Airbnb Cleaning
Service & Maintenance

Frank Porter provides in-house Airbnb cleaning and maintenance services to ensure properties are perfect for guests. Learn all about these services here.


What’s Included

General Maintenance

Our in-house Maintenance Team ensures that properties are ready for guests, responding to all issues raised and doing regular inspections. Some general maintenance issues include A/C fixes, water heater replacements, painting touch-ups, light bulb changes, leak fixes and more.

Refilling of Essentials

We provide and refill (at every check-in) all Guest Amenities such as towels, linens, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, water, coffee, tea, sugar, toilet paper and more.

General and Deep Cleaning

We provide General Cleanings and Deep Cleanings of properties, with the help of our fully trained and licensed Cleaning Team. The team also provides extra cleaning services for guests, if required.

Cleaning and Maintenance FAQs

Who pays for the cleaning and maintenance of my property?

Cleaning is always paid for by the guest, and is only paid by the owner in the event that they stay at the property. Maintenance is part of the general up-keep of the property and is paid for by the owner. The exception to that is if any damage is caused by guests or a Frank Porter staff member and it requires maintenance.

Are your Cleaning and Maintenance teams qualified?

We have chosen to operate separate Cleaning and Maintenance companies in order to control the quality of the work. Both companies are fully licensed, and our staff are trained in the Frank Porter way. We do not outsource any cleaning, and only outsource very specialised maintenance jobs. Our teams are trained specifically for their roles with specific know-how and training.

What if something gets broken when my home is being cleaned?

If any member of the Frank Porter staff accidentally breaks something during cleaning, this will be fixed or replaced at no charge to the owner.

How quickly will issues be sorted?

We aim to solve all maintenance issues within a few hours, with a team in the main Dubai areas at all times who are available for call-outs. Any major issues can take a bit longer while we wait for parts, though we aim to fix everything within 24 hours.

Can I sort cleaning and maintenance myself?

Generally no. This is due to the fact that it becomes very difficult to organize third party maintenance on an urgent basis for guests. Delays cause unhappy guests and refunds, and having our own teams ensures we can control the timings.

Would I have to provide cleaning supplies?

It is mandatory to provide basic cleaning tools such as a vacuum and a mop at the property during on-boarding. However, cleaning supplies are provided on an ongoing basis by the Frank Porter cleaning team.

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