Five Dining Experiences Not To Miss at EXPO This Month


With over 200 food and beverage outlets serving up a mouthwatering array of delectable dishes, Expo 2020 is a foodie’s dream destination. You’ll find an impressive range of options including food trucks, Expo2020 specialties and Michelin star chefs, all here to delight your taste buds and excite your palate. Five dining experiences not to be missed in its final month are included below.


Alkebulan hall

Discover the authentic tastes of Africa, featuring food from around the continent cooked by distinguished chefs of the region. Created by renowned chef Alexander Smalls, Alkebulan is the world’s largest African dining hall and explores African food, music and design. Celebrating the last untapped cuisine, the dining hall is the home of all things African at The Expo. It explores the rich and diverse African culture with their hand-picked chefs who are all pioneers in their unique cooking styles.


Rising Flavours

A unique and bespoke dining concept that brings together local talent from around the region in the one place. Including the region’s top young entrepreneurs and celebrity chefs, they bring together 11 concepts and showcase the creativity from around the vibrant region.  Created to be a celebration of traditional flavours seen throughout the GCC, you will be treated to live cooking shows and restaurants taking over spaces on a rotating basis. Taste the flavours of the Middle East as well as their unique take on international cuisine whilst experiencing traditional Emirati hospitality.


Adrift Burger bar

Serving legendary burgers curated by Michelin-rated chef David Myers, this is the home of what the the New York Times described as the “perfect burger.” After taking the burger recipe around the world, Adrift now calls California home and is stationed at Expo2020 Dubai to serve up their signature burgers, shakes and crispy sides. Usually attracting a large crowd, the burgers do not disappoint.


Talabat cloud kitchen

An innovative concept, be amazed by Talabat showcasing the future of food with their technologically advanced cloud kitchen. Creating a wide variety of international and Arabic dishes from their multi-story kitchen, be amazed by the delivery robots and robotic baristas as you take a glimpse into the future of the food industry.


The Epochal Banquet

The Future of food: Epochal Banquet will take you on a multi-sensory food journey like no other. Curated by UK based Bompas & Parr in collaboration with Expo2020, it is an adventure for the mind, body and taste buds. Inspired by space, they serve up super light delicacies formed using the same technology NASA uses to collect comet dust. Be amazed by food that changes flavour as well as food that glows in the dark. Exploring how humans and artificial intelligence can work together to feed the rising population sustainably and reduce food waste, the experience is just as educational as it is delicious!


No matter what your food preference is, Expo 2020 has options for you. Being the most inclusive world expo ever, the food choices are as vast as they are unique. Food is the linchpin of society and forms a large part of the culture in the host city, Dubai. Connecting people and allowing the exploration of new cultures, delicacies and flavours  go on an adventure and explore the food choices the Expo has to offer.