10 reasons to buy an EXPO 2020 Season Pass

Tickets are now on sale for Expo 2020 Dubai, the largest event ever held in the Arab world and the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. A Season Pass is a great-value option, allowing holders unlimited entries from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 and offering an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate the best the world has to offer across 182 action-packed days.


1. Priced at AED 495, a Season Pass buys six months’ access to more than 200 pavilions, three Thematic Districts and an impressive array of self-guided itineraries. That works out at less than AED 3 a day for a front-row seat to some of the best of art, music, architecture, technology and a host of other culture that the world has to offer.

2. With hundreds of immersive experiences ranging from Al Wasl Dome’s ever-changing 360-degree projection canvas to boundary-pushing architectural marvels, up to 15 hours of live entertainment daily and a host of interactive experiences, a single day won’t even scratch the surface of the world’s biggest cultural gathering.

3. At Expo 2020, all the world’s a stage, with up to 60 events a day. That means every day will be a unique experience, requiring multiple visits to fully enjoy. From daily parades to late-night laser shows, special effects and fireworks, Expo 2020 will have something for everyone.

4. Discover the world in one place, with no borders and no visas needed. For the first time in history, each of the 192 participating countries will have its own pavilion, enabling visitors to experience their arts, culture, heritage and more. From the world’s youngest nation South Sudan, to China, its most populous, Expo 2020 will offer innovative and unexpected ways of viewing our planet.

5. Go on an architectural adventure and marvel at buildings and installations that push boundaries in innovative and sustainable design, such as Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, which generates its own energy and water. The visually striking building features a 130-metre-wide canopy and 18 Energy Trees, fitted with state-of-the-art solar panels to meet the world’s highest green building ratings. Equally remarkable is the UAE Pavilion: spread across 15,000 sqm, the structure was inspired by the UAE’s national bird, the falcon, in flight. The design of The Good Place Pavilion by Expo Live takes its cue from the traditional Bedouin tent that hosted the pivotal 1968 meeting between the Rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai that led to the establishment of the UAE. Another must-see is the Water Feature in Jubilee Park that sends 153 individual waves cascading into a circle of fire. At night, the waves reverse themselves – producing a gravity-defying spectacle as they flow up the walls.

6. Stay healthy or start a whole new work-out regime with twice-daily fitness classes suitable for all ages and ability levels at Expo’s Sports, Fitness and Wellbeing Hub. Take your pick of demonstration matches in sports such as cricket, rugby and teqball – a recently invented sports craze from Hungary. Head out to meet some of your favourite sports stars, including iconic basketballers the Harlem Globetrotters; discover how football is driving meaningful social change at one of the many activities offered by leading football club Manchester City; or check out a coaching clinic hosted by cricketing giants, the Rajasthan Royals.

7. Expo 2020 coincides with the UAE’s 50th anniversary in 2021. Starting in November and building up to UAE National Day itself on 2 December, the Golden Jubilee celebrations will enable Season Pass holders to participate in an immersive journey that charts half a century of change and progress in the UAE and looks to the nation’s future growth and prosperity, with multiple visits recommended.

8. Sample a varied and constantly changing programme of cultural events featuring musical concerts, film screenings, dance performances, poetry readings, art exhibitions and more. Standout events confirmed so far include performances by the National Ballet of Senegal and the Firdaus Orchestra, an all-women ensemble curated by Oscar-winning Indian composer AR Rahman. Be inspired by the UAE’s first curated permanent open-air art exhibition, which brings together never-before-seen artworks by 11 artists from around the world; head to the Jubilee Stage to immerse yourself in Expo Beats, a unique monthly festival that will take visitors on a journey around the globe through music, dance and culture; and don’t miss Late Nights @ Expo, which will connect an array of artists and people from across the world every Thursday and Friday.

9. Taste the world with more than 50 global cuisines served at 200 food and beverage outlets across the Expo 2020 site, ranging from street food to innovative culinary technology and sustainable dining – something that will require numerous visits for even the hungriest diners. An array of the UAE’s most renowned local eateries will feature alongside award-winning chefs representing Michelin-star restaurants from around the world.

10. Ten Theme Weeks spanning the six months of Expo 2020 will explore the most critical challenges and opportunities facing humanity today, as part of Expo’s Programme for People and Planet. The Theme Weeks will tackle issues such as Climate and Biodiversity, Urban and Rural Development, Knowledge and Learning, Health and Wellness, and Water, with conversations around questions that will shape the future of our planet.

One of the first global mega-events to take place since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Expo 2020 will run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, inviting millions to join the making of a new world in six-month celebration of creativity, innovation, human progress and culture.