The UAE is leading the region in developing gender equality policies and encouraging women in their quest to build businesses. Alongside this effort, in 2017 the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) signed an agreement to promote gender equality with the UN Global Compact—a corporate sustainability initiative. Within the region, women are becoming increasingly involved in starting their own businesses and in taking on more corporate roles. But how can this impact the Airbnb market in Dubai?

The increase in corporate and business opportunities for women in Dubai will inevitably lead to more women coming to the city. Whether they are pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, taking on new positions, or supporting other women in business they need safe, quality accommodations. Airbnb meets this need.

As Airbnb continues to grow, women are finding that Airbnb accommodations can be the safest and most reliable option for short-term rentals. Many Airbnb guests are met in person by their hosts or a dedicated Airbnb management representative like Frank Porter. Guests know in advance if cleaners will be in their lodgings. They also know that their host has their best interests at heart. Large, impersonal hotels simply cannot offer this type of connection to the average guest.


For hosts of Airbnb properties, businesswomen are ideal guests. They are usually the most respectful and reliable guests. Businesswomen tend to leave quality reviews after stays and promote accommodations that are suited to their needs. These types of reviews are one of the keys to increased bookings and can lead to much higher occupancy rates. In addition, most companies now accept Airbnb invoices as business expenses, allowing their employees to claim expenses incurred through Airbnb bookings.


For property owners wishing to capture the growing market of accommodations for businesswomen, the platform and marketing are crucial. Airbnb is one of the most respected platforms for short-term lets to business travelers. Dubai’s experienced Airbnb property management team at Frank Porter markets each property to capture the attention of quality guests and facilitate the process of guests providing excellent reviews. The result is increased bookings with ideal guests. Frank Porter also offers ongoing contact with guests during their stay which adds a level of confidence and security to the Airbnb experience for the women who are their guests.

Dubai, Airbnb, and Frank Porter are all providing excellent opportunities for women to work, visit, and experience safe, quality accommodations. As opportunities increase for gender equality within the business environment, we are here to meet their needs.