While scrolling through the colourful and beautiful choices for accommodation, how often do we compare our needs and wants?

Let’s discuss a few complaints listed on the internet and why you should ALWAYS choose an Airbnb apartment!

Housekeeping & Time Management

The thought of daily housekeeping surely is comforting and yet, don’t you sometimes feel rushed to exit your room? Maybe you forgot to pick up your laundry, store your valuables in the safe or missed the alarm, consequently missing breakfast and have to settle for a burger and chips? Freedom cannot be bought, unless you’re on holiday!

Food quality

You are and always will be the institutions’ number one priority as a guest, not debatable. However, it is not always likely for the set menu to accommodate your preferences. The photos look delicious and is brought to your hands and needs, but the quality is not what you already paid for and expected, wouldn’t you rather DIY? The Do It Yourself technique improves flexibility within the kitchen and without having to dress up and go out. Should the occasion present itself, arrange for housekeeping at your own convenience to prepare the kitchen for your next gourmet adventure.

Room Temperature

Have you ever been so cold and hot and confused at the same time? In a self-catering unit, you are the boss of your own physical feelings, with an AC unit fitted in different areas all over the property, your partner can set the AC to room temperature while you prefer freezer mode and you can both be comfortable within seconds.


After a much-anticipated waiting and savings period, you finally arrive at your destination. This is the start of your perfect secret hideaway-spot and yet, the odd person having a bad day (as do we all sometimes) say or act inappropriately without considering the effort you put in to prearrange your carefree stay with your family. Eliminate uncomfortable conversations and replace it with privacy all throughout your stay.

The above are just a few comparing subjects to consider while you browse through the internet.

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