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Post COVID Travel Tips And Guides 2022

Post COVID Travel Tips And Guides 2022

How travel looks differently post COVID

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has remained relatively grounded for the past two years and travel has seemed like somewhat of a dream. With travel and tourism recently opening up for the majority of countries globally, the industry is starting to find its feet again and the world is waiting to be explored! 

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we travel. There is now hand sanitizer instead of mints at the hotel check-in and masks are mandatory on all flights. Flight check-in requires intense paper shuffling for all the required documents and many attractions as well as restaurants require proof of vaccine for entry. On the plus side, many cities have reported environmental benefits from the reduced foot traffic and a decreased number of tourists means you can see some of the most popular attractions in a more intimate setting. If you’re still feeling slightly hesitant when it comes to traveling you’re not alone, we’re here to reassure you that the world is just as interesting and beautiful as it always was and travel industry is back with a bang, albeit with a few changes:


Travel Documentation

Checking-in used to include simply showing your passport and a visa depending on the country you were traveling to. Now, documentation often includes a recent PCR test, travel insurance, proof of accommodation, proof of return flights and a visa – even if you previously didn’t need one for the destination. We suggest printing the documents off so they’re easy to store and show whenever required.  Our biggest advice is to ensure you have the correct documentation for where you’re traveling to. This can change often so it’s important to align with the country requirements for wherever you are visiting and stay up to date with any changes. 



For most people, this is the most daunting part of traveling post-COVID. Previously we saw borders close with little warning, flights overbooked and people stuck in countries recovering from the virus. We suggest investing in flexible travel plans such as flight tickets and refundable accommodation, purchase travel insurance that includes COVID coverage and remain calm. Life is bound to throw some speedbumps at you whether COVID is around or not so embrace the challenges and enjoy the ride. 

Reduced capacity / Opening hours 

Some of the most popular tourist attractions have reduced their capacity in order to allow for social distancing. We recommend where possible, pre-booking your visits and outings to ensure you are not disappointed upon arrival. 

For us at Frank Porter, you’ll find us focusing on property sanitization as well as trying to provide guests with the most up-to date information for the destination. We, just like our visitors are adapting to changes within the industry as a new travel reality has been created. 


Top tips for traveling with children 

Travel is enlightening as it opens the mind and expands your horizons. The same applies for children. Whilst traveling with little ones requires a little more preparation, we’ve put together some of our top tips to ensure you have less stress and more fun.  

  • Don’t over pack

Whilst it may seem like you need to include everything for any possible scenario, truth be told we know our children end up playing with the wooden spoon in the rental property rather than the big bag of toys you lugged from the other side of the world, so pack smart. Pack essentials and remember it’s you who will be carrying and re-packing it all!

  • Pack snacks

Kids are on their on schedule when it comes to eating and it may not fit in with the flight service times or the hotel dinner times. Be prepared with snacks (especially important if you have a fussy eater) to minimise any hangry tantrums along the way (from the kids at least!). 

  • Pre-book where you can

Especially important for aspects like airport transfers…Could you think of anything worse than trying to find a taxi in a crowded airport arrival area with your luggage and kids after a flight when you’re no doubt exhausted. The same applies for tourist attractions, dinners and anywhere else that will accept bookings as it takes the stress away from your visits.

  • Leave plenty of time

There is nothing stronger that a toddler that decides they don’t want to move as you attempt to navigate your carry-on luggage through a busy airport security line. Leave plenty of time so they can stare at the planes at the airport, drink slowly from their sippy cups and they are not affected by your stress and rushing around. 

  • Prepare for the flight

When flying with kids, ensure you have their comfort toy and try to strategically choose the flight times to coincide with their nap schedule. Granted with any holiday their schedule is off-balance, however the journey will be a lot smoother if they are able to have a good sleep on the plane or take the trip well rested. Don’t forget to pack a bottle / gum or sweet depending on their age or them to suck or swallow to help them equalize their ears with the pressure of the plane landing. If your baby is with the airlines weight requirements to use the bassinet, book the bulk head seat and you won’t regret it!

  • Online Shop in advance

You know your accommodation address so why not take advantage of websites such as amazon to send some necessities including children’s nappies to your accommodation before you arrive. You will be glad you have them and you won’t have to fit them in your luggage or carry them around airports. 

  • Bring a car seat

Some car seats are ITAA / Airline approved so your child will feel more comfortable throughout the flight. Regardless of that, whether you hire a car or take taxis, by brining your own car seat you are reassured that the safety standard has been approved by you and your child will feel more at ease with their own seat.  

  • Communicate the travel plan to the children

Let them learn about the destinations you are traveling to (if they’re old enough), get excited for what they’re going to see and also manage their expectations so they do not feel overwhelmed with being in unknown surroundings. 


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Their enthusiasm and excitement is unparalleled.  However, traveling involves parenting on the go and requires increased flexibility from both parents and children. You may find your kids having a little extra screen time, a little less sleep and a little more sugar. Remember their surroundings are unfamiliar to them so if by increasing a few of their comfort treats they are able to relax into the holiday, we’re all for it!

Guide to Finding A Property That Will Perform Well on Airbnb

Airbnb has slowly made its way up in the hospitality industry. Most people prefer booking an Airbnb as it provides them a level of flexibility. That is why letting out your property through Airbnb is considered highly lucrative. In a booming tourism market like Dubai, Property management companies for Airbnb can increase your earnings multi-fold.

Dubai is growing continuously and sees a regular influx of tourists. Anyone who wants to earn can buy a property in this market and give it out for rent through Airbnb. However, doing that comes with its share of doubts. The property you choose should be in a place that is likable. Here we are going to tell you how to find a property that people will like


Obviously, the location of the property is the most critical factor. Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are two places where you can find a decent property. Plus, people want to rent out properties located here.

Other spots that you could choose would be near popular tourist attractions. If you want, you can buy a property in a peaceful residential area that is centrally located. That way, the customers would get someplace to relax and yet remain linked with other parts of the city.


Properties that get more traction are those that are visually enticing. You have to pick up a flat or bungalow that looks attractive. Most of the renters book accommodation based on their looks. So, if your property lacks in this aspect, chances are it won’t be picked up.

The property you choose must be spacious, have good lighting, and be neat in styling. Images you post should be attractive so that the customers want to stay at the property. A well-maintained and beautiful property, therefore, is a must.

Facilities Provided

The customer will stay here, so he wants the same convenience as his home. Make sure that the facilities provided match up to what you have shown in the ad. The most common facilities required are:

  • Air conditioner
  • Washing Machine
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dryer
  • Microwave
  • Ironing board
  • Fully stocked kitchen
  • Properly working appliances

Check what other facilities most Airbnb outlets provide. This will make it simple to plan out your renovation of the property. Also, have a look at what other properties are charging. The rates of your property should be close to the same.

When picking up a property, you can contact the Airbnb service company. They will tell you where you can find the best properties. Taking their advice, you will get the type of property that will offer immense passive earnings.

What Are the Different Types of Airbnb Rentals?

Long gone are the days when we used Airbnb as a rental platform. The service caters to a different audience these days. People book them when they want a homely comfort during their vacations. But the platform has undergone a drastic change. Now they have included three categories Plus, Airbnb Luxe, and also Airbnb for professional work. The Airbnb listing management you hire would tell you more about the same. But the truth is that how are these different from each other. Obviously, they each have their own pros and cons. Before booking any, you must know all these facts. Here we will tell you details about different types of Airbnb that are available.

Airbnb Classic

This is the most basic of the Airbnb types available. If you are a host, you should know how Airbnb users can sort the rentals.

Entire Place

Here the listing will show ads where users get an entire home for themselves. People who opt for these want total privacy. The hosts have to provide all services exclusively to the user.

The Private Room

This is when you have only one room to share. In this case, the host has to mention the facilities available. For example, if the guest can use kitchen services or not.

A Unique Stay

This includes the homes that are unique either in their location. For example, if it is a glasshouse or located in the forest, you can mention that.

Super Hosts

Many people only want accommodation with a super host. If you have that facility, ensure that you mention it.

Airbnb For Professional Work

This profile is useful when the companies have to book multiple accommodations for their teams. However, to get yourself listed here, you have to provide facilities like Wi-Fi, well-designed workstations, laundry, etc.

Airbnb- Plus

The Airbnb plus includes homes that exude luxury. To qualify, your home should be well maintained and must pass the quality checks of Airbnb. Plus, homes have to offer all facilities to their guests like a fully stocked kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, a perfect garden, and maintained appliances. You must work somewhat hard on the maintenance to get selected.

Airbnb- Luxe

The Luxe category has only 2000 properties the world over. They check all the homes and see that they satisfy nearly 300 different criteria. The guests get access to gorgeous properties, and the trip designers create the perfect vacation.

For the property to enter into any of the above categories, you have to find out what you can focus on. The Airbnb service company can guide you better with regard to this. Contact them if you wish to succeed as an Airbnb host.

Ways to Keep Your Airbnb Allergen-Free

Traveling to various destinations has been on every traveler’s bucket list. People book some of the best hotels and Airbnb services while on their vacation. Some people are quite particular about where they stay since they are allergic to certain things. These allergens can be listed in numerous things: air fresheners, flowers used in the room, soaps, or any particular foods offered during the stay.

If such travelers have booked your property, the Airbnb property managers must take extra care to ensure the property is allergen-free. This blog will share some tips and ways to keep your Airbnb allergen-free, as many travelers are now looking for such properties to spend their vacation.

Choose The Air Fresheners Wisely

The pleasant smell that you get as soon as you enter the hotel room is due to the air fresheners the hosts use in their rooms. If you want to ensure your travelers have an allergen-free stay, choose the air fresheners made, keeping in mind such allergen conditions. However, a vast area of research is required to ensure a complete allergen-free room. The best way is to keep it natural and avoid using an air freshener in the room.

Use Natural Laundry Cleaners

Some Airbnb service companies provide a laundry service. However, the best way to ensure the place is allergen-free is to avoid using laundry detergents available on the shelves in the market. Instead, use detergents made with natural ingredients and those that are allergen-free.

Do Not Allow Travelers With Pets

This is a susceptible rule and must be implemented without hurting the sentiments of most pet lovers. However, some people are allergic to pets, and it is not appropriate to have pets when you have guests like these. Hence the best way is to avoid pets in the Airbnb during the stay.

Consider The Pool Water

If you have a pool listed on your Airbnb property, ensure the pool water is cleaned regularly. Most people are allergic to chlorine and hence using the collection is not advisable. The best solution is to use salt water instead of chlorine water. However, to get access to saltwater, your property must be close to such saltwater body, or else the cost of maintenance of the pool will be exorbitant. Hire Airbnb property management services to ensure an allergen-free property.

How Do I Become A Superhost on Airbnb

The travel industry has grown in leaps and bounds. People worldwide are traveling to their desired destinations and exploring the world at their own pace and convenience. Over the years, it has been observed that Airbnb has changed the way people look at their travel plans. With the introduction of the Airbnb services, many people moved out of their comfort zone and spent a lot of time traveling.

Airbnb listing management has proved beneficial to the travelers and the hosts of Airbnb. People who had invested in apartments were now able to give them for rent in the form of Airbnb or register them under Airbnb services. People worldwide will find your apartment online and look for amenities available; if they like the property, they will book it for their upcoming vacation.

What Is Superhost On Airbnb

There are certain aspects a host must keep in mind while catering to the Airbnb guest. One is to become the Superhost on Airbnb. If you have no clue about this, then continue reading this blog to learn more about becoming a Superhost on Airbnb.

Superhost is a program by the Airbnb service company to ensure the guests get the best facilities while they are on their vacation. However, below are the Airbnb service company 4 criteria to achieve the Superhost title.

  1. There must be a minimum of 10 stays annually.
  2. A critical 5-star review for at least 80% of your stays.
  3. You have to respond quickly to the guest’s queries.
  4. You have to cater to the majority of your bookings.

Apart from the 4 criteria listed above, here are some tips for becoming a Superhost on Airbnb.

Be A Great Host

Travelers come to your Airbnb for a reason. They must have liked something about the property that attracted them. Hence take advantage of this and be the best host they can expect. Provide the comfort they need and make them feel at home while on their vacation.

Take That Extra Mile

People often book hotels and rooms to spend quality time on their special events. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration promotion. If you have guests with such events, try to provide the extras like a bottle of wine, a cake, or even a free tour to a nearby attraction. Guests will feel special, which will make them visit your Airbnb Service Company the next time they travel.

Pros And Cons Of Turning Primary Residence To Airbnb

Airbnb has been taking up an enormous amount of space in the hospitality sector. More and more people are renting out their residential spaces for this purpose. And it makes sense why they would do so. It is an amazing avenue for some extra bucks very easily. Sometimes, it is only convenient for them to do so. Maybe they have children living abroad who no longer require this amount of idle space. Or possibly, the residents lack the opportunity to make use of the empty rooms in their apartments since they are mostly traveling by working outside the city. Homeowners have now discovered the financial benefits of advertising a place or renting out their homes while on vacation and taking help from the Airbnb host management service. And rightly so. But what we need to remember is that none of this comes without its hassles and efforts. Let us, therefore, tread you through some pros and cons of renting out an Airbnb.


Offer Appropriate Pricing

The true motivation for hosts is obvious profit-making. The Airbnb website has a “Smart Pricing” tool that considers consumer needs and can assist you in determining the appropriate fee amount. It serves as a great opportunity to supplement their income. There are no sign-up fees if you feel like checking it out and then avail the option of listing your residence on the site for free.

Meeting New People

One of the biggest takeaways from this process is that you get the chance to meet so many new people from different parts of the world. In exchange for letting them stay in your empty, unused, spare room, you get to host and learn about so much of culture, the differences, the cuisine, the lifestyle and so much more.

Easy to Operate

It is very simply manageable to operate this platform. When it comes to enabling interaction between hosts and guests, the platform offers numerous benefits. It makes the operation pleasurable, and you have the option of managing your property on your own. Investing the time to manage, promote, and enhance your Airbnb listing is an important step toward successful vacation home marketing.

Tax Eligibility

Because tax regulations vary widely between nations, you should consult an accountant before you sign a contract with Airbnb. Renting out a room that is your principal residence in some countries, may make you eligible for an allowance on tax.


Living In A Shared Space

The fact that a person is residing in a shared environment has got to be the most evident drawback. You’re not only sharing a space, but you’re also sharing it with a rotating cast of strangers. It is frightening, and it’s certainly inconvenient. If the kitchen or restroom are both occupied, you may fail to use them. When the guests are on vacation, there are chances of hearing romantic noises emanating from the bedroom. This is something you’ll have to adjust to.

Personal Items Aren’t Allowed

The worst part for the owners is the tedious process of removing all of their possessions from the property and storing them in packages and closets. As you might expect, being an Airbnb host is most usually not very much of an enjoyable activity. As a result, many hosts like to maintain their spaces clear of personal stuff, yet this can make you feel like you’re in someone else’s house. It might be difficult to tread a fine line between enjoying your house and preserving one’s valuables.


You know how much money will stream each month with typical rents. You don’t have to with Airbnb. Supply and demand affect Airbnb prices and availability. Summer months have substantially higher rain than winter months in many regions. As a result, summers can prove to be tremendously profitable, whereas the winters may not.

Being Available To Guests At All Times

Another disadvantage is the transformation of your pleasant family into an office. Clean linens, towels, and maybe a gift bag are all required for guests. You must be mentally ready to run your business professionally, which means responding to emails day and night, supporting guests who have misplaced their keys, and other concerns. One can even learn more about Airbnb through Airbnb guest management.

Ways To Make Guest-Friendly Improvements To Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. Anyone you want to bring into your personal space will need to be introduced to your home. After all, this is where you can truly unwind and relax, and you’d want the same for your guests as well! You will want your guests to have a good time during their stay in your house. But you will also want them to feel at home without feeling the need to specify what exactly they need at every step of the way.

It is important to make your home guest-friendly for entertaining your guests too. It adds a touch of professionalism when you look at your house in isolation. Of course, your guests’ convenience comes right up next. Here are some easy but effective ways in which you can make your house fitting for guests with or without Airbnb Management. These are little changes you can make, without stressing yourself out materially or financially. But these can definitely change the very flavor of your house!

Attend To The Details In The Seating Area

Your living room is where you will first invite your guests into. It is naturally a brilliant idea to decorate and furnish your living space in order to make your whole house more guest-friendly. You could always replace the dome-to-death sofa set with a more comfortable vibe. A couch might be just what you’re looking for! Other than that, you could also go for a more unconventional option and go for something like a seating mattress and cushions. You can opt for contrasting cushions to make the color palette more intense and interesting. If you do that, your seating arrangement will be easier to customize!

Invest In A Good Coffee Table

A coffee table can well be the centerpiece of your living space. A nice coffee table that keeps in line with the stylistic theme of the rest of the room, and still complements the sofa set or the seating arrangement adequately, can truly become a game-changer. it can attract attention without seeming too in the face. Not only will it be a really convenient addition to your living room, but your guests will also be sure to notice the lovely furniture choice if the table is pretty enough. A coffee table can thus change the very flavor of the room that you welcome your guests into!

Pay Attention To Your Dining Area

Your dining area is where your guests will be entertained and fed. Meals are actually an essential part of entertaining guests, and hence your dining area holds special value in the care for guests. Your dining table should be able to seat no less than six individuals, and at the same time, it should look visually appealing. Instead of a bulky dining table, go for a sleek but quaint design. A pro tip would be to look for second-hand options because there is a chance that you will find beautiful pieces at affordable rates!

Make Sure The Lighting’s Right

Lighting can change the very mood of a place. Irrespective of what room or which part of your house you are in, the role of lighting is far more pivotal than many of us realize. A bright, well-lit room with pastel colors can give a sunnier and fresher appearance to the area. It can also help to make the area look more spacious. On the other hand, a dimly lit room might not come across as the most inviting to your guests. As a result, it might not seem very guest-friendly. The color gradient of the room will also determine the lighting because instead of white lights, colorful LEDs can also be a very interesting option.

Mind The Bathroom

It is highly likely that your guests will need to use the bathroom at some point of time during their visit. Whether they are staying for a few days or just a few hours, no one enjoys using an unclean or insufficiently stocked bathroom. Stock up on supplies, and make sure that a clean towel is always in place. Airbnb management company can guide you to set us a perfect Airbnb for your property. Handwash is something that is involved in every bathroom-related activity, so running out is never recommended. Your bathroom decor should be aesthetic, but that is just as important as making sure that your guest has everything, they might need during their loo break.


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