The short-term rental market in Dubai is growing, thanks in part to the success of Airbnb. With the February 2018 launch of Airbnb’s new premium level Airbnb Plus, the opportunities to target discerning guests (and generate higher revenue) will soon be available to hosts worldwide.

Airbnb Plus properties must pass a 100-point quality checklist before having access to this listing category. Hosts that meet these requirements will set their property apart as a premium listing. For Airbnb property management company Frank Porter, the launch of Airbnb Plus couldn’t be more appropriate. The company already ensures that the properties they manage meet their guests’ needs for luxury accommodations away from the hotel scene. Having their client’s listings with Airbnb Plus is a logical step that immediately launches their properties into a higher revenue stream.

Along with other platforms such as Booking.comHomeAway, and TripAdvisor, travelers have access to nearly every style of accommodations imaginable. Frank Porter lists their client’s properties across these platforms which provides the ultimate connection between quality guests and desirable properties. While this benefits all parties, it provides unique opportunities for residential property owners in Dubai to maximize the income potential of their properties without impacting the times they wish to stay in their homes themselves.

An important part of the Airbnb Plus experience is the hosts. With Airbnb listings, hosts are rated for the quality of their property, their interactions with guests, and their ability to ensure guests needs are met. Many property owners do not have the time to meet these criteria themselves, so they use an Airbnb property management company to ensure their properties are always highly rated both for the host and the property.

Guests who have been unsure about trying Airbnb will find that Airbnb Plus is the guarantee they need that the property will meet their expectations. It opens the market to a new category of premium guests who will follow the trend of regular Airbnb users—one experience is enough to make them dedicated Airbnb users.

In Dubai, Airbnb Plus will offer an additional incentive for guests to book Airbnb over a hotel. The guarantee of quality and amenities is not just a corporate statement with these listings; it’s an individual statement about the quality of a specific accommodation where guests can see exactly what the property offers and book with confidence. Regular travelers will use this feature to identify preferred properties that they will book now and in all future travels.