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Useful Tips to Keep Your Belongings Protected When Renting Your Home
There are plenty of things you must get done before leasing your home to your guests. Moving your important documents and jewelry is not all you must get done; it's about setting certain rules for the guests to understand and respect. It is important that the guests understand the ground rules set by you with regard to respecting the property. There are numerous concerns that arise while sharing your property with travelers. Therefore, having certain rules in place is vital. If you are looking at leasing your home, you can connect with your nearest Airbnb rental management company and get assistance. We have certain helpful tips for you. Take a look. Get Insurance If you already have one, then that's excellent. However, we have noticed that there are numerous hosts that get into sticky situations because they do not have comprehensive insurance for their property and contents. Airbnb covers all its hosts under protection insurance, and the amount varies in every country. This insurance would cover claims that are made against the host for physical injury. Move Your Valuables It is always advisable to move all your valuables, which may comprise of family heirlooms, jewelry, passports, etc., to an offsite location. Before renting your space, ask a friend or even an agent for Airbnb to inspect the space. Having a third party look at your space makes it easier for them to spot any valuables that you have missed. Keep Things For Guest Use It's always a clever idea to remove items you don't want the guests to utilize. Ensure the property has things that are specific to guest requirements. Personal items like undergarments, photographs, or even diaries, should be removed from the property. Guests will access the things that are freely available on the property, therefore you must also consider the food in the pantry. If you don't want the guests to have access to the pantry, you must consider locking it. Hosts also include rules that include sharing a certain space, like the fridge. Redirecting The Mail Today, most of us receive everything in our emails. However, if there are certain documents that you are expecting through the mail, make sure you direct your mail either to the neighbor's residence or to your personal location. Provide For Things That The Guests May Require It is important that you provide for the things your guests require. This would keep your guests from rummaging through the cabinets in search of certain things. Inform your guests in advance where to find the additional blankets. Keep things handy for your guests' requirements, which include shampoo, hairdryers, or even coffee machines. Place umbrellas near the door. If your guest has access to things they may require, then it will keep them away from searching for things in your personal space. You could also welcome your guests with a few additional treats, like a welcome hamper with wine, a few snacks, and some local fresh produce. In Conclusion Follow these few tips and you are good to go. If you require additional help with posting, you can always connect with your nearest host management company.
How Does Airbnb Work? We Answer You Here
Airbnb management service companies receive frequent queries from homeowners who need more clarity about the functions of the platform. They also refer to how much they could gain by listing their homes on this platform. People inquire about a variety of topics, including weekly discounts, payment methods, the advantages of listing a property, and much more. In this guide, we have answered all the questions that people may have about using the Airbnb management service. Let's take a look. How Does It Work? A community has grown up around the sharing economy thanks to Airbnb. It's a platform online that permits the option to list the property as a vacation accommodation. This gives travelers an opportunity to select a location to live in while away from home. The website allows homeowners to create a suitable listing for the holiday home that includes pictures of the property along with the various amenities and a brief description of the property. The website also has filters that make it convenient for travelers to filter their search options. According to the location, preferred number of rooms, and price, the platform also allows the guests and homeowners to share their experiences. What Benefits Does Airbnb Offer? If you are still contemplating listing your place on the Airbnb platform, we have mentioned a few compelling benefits that they offer. Take a look. No restriction on price. Free listing. You can list various kinds of accommodation. Guarantees protection of your properties. Increased exposure. Apart from the above benefits, you also have an opportunity to earn a steady passive income. Many homeowners have made sufficient money by listing their property. Travelers also appreciate homeowners sharing their local knowledge with regard to food and culture. How Can Guests Access Their Rooms Without A Reception? Usually, while staying at a hotel, when you require access to your home, you're required to close the reception and collect your keys. The concept of Airbnb is unique. Guests can access their rooms by: Meeting the homeowner at the entrance. The owner had arranged for someone to give the keys to the guests. With the help of a lockbox or similar apps, guests can access the property. Working with Airbnb management companies. How Will The Discounts Work? Discounts on a Weekly basis are an excellent way to motivate your guests to extend their stay. This also helps you get an increased rate of occupancy. Weekly discounts are applicable for reservations that are beyond 7 days. The ideal way to get it done is: Go to the listing. Select pricing. Then click on the duration of the stay and select edit. You can add weekly discounts and select Save. How Does The Payout At Airbnb Work? Airbnb charges a commission of 3% from homeowners. This is applicable to many countries. The Airbnb plus host base rate is higher. The calculation of the fee is based on the overall booking amount that includes the fee for nitrates along with the cleaning fee. This commission is taken automatically from the payout. There are various pay-out methods that differ in each country. Some of the popular payout options include Western Union, international wire transfer, direct deposit, and PayPal. In Conclusion The Airbnb guest management company can help you with any concerns, including guest management. List your property today and begin to earn additional money.
Pros and Cons Of Long and Short Term Rentals
Many homeowners are making their study income because they are simply leasing their homes on Airbnb. You may either list your holiday home for the short-term or long-term rentals. But, before doing so, we recommend that you weigh the advantages as well as disadvantages of both systems. This will help you to manage your Airbnb properties efficiently. Short-Term Rentals – Advantages Flexibility This is an excellent benefit the short-term system offers, giving the homeowner complete control over the duration they want to lease their space. The homeowner can also take down their listing if their situation happens to change. You may also block certain dates during the vacation so that your family can also enjoy the space. This flexibility is only possible with the short-term system. Profits Latest statistics show that short-term systems help homeowners to earn almost 60% increased profits in comparison to the long-term systems. You may also take a look at the per-night tariff on the Airbnb platform. You will soon realize you are making plenty of money. People Person If you love meeting new people from across the globe, you will benefit a lot from the short-term renting system. You will get the opportunity to meet various kinds of guests that share interesting experiences. Life will be remarkably interesting as you meet different people. Short-Term Rental System – Disadvantages On-Call This system requires the homeowner to be available round the clock for the guests. You will also need to reply to numerous emails as well as queries from potential guests to increase your property rating on the website. Continues Cleaning Leasing your property requires you to keep the place clean in between guests. This means that you would need to ensure every bit of the space is spick and span. Trust It is not easy to trust strangers, we understand that, but, the short-term system does not have any reference checks like the long-term system. Therefore, you must be comfortable with hosting strangers in your home. Long-Term Rental System – Advantages Assured Income Long-term system guarantees an income for a certain locked duration. You do not require to stress about getting guests for your space. Stress-Free With the long-term system, you don't need to stress about continuously marketing the holiday home. You can be a peace, knowing that your holiday home is occupied for a fixed amount of time. Invested Tenants Usually tenants that take up your space for a long period are very invested, especially with regard to caring for the place. They will look after the place as long as they stay there. Long-Term Rental System – Disadvantages Locked In The only thing constant in life is change, and this could seem like a drawback. For instance, if you have a 6-month agreement signed for the place and, at some point, due to unavoidable circumstances you need to move back into your home, you cannot do so until the contract is fulfilled. Lack Of Control In comparison to the short-term rentals, where you have complete power over the property, it is not the same with long-term rentals. The tenant has complete power over the property until the contract is fulfilled. If you have already decided on which system suits you best, you can connect with your nearest Airbnb service company and move forward.
Getting Started as An Airbnb Host? Follow This Guide
Do you have a spare room that is unoccupied? Are you planning to take an extended vacation? You can now enjoy passive income by renting your place on Airbnb. There are over 5 million listings on Airbnb across the world. If you're new to Airbnb, then this guide is meant for you. We have listed all the crucial factors that will help you with your Airbnb host management service. So, let's get started. Airbnb Host There are several reasons homeowners should list their holiday homes on Airbnb. The Airbnb platform offers an opportunity for homeowners to convert a space into a steady source of added income. Airbnb offers a leasing system for a short-term rental, allowing your place to be booked throughout the year, even when you're away. For instance, you are heading to a foreign country for an entire month. When you lease your property on Airbnb, by the time you return, you will have earned a part of your holiday cost in just a few days. If you welcome more guests, you will receive more income. Airbnb hosts offer to cover any damage to your property. This is quite a relief; you can lease your space without feeling anxious about strangers living in your home. Be sure to remove any valuables or personal belongings. Things To Do Prior To Leasing Your Home To begin with, decide the duration you want to lease your place for, maybe during the school vacations. Do you wish to lease it out throughout the week or just on weekends? The choice is up to you. Leasing your place, even for the short term, can prove to be very profitable. For instance, you could lease a room for a single night to a business traveler. By the end of 30 days, you will realize you've earned quite a bit of extra revenue. You may also choose to welcome only couples or families. It depends upon your comfort level and the accommodation. You will also need to decide on a rental strategy. You could choose a long-term lease or even a short-term lease. Your profit will depend on numerous factors, however, overall, it will depend on the duration of your lease. If you invest sufficient time in managing check-ins and guest communications, rentals for the short term can prove to be very profitable. If you do have a lot of time, then long-term rentals are a strategy for you to consider. Properties To Let On Airbnb Airbnb is an excellent way for you to make additional money, so whether you have a 2-bedroom house or a single room in the city, you can let your space on Airbnb. Property Size Do not worry about your property size. No matter what the size, you can still welcome guests. You can expect various kinds of guests, like families, couples, and even singles. So, you may have a 4-bedroom home or a single room in the city, you will receive guests to rent your space. In Conclusion The most important thing for you to keep in mind is how your holiday home is organized. It must have basic amenities and should always be professionally cleaned. Are you ready to release your space? You can contact your nearest Airbnb property management service and get started as soon as possible.
Fuss-Free Airbnb Hosting Tips from Experts
We live such hectic lives nowadays that it can be difficult to keep track of the things on our to-do list that must be completed on a regular basis. If you are an Airbnb host, then you will be well aware that the success of your holiday home depends on your hosting routine. The key is to be responsive, punctual, and thorough. It means that you must remember the smallest detail and get it done. For instance, keeping the garbage bins clean and having sufficient clean linen are just a few things. If you look to connect with an Airbnb service company, then you can most easily connect with them online. All of this sounds like a lot of work and can get overwhelming at times. If you feel that you are not that organized, then this guide is for you. We have put together a few helpful tips that can help you simplify your hosting routine. Track Your Tasks Between guests, there are plenty of things that must be done, right from cleaning the toilets to keeping clean linen. Many hosts still follow the old-school way of jotting down the things that must be completed with a pen and paper. Once they complete each task, they strike it off their list. While others create spreadsheets to keep track of the things that must be done. If you prefer to utilize technology and make things simple, we have a few recommendations that can help you simplify things. Below are a few of our favorite apps: Calendar -it will help you to avoid double-booking. Wunderlust -you can set up a list of numerous tasks. Turnoverbnb – you can locate cleaners and also manage the schedules, allowing you to inform them online when you would require these services. Trello – this is an organizational tool that allows you to share tasks and responsibilities with a co-host. Keep Everything Clean Between guests, you must make sure that the place is kept clean. Guests can be very unforgiving if they find the place dirty. You can also seek help from a professional cleaning service company, which will make things easier. Here are a few things that you must include in your cleaning checklist: windows, bathroom, kitchen, dustbin, and don't forget to ventilate the room. Making The Check-In Process Simple Write down instructions mentioning the address and the easiest route to get to the place. Make sure these instructions are sent to your guest in advance. You may also send pictures of the landmark, making it easy for your guests to find the place. A smart lock is also an excellent investment that will give your guests access to their room as they arrive. However, it is not ideal for every Airbnb property because certain properties require a tour to show the guest the property. Stock Up! Always have a sufficient stock of bed sheets and towels because if ever the dryer breaks down or a guest spills wine on the bedsheet, then you will always have a spare to offer. We recommend keeping a minimum of two spares for everything. In this way, you would be prepared for any situation. The same applies to the kitchen as well. If you're expecting guests, have supplies for at least six. Follow these few Airbnb host management tips and you're good to go.
Why You Need To Visit The 7 Emirates This Eid?
Eid Al Fitr 2022: Time to visit the 7 Emirates   With Eid Al Fitr fast approaching, why not take the time to explore the spectacular emirates of the UAE. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or you’re a seasoned expat, each emirate offers unique experiences and activities for both individuals and families. We’ve handpicked our favourite current experiences in each of the emirates to help you explore the country we call home.   Abu Dhabi As the Capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is filled with impressive architecture, malls and manicured gardens. But what you may not know is that If you’re looking for some outdoor adventure, they’ve also got you covered. The Mangroves National Park is a must-visit. Giving visitors the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and admire the native trees of the region, they are able to walk through the national park or glide through the Mangroves in a kayak. The National Park is free to visit and kayak tours start from AED 160.   Dubai You could not visit the UAE and miss the unforgettable experience that is Ain Dubai, the world’s largest and tallest observation wheel. Having been closed for maintenance over the Ramadan period, the attraction will re-open to celebrate the Eid Al Fitr holiday weekend. Whether you’re there for the impressive views or you have an event you want to celebrate at The Sky Bar, there are numerous packages available, starting from AED 130 depending on your budget.   Sharjah Whether you’re entertaining children or you’re traveling alone, the Sharjah desert Park is a worthwhile day out. Housing a breeding centre for endangered Arabian animals rescued from their desert habitat, your small entrance fee will really be put to good use. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast or your children simply wants to visit the petting zoo, the Sharjah Desert Park has something for everyone. They suggest spending at least 4-5hours on site to truly understand who they are and what they stand for and tickets start from AED 5 (but are free for children under 12).   Al Ain Jebel Hafeet is the skyline dominating mountain that borders both the UAE and Oman and should be on any visitor’s to-do list within the region. Take a drive up to the Summit view point to admire the panoramic views of one of the most notable landmarks in the region. The views are breathtaking and we highly recommend visiting to watch the sunset of an evening. Roughly a 2-hour journey from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai city centres, the road trip is both scenic and enjoyable.   Umm Al Quwain If you’re traveling with children, the Dreamland aqua park is a fun day out (read: great way to drain their batteries!). Covering more than 250,000 square meters, the waterpark is filled with attractions, rides and food venues so both you and the kids will be satisfied. There are numerous rides available for children (and adults) of all ages as you walk through the manicured gardens of the venue. There are day use cabanas for rent and if you want to make it a getaway, there are cabins for camping as well. Tickets start from 100 AED for children over 120cm and they are guaranteed to have a great time.   Ras Al Khaimah Experience the serenity and soothing of the natural mineral waters at the Khatt hot springs in Ras Al Khaima this Eid. With water temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, you will leave feeling restored and recharged. Entry starts from AED 25 and includes a towel and locker for your belongings. There is also a hotel, Golden Tulip Khatt that offers free daily entry for guests staying there.   Fujairah You couldn’t have an Eid vacation without visiting the stunning shorelines of Fujairah. One of the most popular beaches for individuals and families alike is Umbrella beach. With dedicated play areas for the children, the palm trees and natural rock formations offer unique views from every angle. There are food trucks along the beach as well as bathroom facilities for guests to use. What else could you need!   Enjoying the expat life in Dubai, we are often guilty of forgetting to explore what the other emirates of the UAE have to offer. This Eid, take the time to get to know our neighbours and enjoy a relaxing getaway with hardly any travel and transit time!
Ramadan 2022: Five Iftars to Experience During the Holy Month
Five Iftars to experience during the month of Ramadan   Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslim’s with a month of fasting as well as praying and reflection. A key event culturally within the region, Ramadan is a great time to get together and celebrate an Iftar with the people you love. With Ramadan starting early April 2022, we’ve put together some of the best Iftars for you to try around Dubai.   MasterChef, The TV Experience Offering a 3-course menu for AED 199, embark on a culinary journey filed with adventure and entertainment. The world’s first MasterChef branded restaurant offers a unique dining experience and cutting edge cuisine. For those fasting, break the fast with pomegranate juice, dates, hummus and bread and expect appetizing creations to follow such as their Josper Grilled Beef striploin. If it’s not too hot, feel free to bring your dog and enjoy your meal on the terrace and be treated to a night of culinary entertainment. Dubai Opera Iftar Incorporating both Arabic and international cuisines as well as carving station, dessert stations and traditional Ramadan drinks Dubai Opera are offering Iftar with a difference. Savour the delicious flavours of the food surrounded by classical and Arabic melodies with live entertainment at one of the most iconic locations in Dubai. The definitive destination for performing arts in Dubai, it is the perfect opportunity to experience the unique venue which is Dubai’s only multi-format performing arts theatre. For AED 290 for adults and AED 145 for children 12 and under, their rotating menus means you can go more than once and enjoy a different taste experience each time!   Time out Market Dubai Ramadan will be celebrated in a special way this year at the Time out market with traditional majlis tents set up to host Iftar feasts. Distinguished restaurateurs Al Fanar will be hosting a chef’s edition Iftar dinner each Thursday and Friday evening to bring in the weekend with a bang. Hosting an intimate group of 8 people and costing 500dhs per person, the Emirati restaurant will be serving up traditional dishes including samboosa and biryani. Enjoy your meal surrounded by the soothing sounds of traditional oud player Mohamad Chamdin from 6-8pm. As well as the chefs edition dinner, there are numerous other outlets that will be hosting special Iftar menus such as crowd favourites Pickl and Masti.   Eat and Meat The H hotel Dubai will be putting on a lavish Iftar buffet daily including delectable dishes from the Arabic region as well as international cuisine, serviced in their five star restaurant Eat and Meat. Providing live cooking stations surrounded by Arabic-inspired décor you will also be treated to live Oud music for a truly traditional experience. A chic and comfortable interior paired with an open kitchen for you to admire the skills of the chef makes for a memorable meal in the heart of downtown Dubai. For AED 189 for adults and AED 90 for kids, all bookings received before April 9th will receive 20% off.   The Market Restaurant Located on the Dubai Marina waterfront, this restaurant is a great option for those on a budget. Their Iftar package is one of the most reasonable around at 69per person with a full international buffet and free parking. Classic Arabic drinks such as Qamardeen and Laban are on offer as well as fresh salads such as Arabic Fattoush salad Greek salad from the Mediterranean. Mains are basic yet tasty and include options such as Lebanese grilled chicken and butter chicken.     Iftar is traditionally about Muslims breaking their fast after the Maghrib prayer and has developed into a social event that involves family and friends coming together. Whether you’re fasting or you’re there to celebrate with others that are fasting, Ramadan is a special time throughout the region and a great time to explore the culinary delights Dubai has to offer.
Five Dining Experiences Not To Miss At Expo This Month
Five Dining Experiences Not To Miss at EXPO This Month   With over 200 food and beverage outlets serving up a mouthwatering array of delectable dishes, Expo 2020 is a foodie’s dream destination. You’ll find an impressive range of options including food trucks, Expo2020 specialties and Michelin star chefs, all here to delight your taste buds and excite your palate. Five dining experiences not to be missed in its final month are included below.   Alkebulan hall Discover the authentic tastes of Africa, featuring food from around the continent cooked by distinguished chefs of the region. Created by renowned chef Alexander Smalls, Alkebulan is the world’s largest African dining hall and explores African food, music and design. Celebrating the last untapped cuisine, the dining hall is the home of all things African at The Expo. It explores the rich and diverse African culture with their hand-picked chefs who are all pioneers in their unique cooking styles.   Rising Flavours A unique and bespoke dining concept that brings together local talent from around the region in the one place. Including the region’s top young entrepreneurs and celebrity chefs, they bring together 11 concepts and showcase the creativity from around the vibrant region.  Created to be a celebration of traditional flavours seen throughout the GCC, you will be treated to live cooking shows and restaurants taking over spaces on a rotating basis. Taste the flavours of the Middle East as well as their unique take on international cuisine whilst experiencing traditional Emirati hospitality.   Adrift Burger bar Serving legendary burgers curated by Michelin-rated chef David Myers, this is the home of what the the New York Times described as the “perfect burger.” After taking the burger recipe around the world, Adrift now calls California home and is stationed at Expo2020 Dubai to serve up their signature burgers, shakes and crispy sides. Usually attracting a large crowd, the burgers do not disappoint.   Talabat cloud kitchen An innovative concept, be amazed by Talabat showcasing the future of food with their technologically advanced cloud kitchen. Creating a wide variety of international and Arabic dishes from their multi-story kitchen, be amazed by the delivery robots and robotic baristas as you take a glimpse into the future of the food industry.   The Epochal Banquet The Future of food: Epochal Banquet will take you on a multi-sensory food journey like no other. Curated by UK based Bompas & Parr in collaboration with Expo2020, it is an adventure for the mind, body and taste buds. Inspired by space, they serve up super light delicacies formed using the same technology NASA uses to collect comet dust. Be amazed by food that changes flavour as well as food that glows in the dark. Exploring how humans and artificial intelligence can work together to feed the rising population sustainably and reduce food waste, the experience is just as educational as it is delicious!   No matter what your food preference is, Expo 2020 has options for you. Being the most inclusive world expo ever, the food choices are as vast as they are unique. Food is the linchpin of society and forms a large part of the culture in the host city, Dubai. Connecting people and allowing the exploration of new cultures, delicacies and flavours  go on an adventure and explore the food choices the Expo has to offer.
How Do I Maximize My Off-Season Bookings?
As an Airbnb host management, you might be aware that there are certain periods during the year when bookings are scarce in comparison to busy periods. The holiday rental management for Airbnb depends on seasonal traffic. This may get frustrating and, at times, you may find yourself worrying about it, especially when you find that your beautiful property is empty. Today we will discuss a few tips that could help you overcome the frustrating booking dips. It also depends on the location of your properties. However, these tips are extremely simple and will help you manage your Airbnb properties efficiently. Make Adjustments To The Property Prices This is a simple yet effective way of attracting business during the offseason. All you need to do is tweak your prices. There is no exact price because it depends on the location and popularity of the property. However, using it is an excellent way to attract new bookings and reward your returning clients with discounted prices. You do not require an automated application to make changes to the seasonal rates. It is a simple rule: when the traffic reduces, your prices must be reviewed. In order to simplify it, select the lowest rate that matches your operating costs, and you will find the perfect price to increase profits. Terms That Are Used It depends on the channels you're utilizing for advertising. You may come across certain additional terms that could be adjusted depending on the situation. Certain terms (minimum stay, extra guests, gap nights, etc.) could be relaxed in order to attract new business. It does not require you to make adjustments to all the terms. For best results, change a few things and note how effective they are prior to making any further changes. Most of the time, making adjustments to two terms can make a lot of difference. Events Happening Around Your Location This area is very important for you to exercise your local knowledge. For instance, if your location has thriving tourism throughout the year, it could be that many loves visiting during a particular time of the year. Then it would be a smart move to promote your bookings specifically around that time of the year. This will help you attract an increased number of guests right away. Keep an eye out for the latest trends and try to implement them. Seasonal Pricing We have discussed this point earlier, that it is a simple yet effective rule for meeting demand and supply. The most effective offseason strategy is to utilize the seasonal discount rate. You could either choose to offer flat discounted rates (20% off on winter bookings) or focused rates (a flat 35% off to all customers that are revisiting). Following the creation of an appealing discount, you will need to prepare an email and send it to all of your previous guests. Make sure you mention all the attractive reasons why your prospective guests must visit your property. Focus on simplifying the booking process to help manage Airbnb properties.
Five Signs You Need a Reputable Airbnb Property Management for Your Home
Airbnb property management is very lucrative. Whether you're a newbie or experienced in handling multiple rental property portfolios, there's a chance you will still require a certain amount of assistance. Like most businesses, this, too, at times, can get very overwhelming. However, in contrast, it is worthwhile. Good property management can ensure you are satisfied and feel rewarded. Today we will discuss and understand a few challenges that you may face along the way and the best way to overcome them by making sure Airbnb management functions work to your benefit. Here are a few signs that indicate you need professional assistance. Continues Calls As the owner of a property, you must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether it is a short-term, long-term, or holiday. It requires good communication skills along with excellent organization skills, but above all, it requires your time. If you find yourself cringing at this point, it's time you sought professional help. A professional property management company will handle all this for you, leaving you stress-free so you can handle the other demanding tasks. Investing Too Much Time There are many people that love their job as a landlord and enjoy multitasking and the juggling act that is required of two officials to run the show. However, some of you get overwhelmed with the demands of this duty and it has a negative impact on your primary work. Managing properties requires you to be flexible and handle multiple responsibilities that come along the way. This requires a good amount of your time, and if you feel it is taking a toll, it's time to call the professionals. Huge Vacant Periods If you hadn't anticipated huge vacant periods, you'll be shocked to learn that they can be extremely expensive. This time, you continue to upkeep the property with regular maintenance and other required details. This requires you to invest. However, with no bookings, there is no cash inflow. It's time to outsource it to a professional property management company that will make sure that your property has a minimum of no vacant weeks, keeping a consistent flow of income. On-Time Payments If you find yourself struggling to receive your payments or dealing with troublesome tenants that are taking up your time and holding back your money, you will find yourself in a tricky place. Short-term properties usually get their payments upfront, however, it gets challenging with long-term. Hiring a professional service is advisable, as they would make sure that the rent is received on time taking off the additional stress from your hands. A skilled property manager efficiently handles every conflict and tries to avoid legal involvement unless needed. Property Legislation It is important to understand all the terms of residential tenancy, register as a landlord, raise rent legally, and much more. This seems challenging and like a lot of information to take in, especially if you are not local. If you do not work according to the law, even by an innocent mistake, it could have grave consequences. When a professional handle the work for you, they make sure that they are well equipped and updated with the latest practices, making sure your tenants and all your properties are compliant. Hence it's best to leave it to the property management company for Airbnb for wiser renting solutions.
Useful Hacks for Smart Airbnb Property Management
Owning an Airbnb rental requires commitment, and if you own one, you can agree that it requires a lot of effort and work to maintain it. Post furnishing the rental, the actual work begins taking high-quality pictures of the property to list it. As a property manager with Airbnb, it is important for you to understand that you're a host as well as a businessperson. Your work is beyond welcoming and hosting guests; you are required to manage the rentals along with the account. Therefore, it is crucial for you to collaborate with an Airbnb property management company that can efficiently help you with guest management too. Here are a couple of tips to help you successfully manage and maintain all your rentals. Outsource Your Property We always recommend outsourcing most of your work. You would be at peace to know that everything is working smoothly and efficiently even in your absence. It is particularly beneficial for owners who have other businesses to handle. Get A Dedicated Airbnb Cleaning Service Negative reviews with regards to uncleanliness have been a strong reason why many Airbnb businesses have crashed. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can save time and money. rental will always be clean, fresh, and homey before your guests arrive. These professionals will prepare the place just as required. Make A List Of Credible Maintenance Professionals Just as cleanliness is important, guests also expect property managers to resolve maintenance concerns efficiently in case any arise. Therefore, it is important to have a credible maintenance professional that can swiftly respond to concerns on the property. Automated Check-In And Out Systems The guest can enter and exit the property without meeting someone who is available at the location with the automated check-in and out system. It is beneficial as it does not eat into your profits all the time. Utilize Accounting Software Tax issues and cash flow concerns are unpleasant problems to have, and these issues arise due to poor money management. Accounting software is effective and will assist you in managing your books. As your business grows, you could consider employing a professional to do the work. Account For All Airbnb Payments It is a hassle to manage your money if it merges with your personal cash. It is always advisable to have an individual account for all Airbnb payments. This will help you keep track of your income and expenses conveniently. Airbnb Management Software Property management is a tedious job, especially if the information you require isn't available easily. It is important that things are organized well, and to do so, getting management software is an excellent choice. Watch Out For The Inventory Supplies can get exhausted quickly and this can negatively affect your guests' experience, especially if they require something that is basic and it's not available. This can be avoided if you have a keen eye on the inventory. Check the inventory once every 2 weeks to make sure your supplies are full. Be Available Always be available to your guests, if you do not always have someone available on the property. The person hired must be available 24/7 and reply to emails that could come in even after hours. Working With The Right Tools Managing properties can get overwhelming at times. However, if you have the right resources and tools at hand like Airbnb guest management, things will get better for you. Try and outsource as much as you can and use tools that can make things efficient and quick.
What To Do at Expo 2020 in March – The Final Month of Expo
What To do at Expo 2020 in March – The Final Month of Expo It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost six months of the World’s Greatest Show. Expo 2020 has delivered a spectacular array of entertainment, experiences and cultural attractions to over 120 million guests so far.  Providing a boost in tourism for Dubai and the opportunity for people to create lifelong memories, Expo 2020 has been delighting and amazing visitors since it began. Its final month promises just as many surprises and unique experiences with live entertainment, cultural events and engaging performances. Between March 10th – 13th, be amazed by Sebastian Landauer and his incredible skills, juggling up to five footballs at once in the Baden-Wurttemberg Pavilion with shows starting at 4pm, 6pm and 8pm. Adding to the exciting and entertaining events, the National day of Mauritius takes place on March 15th and will be celebrated in traditional style at their country pavilion. Learn about the rich history and culture of the country with unique entertainment throughout the day. The K9 police dogs will be sniffing out the best entertainment for guests on March 16th as they amaze you with their incredible ability to search and find hidden objects. There will be an opportunity for you to meet the hard workers, take a picture with them and marvel at the incredible training they have received. After the K9 show, be delighted with traditional Seychelles kamtole dance performances on the Jubilee stage, incorporating various French styles of dance from throughout history. Saint Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on March 17th in a special way at the Ireland Pavilion featuring festivities filled with Irish music and live performers starting from 3:30pm. Join them to celebrate Ireland’s distinctive culture and talent at the Al Wasl Plaza from 10:15am with what is sure to be one epic party! On March 18th, Haq Al Laila will be celebrated in anticipation of the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. Designed to promote the values of giving and sharing, Al Forsan Park will host a spectacular family friendly event from 4pm until 8 pm. March 21st is Mother’s Day for the majority of the world and Expo 2020 will be delving into how motherhood and mothers have impacted our lives at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre with an engaging live show from 5pm.  Paying tribute to the incredible role mothers play in our society, the show will feature a children’s choir and words of inspiration. Also falling on March 21st is World poetry day. The Expo will celebrate the day by featuring poetry traditions that have managed to express feelings and ideas through distinctive styles across numerous cultures around the world. If you haven’t been able to see it yet, the UAE pavilion is a must visit. An architectural marvel, the four-story falcon-design pavilion immerses guests into the history and future of The United Arab Emirates. Another top attraction to see at the Expo is the Garden in the sky observation tower. Proving to be one of the most popular Expo experiences, it provides 360 degree views of the Expo site and surrounding area and rotates 55 meters above the ground. Visitors enter in the basement and the upper cabin on the ground floor and experience a bird’s eye view of the incredible architecture surrounding them. If you’re looking to keep your little one’s entertained, every Sunday is Children’s day at the Poland Pavilion. Kids are invited to take part in numerous activities that showcase technology such as 3D printing and Robot racing coding. If you’re a little more mature and into music from the 80s and 90s, head to the Chile pavilion on a Thursday night from 8pm and indulge in the hip tunes from the era. For something educational, be part of an Australian conference delving into water management and sustainability for arid regions on March 24th at the Dubai Exhibition Centre. Discover solutions to the pressing issues of water management increasing around the globe. March 31st will bring a close to the best show the world has seen. Say farewell whilst watching an incredible air show by the United Arab Airforce that includes stunts and bright colours. A must see! The closing ceremony details are kept relatively under wraps but judging from the opening ceremony and the six months of exceptional entertainment, you can expect something spectacular. Season passes which will allow you unlimited access for the last month are currently available at AED 50. For more information on the Expo calendar for March, you can visit: