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How To Earn Money Without Lifting A Finger?

Have your property managed by us and start earning money


Renting out your spare room or property is an excellent way to earn an income off your current assets with little to no effort. The short-term renting market is extremely lucrative. Online leasing sites facilitate marketing automation and provide a great deal of flexibility for both the landlord and the tenant. Compared to long-term lease contracts, short-term leasing provides an opportunity for turnover with a higher return. As a property owner, you are able to set your prices based on demand in the market and you have the flexibility to block off certain dates as required.   


At Frank Porter, we can take care of every aspect of your lease so you can earn money without lifting a finger! Providing full concierge and property management services, we can style and furnish your property as well as take professional photos to ensure your listing stands out across different platforms. Not only this, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, so we provide fresh hotel quality linen for all listings – Ensuring your guests sleep soundly and review accordingly! Offering premier short term rental management, Frank Porter takes care of everything including the listing, renting, hosting and guest management. Adding to this, we will clean the property, set the price, list your property, screen guests and maintain your property during and between each guest. This allows you to reap the benefits of the highest potential earnings for your listing with minimal effort.


Renting your property to short-term tenants has numerous advantages. Firstly, the short-term property market yields higher returns than the long –term property markets. Another important factor is that landlords can have complete flexibility when it comes to availability, features offered and renters chosen. Third party websites help to connect the landlord with potential tenants and having a furnished listing ensures you are able to generate the highest possible income available.   A disadvantage worth noting is that unlike long-term rental contacts, you are not guaranteed a tenant. However, with the consistently strong tourism industry in the UAE, there is rarely a low season as it attracts people from all corners of the world at different times of the year. Therefore, in such an environment, the risk of not having a tenant is low. The logistics of operating a short-term lease can also be a deterrent for property owners. This is where Frank Porter comes in! Let us take care of every aspect of your listing so you can enjoy the benefits without putting in the work. What could be better!


If you’re looking to get your property earning money but aren’t sure where to start, head to Frank Porter to receive a free online home evaluation. Depending on the type of property you have and its location, we can run a pricing algorithm to demonstrate your expected revenue. From there we can work together in any capacity you choose in order to make sure your listing produces the best return possible. The short-term renting market has grown exponentially since allowing private holiday lets in The UAE. Now is the perfect time to join a flourishing market and diversify your revenue streams!

How Summer 2022 Will Look Different to Summer 2021

Get Ready this Summer 2022!


Did someone say freedom? With summer holidays fast approaching, international travel is back on the horizon for many of us and we couldn’t be more excited! As the travel industry proves its resilience and has become more stable, we have seen an increase in confidence amongst travelers. After being restricted for longer than we’d like to admit, we’re seeing a lot of people ready to explore the world again!

Summer 2022 brings a lot of positive changes compared to the summer of 2021. As governments around the world reduce their COVID-19 restrictions, we have seen the virus integrate to become somewhat a part of our everyday life and is no longer as restrictive. For starters, as of May this year masks are no longer mandatory in Europe or on internal European flights. Most states in America have also removed all mandatory mask mandates. Destinations like Bali and Australia are now open for tourists to explore and PCR mandates have relaxed in most places around the world. For those of us returning to the UAE, vaccinated travelers no longer require a PCR or any kind of paperwork for entry which makes traveling even more appealing at this time.

Hoteliers, airlines and restaurateurs amongst others are ready to welcome tourists back with open arms as the tourism industry finds its feet again. Airlines are reporting full flights and an increase in interest for travel in general compared to last Summer. You can however expect to see the negative toll of the global pandemic. Businesses that heavily rely on tourists around the world have suffered more than anyone and sadly, there are bound to be some that have closed down. However, the rebound of the tourism industry that we are currently experiencing going into Summer is a positive sign for the global economy and is honestly a sigh of relief. Hot girl summer? Family vacay time? The world is waiting.

In terms of the preferences and expectations of travelers, you can assume there will be a greater emphasis on hygiene and lucky for travel agents, there has been a jump in people booking through them for a greater sense of ease and reassurance incase anything is to go wrong. We can expect most travelers to invest in proper travel insurance as the last year has taught us plans can change at any time. If you’re planning a trip, whist it may seem obvious, expect more people. Compared to last year, every aspect of the tourism market is reporting an increase in foot traffic. You may not have four seats to yourself on the plane and you’ll probably have people in the room next door to you at your hotel but take it as a positive sign that the world is regaining some normality.

Whilst it is important to remember to take precautions as COVID-19 still exists, the reduced restrictions mean we can start to see the world again and what better time to start then Summer. Enjoy the long European days or the balmy Texas nights and create memories to treasure. We would recommend making sure you have a copy of your vaccination certificate and what’s the harm in taking a RAT test with you on your trip just for a little piece of mind? So it’s time to open that side drawer and dust off the passport because It’s time for the world to feel connected again.


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