You’ve got a residential property ready for renting to guests. It has all the basics—beds, TVs, table, and chairs—and it’s in an excellent area of Dubai. You have it listed on Airbnb, Homestay, and all the important short-term rental online platforms. But it’s hardly ever booked. And the guests who do stay don’t complain, but they’re not leaving five-star guest reviews. What’s going on?

Chances are, it’s the interior of your property that’s letting you down. Yes, guests are looking for a great location, but if the pictures don’t show a beautiful vacation let property that feels like a much nicer version of their home then they’ll pass by your listing for others. An important part of hosting is creating an irresistible short-term rental listing. Airbnb Dubai guests don’t want to stay in a hotel, but they don’t want to stay in an impersonal space with no décor either.




Airbnb Dubai management company Frank Porter recommends hosts use these simple ways to improve short-term rental interiors and set up listings to get more bookings and happier guests.

1.  Neutral Walls

Play it safe here: white or neutral walls are key to make your home look fresh and attractive. Having an ‘colour accent’ wall is fine too – as long as the majority of the home is light.

Isn’t white boring??

No. This is a big misconception. People are drawn to lighter homes – as it generally makes spaces look bigger and cleaner. Also the pictures look better!

2.  Carpets

Carpets / rugs tie a room together, especially in photos. They make living rooms look warm, inviting and cozy. We don’t mean wall-to-wall carpets of course! But pieces here and there will work wonders. 

But carpets are expensive!

Depends where you look! Pan Emirates / IKEA have great and affordable options for any home. 

3.  Decorative Pieces

Add small pieces of décor, side tables, and lamps to the area. Bedrooms should have bedside tables and lamps on both sides. If you have an outdoor space, make sure there’s at least a chair or two and a small table so your guests can enjoy a drink outside if they wish.

Add highlights – small clocks, books, frames, vases, centrepieces – to warm up the home and make it look inviting.

How do I know where to put them?

On bedside tables, centre of table, centre of coffee table, entrance. Put them anywhere where the space could us it. 

4.  Neutral Linens

Choose sheets that are plain or neutral and have extra pillows and blankets in the closet—just like people would have at home. You may really, really like your navy blue sheet collection – but chances are at least 1 guest won’t. White linens remind people of luxury hotels, and that is never a bad thing!

5. Greens

Nothing like some well placed greens to give your home a warm feeling. Plants on the floor, flowers in a vase – all lead to feeling of coziness and freshness. Don’t overdo it!

Even in the bathroom a few artistic pieces and a plant will make guests feel like they’re staying somewhere special rather than a plain short-term rental.

Don’t I have to then water them?

If you can’t tend to plants – get fake ones! 

6. Art, Art, ART

Hang some attractive art. Choose pieces that are interesting without being controversial. Even some framed posters from classic movies will help to create a fond feeling when guests walk in.

Art is the last detail you should consider after everything else is done. 

I’m not artsy – I wouldn’t know good art from bad!

When in total doubt – use B&W photographs of neutral subjects – and pattern/symmetrical art! 


When you’re taking the pictures to use in your listing, stage the place so guests can picture themselves staying there. Get rid of your socks in the corner! Make the bed! Reduce the clutter!

Frank Porter recommends using a professional to style and photograph your Airbnb Dubai listing.

If you’d like to maximise the return on your property but don’t have the time to set it up, Frank Porter can take care of everything for you. From interior designstyling to photographinglisting, and managing – we take the work out of short-term lets so you can enjoy the profits that come with successful hosting!

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