One of the fastest growing categories within the Airbnb platform is business travelers. Although Airbnb wasn’t originally designed for these guests, business travelers have quickly caught on that this is often their best choice for accommodations business trips. And it adds additional value to those hosting with Airbnb Dubai as business travelers book up available listings.

Besides providing the comforts of home that a hotel can’t provide, business travelers know that their short-term rentals at Airbnb Dubai properties will have reliable wifi, more amenities, and better rates than a hotel. Hosts are always happy to accommodate business travelers as they make excellent guests and often fill mid-week slots that would otherwise be vacant.


In 18 months between 2014 and 2016, business travel spending on Airbnb increased by 61% in the UK. This market continues to grow at an impressive pace all around the world. Airbnb has responded to demand by providing a listing category for hosts to become Business Travel Ready. To qualify, hosts must provide 24-hour self-check-in, have specific amenities (such as a hair dryer and iron), wifi, excellent guest reviews, and building safety features. Since many hosts already provide this, becoming Business Travel Ready is an option for higher occupancy and higher revenues. Younger business guests are likely to extend their Airbnb Dubai bookings into the weekend, providing hosts with continued opportunities for higher revenue.


Business travellers looking for short and long-term stays find that booking with Airbnb is simple and quick. It’s also cost-effective when compared to a hotel stay, which is one reason corporations are realising that it’s in their best interests to permit Airbnb charges as travel expenses.

Airbnb has also changed their booking system for short-term rentals by business travellers to allow for direct charges to a corporate account. Corporations that use travel managers to book accommodations can now use the Airbnb for Work dashboard ( that allows for easy booking and tracking. Now, over 250,000 companies are using Airbnb for business accommodations. That’s an increase of 10,000% in two years! Dubai Airbnb management service provider Frank Porter has seen similar strong growth in bookings from business travelers.

Larger groups travelling for business are also finding many advantages to booking with Airbnb Dubai. An entire home provides more comfortable accommodations for groups of business travellers and has convenient common spaces where they can conduct meetings, network, or just relax in an elegant, home-like setting. Those involved in hosting these rental properties are enjoying the benefits of having access to this additional market for their short-term rentals.

How to Qualify for Business Travel Ready Status

Since Dubai is such a popular destination for business travellers, hosts in Dubai are keen to add the Business Travel Ready verified badge to their listings. Individually, hosts can use the option on their Airbnb dashboard to submit their property for consideration. The requirements for guest reviews, host responsiveness, and property suitability are extensive. Alternatively, hosts can register with an Airbnb Management Company such as Frank Porter. This takes all the work out of qualifying and managing a business travel ready property but provides hosts with the increased occupancy and revenue that accompanies guests travelling for business.