No really, it’s true. Winter has an annual meeting with Dubai from October to April and this is the loveliest time to visit this modern blanket of desert.

Let’s discuss the top 7 most popular tourist attractions that will minimize your downtime during your stay:

7. Dubai Mall

Although this destination is number 7 on my list, I am certain most ladies will agree that this is the first pit stop to brag about. Of course, we all know that it is the largest mall ever built accompanied by the largest indoor aquarium to date, but you get to be part of the 75 million shoppers that visit each year. Clearly your needs will not run out of stock here.

6. Dubai Opera

If your poison is performing art, you should definitely block your calendar for a whole day and visit the most entertaining house on the block! Live concerts, ballet dancing, musicals, etc. makes Dubai Opera a perfect candidate for the “MUST VISIT” category.

5. Atlantis, The Palm

Well it is not every day you get to say “I was just on the Palm in the sea” which is the first ever revolutionary manmade island. If you are a few Dirhams short to book a night’s stay in the Royal Bridge Suite which costs more than AED 100,000 per night, find us on Airbnb or – Frank Porter will save your short-term vacation wallet.

4. Dubai Butterfly garden & Miracle garden

I have put these two destinations at number four, because they are literally walking distance apart. The names of these parks say it all and yet, the beauty of Mother nature is indescribable to the natural imagination. This is a MUST see to believe.

3. Burj Khalifa

Did you know that “Burj” means “Building or standing structure” and “Khalifa” is the surname of the King of Dubai? This gives a whole new meaning to Stand tall and be proud. Laid end-to-end, this architectural structure will stretch over a quarter of the way around the world and takes approximately 1 minute to reach the 124th of 140 floors… so let the awkward silent games begin!

2. Ferrari world, Abu Dhabi

Experience the fastest rollercoaster ride in the world at 240km/h which is surely worth a trip to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. A virtual journey takes you into the history of Ferrari leaving your brain satisfied and your adrenaline pumping.

1. Dubai Parks & Resorts

The whole family is welcome to various activities ranging from swimming, super slides, rollercoaster rides, indoor Lego® construction, live music and dance shows, etc. These parks cater for babies, toddlers, parents and grandparents. Every type of body is welcome to enjoy the fun-tastic activities along with numerous restaurants to tackle those curious taste buds.

A few other places worth mentioning are: Kite Beach, Dubai Museum, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Frame. Like I have explained in my previous blog, Dubai will never seize to amaze you!

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