7 pro tips for stunning Airbnb photos

7 pro tips for stunning Airbnb photos

In the competitive world of Airbnb listings, first impressions are everything. And what makes a stronger first impression than stunning photography? Great pictures can transform your listing from “meh” to “must-book”, enticing potential guests and boosting your booking rates — by up to 20%, in fact, according to research from Airbnb.


But how do you take photos that truly capture the magic of your space and leave viewers yearning to experience it for themselves? Here are seven pro tips for stunning Airbnb snaps.

  1. Set the stage

    Think “magazine spread” rather than lived-in reality. Remove personal belongings, excess furniture, and anything that creates visual clutter from your space before you photograph it. Aim for a clean, minimalist aesthetic that highlights the key features of each room. Arrange furniture to create a sense of flow and functionality. Don’t forget the small touches. Add fresh flowers, cozy throws, and decorative pillows to inject personality and warmth.

  2. Embrace the power of light

    Natural light is your best friend. Open all curtains and blinds, letting the sunshine flood your space. This creates a bright, airy atmosphere that instantly appeals to guests. Aim for the “golden hour”, the first or last hour of daylight, for warm, flattering light. If natural light is limited, use bright, diffused artificial lighting to avoid harsh shadows and create an inviting ambiance.

  3. Capture different angles

    Don’t just stand in the center of the room and snap a picture! Move around, experiment with different angles, and capture the space from various perspectives. Shoot low to the ground to showcase spaciousness, get high to reveal architectural details, and don’t be afraid to peek into corners to add depth and dimension.

  4. Highlight unique features

    What makes your Airbnb special? Does it have a stunning ocean view, a cozy fireplace, or a quirky reading nook? Make sure these features are the stars of the show! Capture close-up shots of unique details and amenities, like a freestanding bathtub, a vintage record player, or a fully equipped kitchen.

  5. Think like a guest

    Imagine yourself arriving at your Airbnb for the first time. What would you want to see? Capture the flow of the space by taking photos of doorways, hallways, and transitions between rooms. Show off the bathroom amenities,  kitchen appliances, and any outdoor areas like balconies or patios. Offer a glimpse of the surrounding neighborhood to give guests a sense of location.

  6. Edit with caution

    While editing can enhance your photos, avoid overdoing it. Stick to basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, and clarity. Don’t use filters that distort the true colors and feel of your space. Aim for a natural, authentic look that accurately reflects the atmosphere of your Airbnb.

  7. Invest in quality (if possible)

    While a smartphone camera can do the trick in a pinch, consider investing in a good camera and a basic tripod for even better results. A wider lens can help capture more of the room, and a tripod ensures sharp, stable photos. Remember, high-quality photos are an investment that can pay off in increased bookings and revenue.


Stress-free Airbnb photos with Frank Porter

Frank Porter’s Listing Management team handles everything, from creating stunning photos and detailed descriptions to advertising your home on major platforms. We continuously monitor and update your listings for maximum impact. Our professional photographers capture and edit images to create a seamless visual experience that captivates viewers.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about what Frank Porter can do for you.

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