10 added Airbnb luxuries that will wow your guests

10 added Airbnb luxuries that will wow your guests

When you’re competing with many other Airbnb hosts in your local area, kitting your property out with special features and touches is a great way to give you the edge. Quality accommodation is an integral part of a fantastic holiday so most bookers will be in search of luxurious-looking listings. But what kinds of things will be most likely to attract attention?

This is Frank Porter’s area of expertise. As well as keeping your property clean and well-managed, we offer an interior design service to ensure it looks the part and a listing management service so your property is advertised in line with its full potential.

Here are 10 examples of luxuries that we believe will impress your guests.

1. Spa bathrooms

Holidays are times for rest and relaxation so your guests are sure to be delighted by a bathroom that offers a spa experience. Consider installing a steam shower, which benefits the skin and sinuses, or a sauna if there is space. Jacuzzi baths are another popular choice. Also make sure that the bathroom looks sophisticated and tasteful (think matching towels and moisture-loving plants) and provide high-quality toiletries that will cover all their potential needs.

2. Tech for maximum convenience

Ensuring every task is as easy and seamless as possible will really help your guests unwind. There is lots of technology that can help with this. Common examples include smart thermostats that mean guests don’t need to manually adjust the heating, remote or button-controlled blinds, automatic mood lighting, and voice assistants that are on hand to answer any questions they may have about the local area.

3. Glamorous bedding

Sleep quality is arguably the most important part of top holiday accommodation, so you can create a good impression by proving you’re invested in this. Treat them to excellent mattresses, cloud-like pillows, and soft, high-end bedding. You can’t go wrong with Egyptian cotton, which offers a smooth, crisp and luxurious feel.

4. Home gym

While many guests will only wish to relax, others consider exercising to be a core part of wellness. For them, a gym could be a non-negotiable. When installing a home gym, make sure you invest in high-quality brands and a variety of equipment so you’ll be able to cater to all fitness lovers. It’s worth incorporating a wall-mounted television so guests can be entertained while working out and can stream online exercise classes.

5. Endless entertainment options

Given how many devices and subscriptions the average person has access to at home, it’s important that you allow them to replicate that experience while staying in your Airbnb. Make sure you have televisions with all the core streaming platforms installed in as many rooms as possible. A quality sound system will delight those who want to unwind to music, and you could even consider offering game consoles and a selection of video games.

6. Air conditioning

An air conditioning system could definitely be the thing that makes guests choose yours over others – especially if your Airbnb is based somewhere where the heat can be very uncomfortable like Dubai. Prioritise the living and dining areas as well as the bedrooms to ensure your guests can stay cool and comfortable all year round.

7. Outdoor amenities

Outdoor space is a huge selling point so make the most of it by adding features that really entice your guests. That could include decking, a patio, a swimming pool, sun loungers, a barbecue, sports equipment (like table tennis tables), and a seating area. Also make sure the grass is trimmed and all plants and flowers look vibrant and healthy.

8. Parking and EV charging

Free parking on the premises will be welcomed by guests who will be driving around during their trip. And with electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular, installing a home EV-charging point will exude luxury and offer your guests massive convenience.

9. Daily cleaning

Guests wouldn’t expect to clean up after themselves if they were staying in a luxury hotel so that’s an incentive for you to offer the same experience. Whether you do this yourself or hire professionals (we offer a cleaning and maintenance service here at Frank Porter), every room in your Airbnb should always be clean and tidy. Make sure you communicate with your guests in advance so your cleaning duties don’t disturb them at inconvenient times.

10. Quality food and drink

Stock up your kitchen with basic staples like cereal, pasta, rice, milk, and bottled water, and put together a welcome basket containing things like fresh fruit, chocolates, and wine. Champagne and premium liquor is also sure to make guests feel welcome and in the mood for celebrating. For a personal touch, consider offering them a local delicacy they may not have eaten before.

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