Airbnb has slowly made its way up in the hospitality industry. Most people prefer booking an Airbnb as it provides them a level of flexibility. That is why letting out your property through Airbnb is considered highly lucrative. In a booming tourism market like Dubai, Property management companies for Airbnb can increase your earnings multi-fold.

Dubai is growing continuously and sees a regular influx of tourists. Anyone who wants to earn can buy a property in this market and give it out for rent through Airbnb. However, doing that comes with its share of doubts. The property you choose should be in a place that is likable. Here we are going to tell you how to find a property that people will like


Obviously, the location of the property is the most critical factor. Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are two places where you can find a decent property. Plus, people want to rent out properties located here.

Other spots that you could choose would be near popular tourist attractions. If you want, you can buy a property in a peaceful residential area that is centrally located. That way, the customers would get someplace to relax and yet remain linked with other parts of the city.


Properties that get more traction are those that are visually enticing. You have to pick up a flat or bungalow that looks attractive. Most of the renters book accommodation based on their looks. So, if your property lacks in this aspect, chances are it won’t be picked up.

The property you choose must be spacious, have good lighting, and be neat in styling. Images you post should be attractive so that the customers want to stay at the property. A well-maintained and beautiful property, therefore, is a must.

Facilities Provided

The customer will stay here, so he wants the same convenience as his home. Make sure that the facilities provided match up to what you have shown in the ad. The most common facilities required are:

  • Air conditioner
  • Washing Machine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dryer
  • Microwave
  • Ironing board
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Properly working appliances

Check what other facilities most Airbnb outlets provide. This will make it simple to plan out your renovation of the property. Also, have a look at what other properties are charging. The rates of your property should be close to the same.

When picking up a property, you can contact the Airbnb service company. They will tell you where you can find the best properties. Taking their advice, you will get the type of property that will offer immense passive earnings.