provide facilities like Wi-Fi, well-designed workstations, laundry, etc. Airbnb- Plus The Airbnb plus includes homes that exude luxury. To qualify, your home should be well maintained and must pass the quality checks of Airbnb. Plus, homes have to offer all facilities to their guests like a fully stocked kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, a perfect garden, and maintained appliances. You must work somewhat hard on the maintenance to get selected. Airbnb- Luxe The Luxe category has only 2000 properties the world over. They check all the homes and see that they satisfy nearly 300 different criteria. The guests get access to gorgeous properties, and the trip designers create the perfect vacation. For the property to enter into any of the above categories, you have to find out what you can focus on. The vacation home rental agency can guide you better with regard to this. Contact them if you wish to succeed as an Airbnb host.
How Do I Become A Superhost on Airbnb
The travel industry has grown in leaps and bounds. People worldwide are traveling to their desired destinations and exploring the world at their own pace and convenience. Over the years, it has been observed that Airbnb has changed the way people look at their travel plans. With the introduction of the Airbnb services, many people moved out of their comfort zone and spent a lot of time traveling. Airbnb listing management has proved beneficial to the travelers and the hosts of Airbnb. People who had invested in apartments were now able to give them for rent in the form of Airbnb or register them under Airbnb services. People worldwide will find your apartment online and look for amenities available; if they like the property, they will book it for their upcoming vacation. What Is Superhost On Airbnb There are certain aspects a host must keep in mind while catering to the Airbnb guest. One is to become the Superhost on Airbnb. If you have no clue about this, then continue reading this blog to learn more about becoming a Superhost on Airbnb. Superhost is a program by the Airbnb service company to ensure the guests get the best facilities while they are on their vacation. However, below are the Airbnb service company 4 criteria to achieve the Superhost title. There must be a minimum of 10 stays annually. A critical 5-star review for at least 80% of your stays. You have to respond quickly to the guest's queries. You have to cater to the majority of your bookings. Apart from the 4 criteria listed above, here are some tips for becoming a Superhost on Airbnb. Be A Great Host Travelers come to your Airbnb for a reason. They must have liked something about the property that attracted them. Hence take advantage of this and be the best host they can expect. Provide the comfort they need and make them feel at home while on their vacation. Take That Extra Mile People often book hotels and rooms to spend quality time on their special events. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration promotion. If you have guests with such events, try to provide the extras like a bottle of wine, a cake, or even a free tour to a nearby attraction. Guests will feel special, which will make them visit your Airbnb Service Company the next time they travel.
Pros And Cons Of Turning Primary Residence To Airbnb
Airbnb has been taking up an enormous amount of space in the hospitality sector. More and more people are renting out their residential spaces for this purpose. And it makes sense why they would do so. It is an amazing avenue for some extra bucks very easily. Sometimes, it is only convenient for them to do so. Maybe they have children living abroad who no longer require this amount of idle space. Or possibly, the residents lack the opportunity to make use of the empty rooms in their apartments since they are mostly traveling by working outside the city. Homeowners have now discovered the financial benefits of advertising a place or renting out their homes while on vacation and taking help from the Airbnb host management service. And rightly so. But what we need to remember is that none of this comes without its hassles and efforts. Let us, therefore, tread you through some pros and cons of renting out an Airbnb. PROS Offer Appropriate Pricing The true motivation for hosts is obvious profit-making. The Airbnb website has a 'Smart Pricing' tool that considers consumer needs and can assist you in determining the appropriate fee amount. It serves as a great opportunity to supplement their income. There are no sign-up fees if you feel like checking it out and then avail the option of listing your residence on the site for free. Meeting New People One of the biggest takeaways from this process is that you get the chance to meet so many new people from different parts of the world. In exchange for letting them stay in your empty, unused, spare room, you get to host and learn about so much of culture, the differences, the cuisine, the lifestyle and so much more. Easy to Operate It is very simply manageable to operate this platform. When it comes to enabling interaction between hosts and guests, the platform offers numerous benefits. It makes the operation pleasurable, and you have the option of managing your property on your own. Investing the time to manage, promote, and enhance your Airbnb listing is an important step toward successful vacation home marketing. Tax Eligibility Because tax regulations vary widely between nations, you should consult an accountant before you sign a contract with Airbnb. Renting out a room that is your principal residence in some countries, may make you eligible for an allowance on tax. CONS Living In A Shared Space The fact that a person is residing in a shared environment has got to be the most evident drawback. You're not only sharing a space, but you're also sharing it with a rotating cast of strangers. It is frightening, and it's certainly inconvenient. If the kitchen or restroom are both occupied, you may fail to use them. When the guests are on vacation, there are chances of hearing romantic noises emanating from the bedroom. This is something you'll have to adjust to. Personal Items Aren't Allowed The worst part for the owners is the tedious process of removing all of their possessions from the property and storing them in packages and closets. As you might expect, being an Airbnb host is most usually not very much of an enjoyable activity. As a result, many hosts like to maintain their spaces clear of personal stuff, yet this can make you feel like you're in someone else's house. It might be difficult to tread a fine line between enjoying your house and preserving one's valuables. Unpredictability You know how much money will stream each month with typical rents. You don't have to with Airbnb. Supply and demand affect Airbnb prices and availability. Summer months have substantially higher rain than winter months in many regions. As a result, summers can prove to be tremendously profitable, whereas the winters may not. Being Available To Guests At All Times Another disadvantage is the transformation of your pleasant family into an office. Clean linens, towels, and maybe a gift bag are all required for guests. You must be mentally ready to run your business professionally, which means responding to emails day and night, supporting guests who have misplaced their keys, and other concerns. One can even learn more about Airbnb management by getting in touch with us.
Ways To Make Guest-Friendly Improvements To Your Home
Your home is your sanctuary. Anyone you want to bring into your personal space will need to be introduced to your home. After all, this is where you can truly unwind and relax, and you'd want the same for your guests as well! You will want your guests to have a good time during their stay in your house. But you will also want them to feel at home without feeling the need to specify what exactly they need at every step of the way. It is important to make your home guest-friendly for entertaining your guests too. It adds a touch of professionalism when you look at your house in isolation. Of course, your guests' convenience comes right up next. Here are some easy but effective ways in which you can make your house fitting for guests with or without Airbnb Management. These are little changes you can make, without stressing yourself out materially or financially. But these can definitely change the very flavor of your house! Attend To The Details In The Seating Area Your living room is where you will first invite your guests into. It is naturally a brilliant idea to decorate and furnish your living space in order to make your whole house more guest-friendly. You could always replace the dome-to-death sofa set with a more comfortable vibe. A couch might be just what you're looking for! Other than that, you could also go for a more unconventional option and go for something like a seating mattress and cushions. You can opt for contrasting cushions to make the color palette more intense and interesting. If you do that, your seating arrangement will be easier to customize! Invest In A Good Coffee Table A coffee table can well be the centerpiece of your living space. A nice coffee table that keeps in line with the stylistic theme of the rest of the room, and still complements the sofa set or the seating arrangement adequately, can truly become a game-changer. it can attract attention without seeming too in the face. Not only will it be a really convenient addition to your living room, but your guests will also be sure to notice the lovely furniture choice if the table is pretty enough. A coffee table can thus change the very flavor of the room that you welcome your guests into! Pay Attention To Your Dining Area Your dining area is where your guests will be entertained and fed. Meals are actually an essential part of entertaining guests, and hence your dining area holds special value in the care for guests. Your dining table should be able to seat no less than six individuals, and at the same time, it should look visually appealing. Instead of a bulky dining table, go for a sleek but quaint design. A pro tip would be to look for second-hand options because there is a chance that you will find beautiful pieces at affordable rates! Make Sure The Lighting’s Right Lighting can change the very mood of a place. Irrespective of what room or which part of your house you are in, the role of lighting is far more pivotal than many of us realize. A bright, well-lit room with pastel colors can give a sunnier and fresher appearance to the area. It can also help to make the area look more spacious. On the other hand, a dimly lit room might not come across as the most inviting to your guests. As a result, it might not seem very guest-friendly. The color gradient of the room will also determine the lighting because instead of white lights, colorful LEDs can also be a very interesting option. Mind The Bathroom It is highly likely that your guests will need to use the bathroom at some point of time during their visit. Whether they are staying for a few days or just a few hours, no one enjoys using an unclean or insufficiently stocked bathroom. Stock up on supplies, and make sure that a clean towel is always in place. Airbnb management company can guide you to set us a perfect Airbnb for your property. Handwash is something that is involved in every bathroom-related activity, so running out is never recommended. Your bathroom decor should be aesthetic, but that is just as important as making sure that your guest has everything, they might need during their loo break. Making sure every fine detail is accounted for can often become an never ending minefield. Here at Frank Porter we take care of everything for you, get in touch today and let us offer a helping hand.
How to Increase Your Ranking on Airbnb
When people are in search of the perfect place for their vacation, many Google for ideal locations. The results that appear on the initial page of the search list are those that end up booking this day with that place. This means that it is important for your property to appear as the top result in their search. What are some of the things that you can do? If you need help with managing your property, you can connect with your nearest property management company through Airbnb. We have a few tips that will help you to increase the ranking of your Airbnb property. Let's delve in. Professional Photography It is always advisable to hire a professional instead of using your smartphone to click pictures of your property. Professional photographers can help you capture the best angles and the right light on your property. Make sure you upload images of the room you're looking at renting out. This will give the guest clarity on what to expect. Compelling Title The goal is to capture the attention of your guests with just a few words, so make sure you choose your words wisely. Use words like '2-bedroom villa' or 'single-family home' sparingly. Focus on the selling points that may include '16th-century cottage' or 'walking distance from the station'. Reply To Questions Promptly Whenever a guest connects with you regarding a query they may have about the booking, it is always advisable to respond promptly with a friendly answer. This will ensure that the guests book your property. Respond to query-related emails ASAP. Calendar Updating Updating your calendar is particularly important as it reflects the availability of your property. For instance, if you are renovating your place and you have blocked certain dates, make sure you update it if the renovation work is completed sooner than you had planned. This will alert guests about the availability of your property. Instant Booking It is an excellent way to enhance your Airbnb ranking. This is because many guests search for properties that provide instant booking, as it expedites the process. Competitive Pricing Research on your competitors, especially when it comes to pricing assets, will give you a fair idea of the price you must charge. Every small adjustment in the pricing can prove to have major ramifications, especially with regard to your property's reflection in various search results. Getting Honest Reviews Your guests' feedback is particularly important. When you receive plenty of positive reviews, the property will receive a favorable ranking. An increased number of reviews will have a positive impact on the ranking of your property. Therefore, it is important for you to convince your guests to give positive feedback about their experience at the property. If you are planning to list your property for a shorter time period, then you can contact us and we can talk through the best bespoke option for you!
Pros and Cons Of Long and Short Term Rentals
Many homeowners are making their study income because they are simply leasing their homes on Airbnb. You may either list your holiday home for the short-term or long-term rentals. But, before doing so, we recommend that you weigh the advantages as well as disadvantages of both systems. This will help you to manage your Airbnb properties efficiently. Short-Term Rentals – Advantages Flexibility This is an excellent benefit the short-term system offers, giving the homeowner complete control over the duration they want to lease their space. The homeowner can also take down their listing if their situation happens to change. You may also block certain dates during the vacation so that your family can also enjoy the space. This flexibility is only possible with the short-term system. Profits Latest statistics show that short-term systems help homeowners to earn almost 60% increased profits in comparison to the long-term systems. You may also take a look at the per-night tariff on the Airbnb platform. You will soon realize you are making plenty of money. People Person If you love meeting new people from across the globe, you will benefit a lot from the short-term renting system. You will get the opportunity to meet various kinds of guests that share interesting experiences. Life will be remarkably interesting as you meet different people. Short-Term Rental System – Disadvantages On-Call This system requires the homeowner to be available round the clock for the guests. You will also need to reply to numerous emails as well as queries from potential guests to increase your property rating on the website. Continues Cleaning Leasing your property requires you to keep the place clean in between guests. This means that you would need to ensure every bit of the space is spick and span. Trust It is not easy to trust strangers, we understand that, but, the short-term system does not have any reference checks like the long-term system. Therefore, you must be comfortable with hosting strangers in your home. Long-Term Rental System – Advantages Assured Income Long-term system guarantees an income for a certain locked duration. You do not require to stress about getting guests for your space. Stress-Free With the long-term system, you don't need to stress about continuously marketing the holiday home. You can be a peace, knowing that your holiday home is occupied for a fixed amount of time. Invested Tenants Usually tenants that take up your space for a long period are very invested, especially with regard to caring for the place. They will look after the place as long as they stay there. Long-Term Rental System – Disadvantages Locked In The only thing constant in life is change, and this could seem like a drawback. For instance, if you have a 6-month agreement signed for the place and, at some point, due to unavoidable circumstances you need to move back into your home, you cannot do so until the contract is fulfilled. Lack Of Control In comparison to the short-term rentals, where you have complete power over the property, it is not the same with long-term rentals. The tenant has complete power over the property until the contract is fulfilled. If you have already decided on which system suits you best, you get in touch with us and move forward.
Fuss-Free Airbnb Hosting Tips from Experts
We live such hectic lives nowadays that it can be difficult to keep track of the things on our to-do list that must be completed on a regular basis. If you are an Airbnb host, then you will be well aware that the success of your holiday home depends on your hosting routine. The key is to be responsive, punctual, and thorough. It means that you must remember the smallest detail and get it done. For instance, keeping the garbage bins clean and having sufficient clean linen are just a few things. If you look to connect with an Airbnb service company, then you can most easily connect with them online. All of this sounds like a lot of work and can get overwhelming at times. If you feel that you are not that organized, then this guide is for you. We have put together a few helpful tips that can help you simplify your hosting routine. Track Your Tasks Between guests, there are plenty of things that must be done, right from cleaning the toilets to keeping clean linen. Many hosts still follow the old-school way of jotting down the things that must be completed with a pen and paper. Once they complete each task, they strike it off their list. While others create spreadsheets to keep track of the things that must be done. If you prefer to utilize technology and make things simple, we have a few recommendations that can help you simplify things. Below are a few of our favorite apps: Calendar -it will help you to avoid double-booking. Wunderlust -you can set up a list of numerous tasks. Turnoverbnb – you can locate cleaners and also manage the schedules, allowing you to inform them online when you would require these services. Trello – this is an organizational tool that allows you to share tasks and responsibilities with a co-host. Keep Everything Clean Between guests, you must make sure that the place is kept clean. Guests can be very unforgiving if they find the place dirty. You can also seek help from a professional cleaning service company, which will make things easier. Here are a few things that you must include in your cleaning checklist: windows, bathroom, kitchen, dustbin, and don't forget to ventilate the room. Making The Check-In Process Simple Write down instructions mentioning the address and the easiest route to get to the place. Make sure these instructions are sent to your guest in advance. You may also send pictures of the landmark, making it easy for your guests to find the place. A smart lock is also an excellent investment that will give your guests access to their room as they arrive. However, it is not ideal for every Airbnb property because certain properties require a tour to show the guest the property. Stock Up! Always have a sufficient stock of bed sheets and towels because if ever the dryer breaks down or a guest spills wine on the bedsheet, then you will always have a spare to offer. We recommend keeping a minimum of two spares for everything. In this way, you would be prepared for any situation. The same applies to the kitchen as well. If you're expecting guests, have supplies for at least six. Follow these few Airbnb host management tips and you're good to go. Alternatively get in touch today and find out how we can help take away the stress of Airbnb Management.
Ramadan 2022: Five Iftars to Experience During the Holy Month
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslim’s with a month of fasting as well as praying and reflection. A key event culturally within the region, Ramadan is a great time to get together and celebrate an Iftar with the people you love. With Ramadan starting early April 2022, we’ve put together some of the best Iftars for you to try around Dubai.   MasterChef, The TV Experience Offering a 3-course menu for AED 199, embark on a culinary journey filed with adventure and entertainment. The world’s first MasterChef branded restaurant offers a unique dining experience and cutting edge cuisine. For those fasting, break the fast with pomegranate juice, dates, hummus and bread and expect appetizing creations to follow such as their Josper Grilled Beef striploin. If it’s not too hot, feel free to bring your dog and enjoy your meal on the terrace and be treated to a night of culinary entertainment. Dubai Opera Iftar Incorporating both Arabic and international cuisines as well as carving station, dessert stations and traditional Ramadan drinks Dubai Opera are offering Iftar with a difference. Savour the delicious flavours of the food surrounded by classical and Arabic melodies with live entertainment at one of the most iconic locations in Dubai. The definitive destination for performing arts in Dubai, it is the perfect opportunity to experience the unique venue which is Dubai’s only multi-format performing arts theatre. For AED 290 for adults and AED 145 for children 12 and under, their rotating menus means you can go more than once and enjoy a different taste experience each time! Time out Market Dubai Ramadan will be celebrated in a special way this year at the Time out market with traditional majlis tents set up to host Iftar feasts. Distinguished restaurateurs Al Fanar will be hosting a chef’s edition Iftar dinner each Thursday and Friday evening to bring in the weekend with a bang. Hosting an intimate group of 8 people and costing 500dhs per person, the Emirati restaurant will be serving up traditional dishes including samboosa and biryani. Enjoy your meal surrounded by the soothing sounds of traditional oud player Mohamad Chamdin from 6-8pm. As well as the chefs edition dinner, there are numerous other outlets that will be hosting special Iftar menus such as crowd favourites Pickl and Masti. Eat and Meat The H hotel Dubai will be putting on a lavish Iftar buffet daily including delectable dishes from the Arabic region as well as international cuisine, serviced in their five star restaurant Eat and Meat. Providing live cooking stations surrounded by Arabic-inspired décor you will also be treated to live Oud music for a truly traditional experience. A chic and comfortable interior paired with an open kitchen for you to admire the skills of the chef makes for a memorable meal in the heart of downtown Dubai. For AED 189 for adults and AED 90 for kids, all bookings received before April 9th will receive 20% off. The Market Restaurant Located on the Dubai Marina waterfront, this restaurant is a great option for those on a budget. Their Iftar package is one of the most reasonable around at 69per person with a full international buffet and free parking. Classic Arabic drinks such as Qamardeen and Laban are on offer as well as fresh salads such as Arabic Fattoush salad Greek salad from the Mediterranean. Mains are basic yet tasty and include options such as Lebanese grilled chicken and butter chicken. Iftar is traditionally about Muslims breaking their fast after the Maghrib prayer and has developed into a social event that involves family and friends coming together. Whether you’re fasting or you’re there to celebrate with others that are fasting, Ramadan is a special time throughout the region and a great time to explore the culinary delights Dubai has to offer.
Airbnb Vs Renting – The Right Choice for You
Prior to the pandemic, the rental business was flourishing, and numerous investors considered it as a profitable option and looked forward to traveling the world and visiting unfamiliar places. In 2019, Dubai had a high volume of tourists. Overall, the UAE generated huge revenues on vocational rental properties, allowing numerous traditional owners to rent out their places, allowing a lucrative rental system. With COVID-19, tourism came to a standstill, leaving owners that used to make a lot of money to consider a different investment approach. Currently, the situation hasn't normalized, however, the hope remains that it will happen soon. Many people are skeptical about traveling internationally. Many have, however, begun traveling domestically, giving owners an opportunity to earn. Thus, it leaves us with the question of whether the Airbnb service company can be profitable in comparison to regular holiday rentals. To collaborate with Airbnb, you can connect with any Airbnb management company in Dubai and benefit from their services. Let's weigh the possibilities that both offer. Airbnb Advantages   Maximizing Income You can receive increased rent on the property. However, there is a vast scope to earn by selling certain services that include collaborating with tour companies and car rentals. You can encourage the guests to use their services by having an intern make a commission. Cleaning services, along with laundry services, are also an excellent option to earn. See how much you could earn with our vacation rental calculator. Increased Flexibility In Pricing It is important to offer attractive deals that include numerous discounts; however, you can make that additional money on weekends and bookings made at the last minute. This will allow you to get new clients without affecting your income. Protection Without A Lease Agreement Airbnb hosts doesn't come across any issues while leasing their estate. Even without a lease contract, they make rules to suit their requirements. If these rules are violated, the host receives justice immediately by connecting with Airbnb. Without the intervention of the court, the issue is sorted. Traditional Rental Advantages   Regular Income This feature is extremely attractive with traditional leasing. But what about security? In terms of real estate investing, the method offers a specific amount of rent till the contract is active. Less Effort The income received is slow but steady, so it would not require too much effort. Maintaining and cleaning the place will not be your concern as the tenants. It does not require you to do too much running around. To Conclude Overall, Airbnb and the rental method each have their individual advantages, therefore it is difficult to tell which one is better. There are numerous factors that come into play. If you do not have the time to run around, but you require a fixed income, then traditional renting is a good option. But if you're looking for an opportunity that allows you to boost your earnings, an Airbnb management company in Dubai is an excellent option. You can decide which option is the best prior to finalizing a strategy. [/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][/tatsu_section]
Why Dubai Is a Top Location To Retire?
UAE has been a beloved second home to many expats hailing from different parts of the world. The ease of doing business in various industries such as rental vacation homes helps them live and flourish in the country. The modern lifestyle and exceptional city-life offered by popular cities like Dubai make a favorable space to retire. The government provides a retirement visa program where the UAE residents can opt for a long-term visa if they fulfill certain criteria of financial status and property ownership. Here are a few compelling reasons that make Dubai a perfect choice for retiring. Sunny All-Time Weather conditions play a major role in determining the comfort of any place in the world. Dubai is characterized by a pleasant sunny climate throughout the year, with few spells of rains during January to March. This will allow you to make a beach plan or barbeque trip anytime of the year whenever you wish. Whether you need a sunbath or want to relax at the beachside, this place offers it throughout the year. Advanced Security A highly-appreciated feature of this city is the level of safety and security for its residents. With very low crime rates and a highly responsive police force, Dubai is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Thus, the residents can roam in the city fearlessly and safely irrespective of day or night. Retiring in such a safe city can ensure peace of mind throughout your life. Powerful Economy UAE has been a strong and flourishing country among all the Middle Eastern countries. The presence of a business hub like Dubai can be attributed to the strength of this economy. The minimal tax rules will offer greater financial freedom to anyone planning to retire in this city. Living a settled life in a city with a stable economy is more like a dream that can come true in this city. Cultural Diversity Home to a number of expatriates from different countries, Dubai exhibits a wide variety of cultures from across the globe. The multi-cultural nature of this city is also well depicted at Global Village, one of the renowned tourist attractions in the city. Attractive Lifestyle With a wide range of activities from desert safaris to beachside stays, this city is a whole lot package that will keep you engaged throughout the year. The chilling winters offer a great time for going on a barbeque or camping trip to the popular locations in Dubai. Whereas to spend the hot summer times with your family, there are different options such as well-built shopping malls, cinemas, snow park, and theme parks. Apart from all these fun-filled activities, the accessibility and technological advancements in every sector simplify the residents’ life. Thus, Dubai is the prime location with all the essential aspects you need during retirement. [/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][/tatsu_section]
Tips To Make Your Vacation Rental Home Family-Friendly
If you have holiday homes to rent, getting the right guests into your rental apartment is crucial to ensure the safety of the unit. The needs of the vacation home rental guests may vary depending on different types. Among all, families form a major part of rental guests in the UAE, owing to the increasing number of families attracted to Dubai tourism. The rental home requirements of families are complex, especially in the case of families with more members. In order to rent out your holiday home specifically to families, you need to target all your efforts from listing descriptions to apartment facilities for a family. Here are a few tips to get families for your rental apartments. Well-written Profile Descriptions While looking for a short-term or monthly apartment rental in Dubai, families tend to be specific with their search terms. Including terms such as ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘family-friendly’ in descriptions of the vacation, home profiles will increase their visibility. Features such as the silent environment and nature-friendliness of an apartment will also make an attractive point to mention in the descriptions. Special Care for Comfort Apart from the normal furniture, families with children will need a range of additional amenities such as a crib and high chair. Creating simple playing areas with casual toys in the vacation home can make it a popular choice for families. For holiday homes with outdoor spaces, you can also add more attractive facilities for children like small basketball or football courts. Highlight Security Features In the case of family guests, safety offered by the holiday home is a major concern. Mention the various measures taken to make the rental home a safe space in the apartment listing. You can consider professional security systems such as safety alarms, surveillance cameras, and sensors for the entrances or premises. There are also other simple measures to child-proof the apartment such as the use of socket covers, cupboard latches, and stair gates. List all these features on the apartment listing to attract families. Simple Guides Can Do Wonders A detailed guide of all the facilities available around for use by the guests will offer a proper understanding of the rental space. This will make your vacation home rental listing stand out in the market. Kid-friendly locations such as parks, playgrounds, picnic spots, and other family-friendly spots like restaurants should definitely be highlighted. Update All Listings After choosing the right property listing platforms, make your holiday home listing fully informative with all the above-mentioned points. Clear yet comprehensive online listings with all the details are an easy means to attract family guests. Professional property management companies like us will make your life easier by efficiently handling all the aspects of apartment listing from photography, listing to frequent updating. Get in touch today to find out more! [/tatsu_text][/tatsu_column][/tatsu_row][/tatsu_section]