Post COVID Travel Tips And Guides 2022

How travel looks differently post COVID

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has remained relatively grounded for the past two years and travel has seemed like somewhat of a dream. With travel and tourism recently opening up for the majority of countries globally, the industry is starting to find its feet again and the world is waiting to be explored! 

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we travel. There is now hand sanitizer instead of mints at the hotel check-in and masks are mandatory on all flights. Flight check-in requires intense paper shuffling for all the required documents and many attractions as well as restaurants require proof of vaccine for entry. On the plus side, many cities have reported environmental benefits from the reduced foot traffic and a decreased number of tourists means you can see some of the most popular attractions in a more intimate setting. If you’re still feeling slightly hesitant when it comes to traveling you’re not alone, we’re here to reassure you that the world is just as interesting and beautiful as it always was and travel industry is back with a bang, albeit with a few changes:


Travel Documentation

Checking-in used to include simply showing your passport and a visa depending on the country you were traveling to. Now, documentation often includes a recent PCR test, travel insurance, proof of accommodation, proof of return flights and a visa – even if you previously didn’t need one for the destination. We suggest printing the documents off so they’re easy to store and show whenever required.  Our biggest advice is to ensure you have the correct documentation for where you’re traveling to. This can change often so it’s important to align with the country requirements for wherever you are visiting and stay up to date with any changes. 



For most people, this is the most daunting part of traveling post-COVID. Previously we saw borders close with little warning, flights overbooked and people stuck in countries recovering from the virus. We suggest investing in flexible travel plans such as flight tickets and refundable accommodation, purchase travel insurance that includes COVID coverage and remain calm. Life is bound to throw some speedbumps at you whether COVID is around or not so embrace the challenges and enjoy the ride. 

Reduced capacity / Opening hours 

Some of the most popular tourist attractions have reduced their capacity in order to allow for social distancing. We recommend where possible, pre-booking your visits and outings to ensure you are not disappointed upon arrival. 

For us at Frank Porter, you’ll find us focusing on property sanitization as well as trying to provide guests with the most up-to date information for the destination. We, just like our visitors are adapting to changes within the industry as a new travel reality has been created. 


Top tips for traveling with children 

Travel is enlightening as it opens the mind and expands your horizons. The same applies for children. Whilst traveling with little ones requires a little more preparation, we’ve put together some of our top tips to ensure you have less stress and more fun.  

  • Don’t over pack

Whilst it may seem like you need to include everything for any possible scenario, truth be told we know our children end up playing with the wooden spoon in the rental property rather than the big bag of toys you lugged from the other side of the world, so pack smart. Pack essentials and remember it’s you who will be carrying and re-packing it all!

  • Pack snacks

Kids are on their on schedule when it comes to eating and it may not fit in with the flight service times or the hotel dinner times. Be prepared with snacks (especially important if you have a fussy eater) to minimise any hangry tantrums along the way (from the kids at least!). 

  • Pre-book where you can

Especially important for aspects like airport transfers…Could you think of anything worse than trying to find a taxi in a crowded airport arrival area with your luggage and kids after a flight when you’re no doubt exhausted. The same applies for tourist attractions, dinners and anywhere else that will accept bookings as it takes the stress away from your visits.

  • Leave plenty of time

There is nothing stronger that a toddler that decides they don’t want to move as you attempt to navigate your carry-on luggage through a busy airport security line. Leave plenty of time so they can stare at the planes at the airport, drink slowly from their sippy cups and they are not affected by your stress and rushing around. 

  • Prepare for the flight

When flying with kids, ensure you have their comfort toy and try to strategically choose the flight times to coincide with their nap schedule. Granted with any holiday their schedule is off-balance, however the journey will be a lot smoother if they are able to have a good sleep on the plane or take the trip well rested. Don’t forget to pack a bottle / gum or sweet depending on their age or them to suck or swallow to help them equalize their ears with the pressure of the plane landing. If your baby is with the airlines weight requirements to use the bassinet, book the bulk head seat and you won’t regret it!

  • Online Shop in advance

You know your accommodation address so why not take advantage of websites such as amazon to send some necessities including children’s nappies to your accommodation before you arrive. You will be glad you have them and you won’t have to fit them in your luggage or carry them around airports. 

  • Bring a car seat

Some car seats are ITAA / Airline approved so your child will feel more comfortable throughout the flight. Regardless of that, whether you hire a car or take taxis, by brining your own car seat you are reassured that the safety standard has been approved by you and your child will feel more at ease with their own seat.  

  • Communicate the travel plan to the children

Let them learn about the destinations you are traveling to (if they’re old enough), get excited for what they’re going to see and also manage their expectations so they do not feel overwhelmed with being in unknown surroundings. 


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Their enthusiasm and excitement is unparalleled.  However, traveling involves parenting on the go and requires increased flexibility from both parents and children. You may find your kids having a little extra screen time, a little less sleep and a little more sugar. Remember their surroundings are unfamiliar to them so if by increasing a few of their comfort treats they are able to relax into the holiday, we’re all for it!