So, summer holidays have ended. You had a pleasant trip or two with the family and it was grand. Your thoughts escalated from sofa to bed, chicken or beef and movie or series. The only sounds hammering constantly is peace and quiet

Now it’s time to resume your normal daily routine of business meetings, reports, planning, preparing, traveling, etc. and somehow, settle into responsible activities.

Bright and early sunlight, Sandy Beaches, Multi-Cultural Entertainment, Breath-taking views and not to mention the Worldwide cuisines to satisfy any and all your appetite desires. Welcome to Dubai!

The law of attraction; you become your thoughts. The “Back to work/Back to school” speech, does not necessarily have to be a burden for the mindset, and control how you foresee your inevitable professional future pending the upcoming holidays. You can make each and every day a mini summer vacation (Even if you have to sit in the steam room for 30 minutes during winter). Think about it this way:




Dedicate at least one hour every single day, to yourself. Discover a new building, review and admire it. Remember it. Go for a walk on the beach, smell the free fresh air. Try a new taste, style or just completely different dish, simply to avoid the unknown. The unknown, what healthier way to blend yourself between the business and social circles? Take 60 minutes to simply keep yourself informed with the different cultures, religions, traditions, etc. and always be conversation-ready.

According to the Chinese Proverb:

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.”

Don’t be a victim of your own thoughts, be an activist for your own ideas.

There are many factors that contribute to stress, some even out of your control.

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