Tips to get more bookings on Airbnb!

5 Tips to Get More Bookings on Airbnb


Airbnb hosting is quite a hard work at times. Vacation rental can be difficult if not handled properly. Probably the number one problem of hosts is how to increase their Airbnb occupancy rate.

There are many things that can help you to get your Airbnb listing through this drought, and here they are:

1. Captivating Title and Content

You need to pique the attention of your potential customers in only a few number of words that is why you need to be captivating. However, do not oversell your holiday home and always choose to be honest!

Spend a bit of time on deciding what your title should be. Don’t expect a high Airbnb occupancy rate if it sounds boring or obvious even for you. Give the people the unique selling point (USP) of your apartment—instead of saying “2BR Apartment in JBR”, change it to “Full Sea View in JBR w/ Pool & Gym” instead. Put yourself in the shoes of your guests so you will know what they usually look for in a vacation rental.

2. Professional Photography

Guests can be persuaded simply through photos. This may sound expensive but it pays off in the long run! Pictures taken from a smart phone may make something Instagrammable but it does not look appealing for your guests. Professional photographers can ensure that the beautiful angles are taken.

Make sure that each room and USP of your apartment are uploaded to show off the good points of your apartment.

3. Solid Communication

Airbnb hosting means ensuring that your guests are welcome and important! From an inquiry to the very last day of their stay, always be quick to respond. It helps that guests feel that they are important by being responsive to any of their message. Plus points when you offer friendly and helpful answers!

4. Competent Advertising

Your guests’ reviews are important. It is like the potential guests’ window to your apartment and service. Positive reviews are a firm advertisement.

Having an account on every social media helps as it promotes your apartment. Instagram is a very influential platform to advertise anything. Many hosts opt to post on Instagram in hopes to increase their Airbnb occupancy rate, which is actually helpful.


5. Competitive Pricing

One thing that should be remembered is to not put a price on an apartment without being sure of it. You need research and check what the prices your competitors have for their Airbnb listings.

You can go to our website to use our pricing calculator to be guided with how your apartment should be priced.


From increasing your Airbnb occupancy rate to taking care of your guests, we can do it all for you! You will not need to be bothered about checkins and checkouts or even designing your apartment to be more appealing to people. We will take care of the guests’ concerns while you relax!

We know that Airbnb hosting is not an easy feat, so Frank Porter ensures your vacation rental is taken care of properly. As your Airbnb listing management firm, we got your back! We will see to it that your apartment is booked as often as possible!

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