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Guest-Friendly Home Improvement Tips for Your Guests

Holiday homes are ideal places to stay for vacations or business trips. With the holidays approaching, you’ll want to make sure your home is dressed to impress! As an Airbnb host, when it comes to home improvements there are a few additional factors that require time and money investment in your property. So, let’s get started with a few practical suggestions for improving your vacation rental that will also help you enhance your ratings:

Personalized Touch

Guests typically choose a vacation home to enjoy their vacation while maintaining the comforts of home. As a result, incorporating a little bit of your own personal style will appear friendly and warm. You can customize your holiday home by setting up a lovely music corner in a room and displaying your favorite books or movie collection, in addition to making a few décor adjustments such as wall paintings and reupholstering. Adding a personal touch will be difficult, but you don’t have to overthink it. Keep it confident and adaptable, and add whatever you want to make it interesting, such as travel images, office achievements, family history, or anything else.

Be In Your Guest’s Shoes

Seeing your location through the eyes of a visitor may help you find key areas for improvement. If you have a fully devoted rental, consider sleeping in your visitors’ bed and measuring the level of comfort and warmth, as well as utilizing the bathroom items and replacing them if anything is missing. Cook one or two meals in the kitchen, and double-check kitchen tools, cutlery, crockery, and everything else you’ll need for a stress-free cooking experience. If you are unable to locate defects in your vacation home, you can ask a friend or family member to do a test visit and provide feedback to assist you in completing the repairs that you may have overlooked otherwise. Your guests can also provide feedback about their experiences because they have visited other sites, which might help you make critical improvements.

Consider Important Fixes

While making improvements, bear in mind a few key points that will give the impression that you have put effort into making your home more than just a rental:

  • Examine the daily-use objects to see if they’re in the right spot. For example, towel racks should be closer to the shower, the showerhead should be adjustable and situated at the appropriate height, there should be a secure location to leave keys, and a hook for jackets or handbags should be provided.
  • Check for essential amenities like a mobile charging port, an electric outlet for a side table lamp, and other air conditioning controls.
  • Doors and windows are basic housing components that are fixed and functioning. For your visitors, a blocked door or a cracking window might be a great turn-off.

Spruce Up Your Backyard

Your home’s exterior, in addition to its interior, needs to be improved. Even if your vacation house isn’t near the sea or in a particularly attractive place, you can still make your backyard suitable for an evening sit-out or barbeque party by installing a gazebo, outdoor heaters, and a hammock, which will instantly give a plain backyard a vacation feel.

Any improvement you make to your home should improve the perception of your personal space, regardless of time or budget constraints. Don’t forget to take some beautiful, presentable images of your home and update your listings on a regular basis while you’re at it.

Holiday Home Maintenance Tips

“A stitch in time saves nine,” as the saying goes, maintaining and improving the value of a vacation home may be as simple as following this proverb. Because when hundreds of guests are staying and living in a place, it is bound to get dirty or damaged, but simple and regular maintenance goes a long way. It not only encourages your guests to return to your home, but it also attracts new visitors. As a result, a homeowner must devote sufficient time and effort to the preservation of his or her residence. That may not be as simple as it sounds, especially when you are away from home, so let’s go through some useful tips to keep your home spick and span:

  • Ensure a complete check of the house after each visit, including all relevant issues. Examine the locks and bolts on the doors, gates, windows, and other probable entry points. Door and window hinges should be oiled on a regular basis.
  • Check to see that the plumbing system is in good working order and is free of leaks. It is preferable to take care of it before your visitors become uncomfortable. Regularly inspect the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets to ensure that they have not been left running by prior guests.
  • To avoid any undesired mishaps, make sure all electronics are turned off and unplugged from the socket.
  • Look for any signs of damage, such as cracks or marred paint, on the inside and outside of the house. If you uncover any, you must have them repaired immediately before they cause more serious and costly damage. When you’ve plastered the cracks, get it painted right away because guests are easily turned off by a cracked plastered wall that appears to be low-maintenance.
  • Keep your roof clean and free of any accumulated dried leaves, which can clog drain pipes and destroy the beauty of your property during the rainy season.
  • Since the kitchen is the room that is used by the guests most frequently, it needs extra maintenance. There are many appliances in the kitchen that may be out of order due to improper use. I must double check all the equipment and get it fixed if any damage is found. Remove all kinds of stains and marks on the walls and floor. In addition, check cutlery and crockery, replace them if any of them are missing, and remove the damaged ones, as they will not impart a good impression on your new guests.
  • There is a lot of furniture in the living room that has to be thoroughly examined. Vacuum the sofas and look behind the cushions for any stain-causing materials that may have been left behind. When your home is not occupied it is better to sheath them with cover, so they won’t get dusty and old.
  • Replace the towels and linen after a set period of time. Maintain a high level of cleanliness by keeping the pillows and bedsheets clean and dry cleaned on a regular basis.
  • If you happen to have a garden or a lawn either, keep it mowed and dry leaves cleared, and trees and hedges pruned.
  • Swimming is supposed to add to the attractiveness of your home, but a dirty pool may be a turn-off as well as unsanitary. When not in use, cover your pool with an enclosure, and before welcoming your new guests, remove it and carefully clean it.

Follow the above-mentioned suggestions on a regular basis to maintain your vacation property looking nice. Depending on the size of your property, you can hire professional Airbnb property management in Dubai to keep this checklist updated on a regular basis, or you can do it yourself using easy techniques.

Tips to Save on Vacation Rentals

When booking a vacation, you’ll have a variety of lodging alternatives to choose from, including hotels, RVs, tents, motels, campers, and vacation rentals. While all of these alternatives are great, our personal preference is a short-term holiday rental.

A holiday home is similar to a hotel, but with the added benefits of extra room, privacy, and a more pleasant home-like atmosphere. It is now more usual to spend vacations in short-term rental homes, and it is also easier to select the paramount holiday home in the best location. However, finding one that is affordable is difficult. As a leading Airbnb host management service provider in Dubai, we’ve compiled a list of methods for finding a low-cost holiday rental.

Gather Information

Every vacation home rental management company now provides extensive information about their vacation rental packages, extra services, concierge service, restaurants, things to do, coupons, airport pick-up and drop-off, and other amenities, as well as information about discounted, seasonal, and premium packages. These packages can assist you in safely arranging your trip while also saving you a significant amount of money.

Find the Best Vacation Rental Management Company

These companies offer special deals depending upon the availability and location. You may find various vacation property management businesses online. Working with these companies makes it easier as they can help you narrow down your search by price range and other features, whether you desire a modest lodge in the woods or a cottage on the beach. They provide you with an agent that would guide you and advise you about your vacation destination. Working with a real person is also a refreshing change of pace, especially if they can share insider information.

Ask Around

If you want to go somewhere close to your relatives but don’t want to stay with them, ask them or their neighbors for advice. They might know someone who is willing to rent their home on a temporary basis. You might be eligible for a family discount, or you might find a decent offer if you shop around in the off-season.


Search for holiday rental houses on AirBnB. You can look for listings for practically every major inhabited region on Airbnb, so finding a rental close to your location shouldn’t be difficult. From there, you may look for a range of things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, information on nearby attractions, and the weekly or monthly cost.

Getting Around in a Car

This could be the most enjoyable method of locating a holiday property. It is possible that it may not always be fruitful, especially during peak season when popular vacation places are fully booked. Only by visiting a few places will you be able to find the best one at a reasonable price. Get in your car and drive around the area where you want to stay. Then pay a visit to the houses with vacation rental signs on them. Meet the management, take a look around the house, tell them how long you’ll be staying and how much you’ll be spending, and you’ll be ready to go. However, keep in mind that this is a hit-or-miss approach; you might obtain a decent discount, but this strategy can backfire during high season.


You can always rent a condo at a reasonable price if you take your time to seek and compare. Second, when searching online, it is also a good idea to see the manager in person because this may help you close a deal at a lower price. Keep a list of numerous vacation homes with you, as well as the contact information for the on-site manager, in case you return to the location or wish to explore other areas.

Holiday Homes With Spectacular Views

Dubai is the most opulent destination in the UAE, offering a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Tourists flock to the ever-expanding city, which boasts a multitude of outstanding infrastructure and natural scenic landscapes. People visiting Dubai have discovered a new way to make the most of their vacations by renting holiday homes. Holiday homes are a more viable and better option than hotel rooms after COVID-19. Here is a list of holiday homes in Dubai that you could book with a property management company for Airbnb with the most breathtaking views.

Burj Khalifa, Downtown

Burj Khalifa is unquestionably at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list as the region’s most popular tourist destination. The sky-kissing tower features a 360-degree observation deck, an international chain of exquisite restaurants, and, above all, a bird’s eye view of the entire city. The Burj Khalifa Dubai is surrounded by a collection of stunning skyscrapers that include both residential and business constructions, making it one of the most accessible locations in town.

To begin, Boulevard Point, located in the heart of Dubai, epitomizes the most fashionable lifestyle in the city. This skyscraper is a 63-floored extension of Burj Downtown. With a classic hardwood base and impeccable decor, the interiors are beautifully crafted and luxuriant tones and gentle colors are simply soul-soothing. The skyscraper has one-bedroom apartments with balconies facing the crystal-clear panoramic views of the Dubai Mall and the Dancing Fountains. Visitors can also take in a wonderful view of the Burj Khalifa from the balcony, living room, or even the bedroom.

Hamilton Residency

Developed by DEYAAR, this 63-story marvel is spread out ideally throughout the Business Bay neighborhood. The superb fixtures and exquisite finishing of the en-suite holiday homes reflect European standards. The expansive balconies of the higher-rise flats offer a spectacular view of the Dubai Water Canal and the Burj Khalifa. Furthermore, all of our balconies come with patio furniture, allowing you to make the most of your surroundings.

Palm Jumeirah

Every season, Dubai is surely teeming with unrivaled and authentic activities. Tourists love to find the best abode to treat themselves with the best views to witness the amazing events even from the luxury of their homes. The Palm Jumeirah, hosts a safe haven to many five-star hotels with high-class amenities, overlooking the entire neighborhood of eye-catching beach architecture, and oceanic views.

Sunrise Bay, Emaar Beachfront

Sunrise Bay located at Emaar Beachfront is famous for its vivacious locations and awe-inspiring views. The tower is strategically centered on the nape of Dubai Marina. Tourists that opt for holiday homes in Sunrise Bay will not only get to enjoy all the luxurious amenities of incredible house design but would get to experience views of the record-breaking Ain Dubai.

Frond K, Palm Jumeirah

Frond K is ideally located in the highest echelon of the prestigious Palm Jumeirah neighborhood, directly opposite the Atlantis Hotel and near to the region’s most famous hangout, The Pointe. The Holiday home guests may enjoy spectacular views of the fireworks display at Atlantis The Palm.

Will Property Hold its value after EXPO 2020?

Will Property Hold its value after EXPO 2020?



EXPO 2020 has helped to facilitate significant growth within the Dubai property market.  As the demand for properties has increased considerably, so too has their value. The emerging communities in the surrounding neighbourhoods to the Expo (Dubai South) have experienced the largest growth. Clever infrastructure connecting Dubai to the newer areas has helped them grown exponentially as they become highly sort after destinations for investors. After a recent decline in the Global property market, Dubai has seen dramatic growth in both the value and volume of property transactions, coinciding with EXPO 2020. The steady increase in property prices is expected to continue after the Expo has finished due to mainly an increase in foreign investment which will be sustained in part through numerous Dubai Government initiatives.


Leveraging on the increase of tourists visiting for The Expo, there has been an upsurge in demand for properties that are both built and purchased off the plan as foreign investors foray into the Dubai property market. Since the announcement of the 6-month global event was made, the areas surrounding the Expo site have been developed significantly to include residential communities, shopping centres and community leisure spaces. These developments will continue to flourish post-Expo. In addition to this, nearby Maktoum airport is currently under expansion and metro links are planned to connect these newer communities to the rest of Dubai. These additions make it logistically easier to move further out of the Dubai city centre and have made the areas more attractive for buyers and investors alike.


Contributing to the property growth in Dubai are the measures taken by the Government to grow and sustain tourism after the lull of the pandemic. Welcoming back tourists post COVID and introducing visas such as the Retirement and Golden Visas are two measures to encourage people to visit and invest in Dubai. Their in-depth advertising campaigns highlighting both the Expo and Dubai as a city have sparked interest around the world. The surge of new visitors meant Dubai was able to showcase its investment potential and openness towards foreign investment. The Government released their ‘Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan’ which focuses on sustainable urban development over the next 20 years. Their aim is to enhance the quality of life offered and reinforce Dubai as a destination for both residents and visitors into the future. Included in their master plan is the development of vibrant, inclusive communities and the implementation of government models to support future sustainable growth and development.


EXPO 2020 is the first major global event post-pandemic and has highlighted the thriving economy of Dubai. The rapid commercial expansion needed for the Expo itself meant an increase in industrial warehouses and logistical procedures amongst other sectors. The influx in tourism has seen demand for short term property rentals in newly built buildings such as the Majestic Residences in the surrounding Expo areas significantly increase. This increase has driven up the value of property around the city. Local companies have shown they too believe the growth is long-term through their commitment to developing Dubai South. Al-Futtaim have invested in building an Ikea store amongst others to ensure the area remains populated and attractive after The Expo comes to an end.


Transitioning into District 2020, Dubai South, the EXPO 2020 site and surrounding areas were developed to remain long after the Expo ends in March. The sustainable smart city has increased investor interest in Dubai through its innovative design features and infrastructure connecting it to the rest of the city. The reduction of COVID restrictions and international boarders being open has meant an influx of tourists coming to Dubai that are able to see first-hand the benefits in investing in such a progressive city. The Government initiatives in place help to stabilize the market and limit foreign investment risks, again making it more attractive to invest in Dubai. The increase in investments has driven up property value and it is these measures that help to ensure that both property demand and value in Dubai will be sustained. 







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