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How To Get Your Property Rented Out Quickly?

The holiday home rental business has grown out exponentially, owing to the increasing tourism industry in the UAE. It can help property owners to gain a higher return on investment. However, it takes a lot of effort to get a reliable tenant for your rental apartments. From creating an impressive apartment listing add to careful guest screening, making appropriate decisions at every stage is important. By using the right tools and methods, you can ensure that your rental unit is not vacant for long. Here are some useful tips that will help you rent out the property faster:

Make It Appealing

Tenants looking for short-term or monthly furnished apartment rentals are initially influenced by the first appearance of the vacation homes. In order to tackle the tough market competition, you need to make sure your apartment is visually appealing. Equipping the house with various modern amenities and properly maintaining it through expert maintenance will highlight the comfort you offer. Creating impressive home tour videos through a professional property photography service can help you cover this aspect.

Efficient Guest Management

Although this might seem much off the list, it is crucial to create a better reputation and ensure the tenants stay long. Efficient guest communication has proven to increase tenants’ satisfaction rate, as it is highly appreciated when their concerns are addressed well. Either by making the tenants your long-term customer or improving your reputation through word of mouth, guest management is always beneficial.

Analyze the Pricing

This is a prominent factor that matters to both tenants and property owners. While profitability is a major concern among property owners, reasonable prices are essential to attract customers easily. You can determine the appropriate pricing by analyzing the overall pricing rate in the location.

Focus on Advertising

Proactiveness is essential when it comes to making it noticeable among the potential customer’s notice. As the existing tenants need to give you early notice before leaving, you get a buffer time to advertise it to the potential customers. By promoting well in advance, your property will get rented out soon and not be vacant for long. Create advertisements mentioning when it will be available for the new tenants.

Choose Right Platforms

From designing creative and informative advertisements to choosing the most effective platforms, every step needs to be strategically planned to ensure better results. There are various property listing sites such as Airbnb, VRBo, Homeaway, among others, to get your apartment advertisement to a wider audience.

Does all this seem a bit too much for you? Frank Porter is your ideal solution who can handle every step in property rental from advertisement creation, Airbnb listing management, guest vetting to maintenance.

Why Dubai Is a Top Location To Retire?

UAE has been a beloved second home to many expats hailing from different parts of the world. The ease of doing business in various industries such as rental vacation homes helps them live and flourish in the country. The modern lifestyle and exceptional city-life offered by popular cities like Dubai make a favorable space to retire. The government provides a retirement visa program where the UAE residents can opt for a long-term visa if they fulfill certain criteria of financial status and property ownership. Here are a few compelling reasons that make Dubai a perfect choice for retiring.

Sunny All-Time

Weather conditions play a major role in determining the comfort of any place in the world. Dubai is characterized by a pleasant sunny climate throughout the year, with few spells of rains during January to March. This will allow you to make a beach plan or barbeque trip anytime of the year whenever you wish. Whether you need a sunbath or want to relax at the beachside, this place offers it throughout the year.

Advanced Security

A highly-appreciated feature of this city is the level of safety and security for its residents. With very low crime rates and a highly responsive police force, Dubai is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Thus, the residents can roam in the city fearlessly and safely irrespective of day or night. Retiring in such a safe city can ensure peace of mind throughout your life.

Powerful Economy

UAE has been a strong and flourishing country among all the Middle Eastern countries. The presence of a business hub like Dubai can be attributed to the strength of this economy. The minimal tax rules will offer greater financial freedom to anyone planning to retire in this city. Living a settled life in a city with a stable economy is more like a dream that can come true in this city.

Cultural Diversity

Home to a number of expatriates from different countries, Dubai exhibits a wide variety of cultures from across the globe. The multi-cultural nature of this city is also well depicted at Global Village, one of the renowned tourist attractions in the city.

Attractive Lifestyle

With a wide range of activities from desert safaris to beachside stays, this city is a whole lot package that will keep you engaged throughout the year. The chilling winters offer a great time for going on a barbeque or camping trip to the popular locations in Dubai. Whereas to spend the hot summer times with your family, there are different options such as well-built shopping malls, cinemas, snow park, and theme parks.

Apart from all these fun-filled activities, the accessibility and technological advancements in every sector simplify the residents’ life. Thus, Dubai is the prime location with all the essential aspects you need during retirement.

Tips To Make Your Vacation Rental Home Family-Friendly

If you have holiday homes to rent, getting the right guests into your rental apartment is crucial to ensure the safety of the unit. The needs of the vacation home rental guests may vary depending on different types. Among all, families form a major part of rental guests in the UAE, owing to the increasing number of families attracted to Dubai tourism. The rental home requirements of families are complex, especially in the case of families with more members. In order to rent out your holiday home specifically to families, you need to target all your efforts from listing descriptions to apartment facilities for a family. Here are a few tips to get families for your rental apartments.

Well-written Profile Descriptions

While looking for a short-term or monthly apartment rental in Dubai, families tend to be specific with their search terms. Including terms such as ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘family-friendly’ in descriptions of the vacation, home profiles will increase their visibility. Features such as the silent environment and nature-friendliness of an apartment will also make an attractive point to mention in the descriptions.

Special Care for Comfort

Apart from the normal furniture, families with children will need a range of additional amenities such as a crib and high chair. Creating simple playing areas with casual toys in the vacation home can make it a popular choice for families. For holiday homes with outdoor spaces, you can also add more attractive facilities for children like small basketball or football courts.

Highlight Security Features

In the case of family guests, safety offered by the holiday home is a major concern. Mention the various measures taken to make the rental home a safe space in the apartment listing. You can consider professional security systems such as safety alarms, surveillance cameras, and sensors for the entrances or premises. There are also other simple measures to child-proof the apartment such as the use of socket covers, cupboard latches, and stair gates. List all these features on the apartment listing to attract families.

Simple Guides Can Do Wonders

A detailed guide of all the facilities available around for use by the guests will offer a proper understanding of the rental space. This will make your vacation home rental listing stand out in the market. Kid-friendly locations such as parks, playgrounds, picnic spots, and other family-friendly spots like restaurants should definitely be highlighted.

Update All Listings

After choosing the right property listing platforms, make your holiday home listing fully informative with all the above-mentioned points. Clear yet comprehensive online listings with all the details are an easy means to attract family guests. Professional property management companies like us will make your life easier by efficiently handling all the aspects of apartment listing from photography, listing to frequent updation.

Top Property Listing Portals To List Your Holiday Homes

The flourishing tourism sector and increasing real estate market competition make it essential to effectively advertise your long or short stay apartments in Dubai. Using the right tools at the right time will increase exposure from the right target audience for your rental home. Various property listing platforms are an efficient method to reach out to potential customers quickly. Identifying the right portal to list your holiday home can be a bit tough. We have listed the popular property listing portals that are widely used for increasing return on investment from the rental unit.


The ease to manage Airbnb properties makes it one of the popular platforms in the holiday home rental industry. Airbnb has been established as an easy-to-use portal with its simple and flexible system, along with round-the-clock customer care service. Taking away your stress of creating an impressive advertisement for your apartment listing, we are specialized in Airbnb property management in the UAE.


Abbreviation for ‘Vacation Rentals by Owner’, it offers various features to determine the rental price on a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis. When you list any property on VRBO, the advertisement also gets placed on their affiliated sites that enable higher exposure. The easy and convenient payment system on VRBO is another highlighting feature of this platform.

Being a global renown online portal of travelers, this platform can offer wider exposure among tourists and people looking for short-term stays. Including a detailed usage guide, makes listing and managing a rental apartment easy and accessible. The linguistic diversity available on this site, covering around 43 global languages, can help attract a wider range of potential customers.

Property Finder

This platform is focused on making the whole apartment of broker listing process licensed and secured. With advanced features like verified listings, detailed pricing information about the market, and flexible features, hosting your holiday home on Property Finder can be very easy. The detailed reports of market insights and comprehensive features aid in hosting the properties in line with the market trend.

Our professional property management services also includes listing on our booking site that has a wider audience and global reach in the real estate sector. The range of packages and special rates for listing apartments provides a feasible solution to reach the target customers. With a simple user interface and personal dashboard, this platform to will help property owners easily connect with people looking for holiday homes.

If you wish to get higher revenue from your rental property in the UAE through apartment listing and complete property management services, reach out to us today!

What to do at Expo Dubai in December?

What to do at Expo Dubai in December?



December marks the third month EXPO2020 has surprised, excited and delighted visitors. Aside from the 192 country pavilions open to explore there is live entertainment as well as family friendly events and fun to be had throughout the month. After admiring the exquisite site architecture, there are enough varied activities to ensure even the fussiest of children are not bored! We’ve put together some of the highlights for the month and we highly recommend a visit.


Head to the Estonian Pavilion on December 15th for their Day of Universities: personalised medicine and smart city, an informative event on further education and learn about female pioneers in culture and education from Arabia and the Muslim world at the Women’s pavilion on December 16th at 4pm in the Sustainability district. For the foodies amongst us, on December 20th you cannot go past Hellenic Republic as they host a mouth-watering panel discussion on ‘The South Aegean as an international gastronomy destination’ where you will get to learn about the cuisine and then enjoy a dinner prepared by some of Greece’s top chefs. If you have an upcoming wedding to plan, Wedding Fantasy will be shown on the Jubilee stage at 7pm on December 21st exploring Sri Lankan wedding customs and showcasing Sri Lanka as a wedding destination.


Christmas at EXPO2020 will be a celebration of epic proportions. There will be Christmas trees and decorations scattered around the Expo site, and between December 20-28th witness Al Wasl Plaza transform into a magical winter wonderland full of festive fun. For the children, Santa has made time in his busy schedule and will be on site from December 17-22nd 11am-8pm. There is a post box to send last minute Christmas wish lists to the North Pole and some of his elves will be walking around for photo opportunities. All whilst rocking out to some epic Christmas carols of course! Classic Christmas movies will be played on the big screen such as Home Alone on December 23rd and on December 25th there will be live performances by the London Community Gospel Choir, Joe Stilgoe and Lea Salonga amongst others. For those looking for something creative, Bread Ahead in the Mobility Pavilion is offering Festive cooking classes over numerous dates but if DIY is not your thing, you will find plenty of festive foodie delights from different countries around the venue.


Help Morocco celebrate their national day with Giant Karakize performances at 11:30am and 5pm on December 26th and on December 29th join in the celebrations at the Italian Pavilion as they host the International Opera Awards where guests will be treated to live performances by both Emirati and Italian opera singers. New Year’s Eve at the world’s greatest show will see fireworks, drone shows, live music and dance performances celebrated together with over 190 countries. Whilst we don’t want to give too much away, EXPO2020 is about bringing the best of the world together so it’s guaranteed to be a night to remember.


We have saved the best news until last…The magic of the festive season has become all the more accessible with the Expo2020 ‘Festive Pass’. For only 95AED per person, enjoy unlimited access for the month of December and enjoy visiting the pavilions, family fun events and live performances. You can also upgrade this pass to a season pass for an extra 150dhs. To purchase a festive pass please visit:


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