Traveling to various destinations has been on every traveler’s bucket list. People book some of the best hotels and Airbnb services while on their vacation. Some people are quite particular about where they stay since they are allergic to certain things. These allergens can be listed in numerous things: air fresheners, flowers used in the room, soaps, or any particular foods offered during the stay.

If such travelers have booked your property, the Airbnb property managers must take extra care to ensure the property is allergen-free. This blog will share some tips and ways to keep your Airbnb allergen-free, as many travelers are now looking for such properties to spend their vacation.

Choose The Air Fresheners Wisely

The pleasant smell that you get as soon as you enter the hotel room is due to the air fresheners the hosts use in their rooms. If you want to ensure your travelers have an allergen-free stay, choose the air fresheners made, keeping in mind such allergen conditions. However, a vast area of research is required to ensure a complete allergen-free room. The best way is to keep it natural and avoid using an air freshener in the room.

Use Natural Laundry Cleaners

Some Airbnb service companies provide a laundry service. However, the best way to ensure the place is allergen-free is to avoid using laundry detergents available on the shelves in the market. Instead, use detergents made with natural ingredients and those that are allergen-free.

Do Not Allow Travelers With Pets

This is a susceptible rule and must be implemented without hurting the sentiments of most pet lovers. However, some people are allergic to pets, and it is not appropriate to have pets when you have guests like these. Hence the best way is to avoid pets in the Airbnb during the stay.

Consider The Pool Water

If you have a pool listed on your Airbnb property, ensure the pool water is cleaned regularly. Most people are allergic to chlorine and hence using the collection is not advisable. The best solution is to use salt water instead of chlorine water. However, to get access to saltwater, your property must be close to such saltwater body, or else the cost of maintenance of the pool will be exorbitant. Hire Airbnb property management services to ensure an allergen-free property.