What to expect from Cityscape Global at The Expo, Dubai


Cityscape Global is the region’s only live real estate event that offers exhibitors and visitors a unique opportunity to unite with the world’s largest Business-to-business and Business-to-consumer audiences. All real estate industry sectors will be able to connect including homebuyers, developers, architects, designers and financial service providers. For three days only, Cityscape Global provides the opportunity for industry professionals to form new ideas, develop new relationships and to sell to buyers. The Expo is the heart of innovation and exists to connect minds and shape the future. Expected to host over 25 million visitors on its grounds in Dubai, Cityscape Global at The Expo enables real estate professionals and consumers to connect like never before. With over 100 exhibitors and more than 60 speakers, delve into real estate trends and explore investment opportunities available both in Dubai and around the world. The connection of global players within the industry allows for greater expansion and partnership opportunities as well as the exchanging of industry trends and ideas. Surrounded by the region’s leaders in real estate, learn first-hand about upcoming investment opportunities in Dubai and play a part in driving innovation for the future. The rare opportunity to have industry professionals from around the world come together under one roof not only allows for the exchange of ideas but also provides the benefit of face-to-face networking to convert leads into sales. Supported by the Land Department and Government of Dubai, Cityscape aims to Shape minds to create tomorrow’s skylines. Cityscape will be open on the Expo grounds from November 9th until November 11th 2021.

For more information, please visit: https://www.cityscapeglobal.com/en/visitors/Cityscape-Global-Live-Event.html