8 Reasons Traveler's Love Airbnb

If you’ve never used Airbnb, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. After all, isn’t it easier to just book into a branded hotel? Take a look at the top reasons travellers love Airbnb, and then decide for yourself.

  1. Save Money

Most people try Airbnb the first time because it’s less costly than a hotel. Often even budget hotels can’t compete with an Airbnb listing that will have many more amenities than the hotel offers. Which leads us to our next reason…

  1. Better Amenities

Would you rather stay in a hotel room with a single coffee maker on a desk, or a full kitchen with supplies to make coffee, tea, and meals along with a fridge and stove? Travellers choose the full kitchen every time. Plus, Airbnb hosts love to throw in extras like bottled water, extra pillows and blankets, and free parking.

  1. Accessibility

Airbnb’s are located nearly everywhere, and the ease of walking from doorstep to comfortable spaces in seconds gets travellers relaxing sooner.

  1. Safety

Many travellers—especially women travelling alone and families—choose Airbnb because it’s safer to stay in a home or apartment than in a hotel with hundreds of people coming and going.

  1. Local Knowledge

Airbnb hosts often live and work in the neighbourhoods where they let out homes. They love their cities and have great insider tips and suggestions for their guests.

  1. Meeting Locals

Travellers who use Airbnb often have a sense of adventure. They want to experience the places where they stay, not just check in and check out. In an Airbnb they have many more opportunities to meet and mingle with locals, which enhances their travel experience.

  1. Comfort

Airbnbs really offer the comforts of home to their guests. Whether it’s being able to sit at a real table for a morning cup of tea, or relaxing on a full-size sofa (that’s not a pull-out bed), staying in an Airbnb is far more comfortable than a hotel.

  1. Interesting Places

Hotels around the world tend to look and smell the same. But travellers who book with Airbnb get to experience a variety of homes, décor, and amenities that are unique to the area they’re visiting. It’s this type of unique experience that makes travelling (both for business and pleasure) a break from the ordinary while still providing all the comforts of home.

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