Property Management Support Teams

Property management is a big job, so we’ve separated our service into teams for better efficiency and follow up. This ensures our owners, and our guests get the maximum support. Learn all about our property management support teams here.


Guest Support Team

The Guest Support Team deals with all guest-related matters – from the initial inquiry to the physical check-in, as well as support throughout the stay. The team is 24/7 and speaks multiple languages, ensuring the absolute best support for our guests.

Admin Support Team

The Admin Support Team handles all the government compliance, and the back end of the business including building access, permits, DET check-ins and check-outs, security deposits, platform issues etc.

Client Support Team

The Client Support Team handles all host-related matters. Whether it’s helping with an Owner Stay or explaining a Monthly Statement – the team is available to answer any questions. This team is also responsible for renewing permits, and ensuring our KYC is up to date.

Revenue Support Team

The Revenue Support Team is involved in the revenue management of the property – which means ensuring the pricing is correct throughout the year and our owners make the most money. The team amends pricing based on demand and supply – using a combination of algorithms and manual adjustments. We also price differently depending on the channel used (ex. Airbnb versus

Property Management Support FAQs

When do I get paid and do I get a statement?

The monthly statements with all reservations and payout information are uploaded automatically to the owner app around the 5th of each month for the previous month. The payouts are made before the 10th of each month.

Can I book my own property?

Absolutely. You can book your own owner stay via the app, as long as the calendar is free.