What Are the Different Types of Airbnb Rentals?

What Are the Different Types of Airbnb Rentals?

Long gone are the days when we used Airbnb as a rental platform. The service caters to a different audience these days. People book them when they want a homely comfort during their vacations. But the platform has undergone a drastic change. Now they have included three categories Plus, Airbnb Luxe, and also Airbnb for professional work. The Airbnb listing management you hire would tell you more about the same. But the truth is that how are these different from each other. Obviously, they each have their own pros and cons. Before booking any, you must know all these facts. Here we will tell you details about different types of Airbnb that are available.

Airbnb Classic

This is the most basic of the Airbnb types available. If you are a host, you should know how Airbnb users can sort the rentals.

Entire Place

Here the listing will show ads where users get an entire home for themselves. People who opt for these want total privacy. The hosts have to provide all services exclusively to the user.

The Private Room

This is when you have only one room to share. In this case, the host has to mention the facilities available. For example, if the guest can use kitchen services or not.

A Unique Stay

This includes the homes that are unique either in their location. For example, if it is a glasshouse or located in the forest, you can mention that.

Super Hosts

Many people only want accommodation with a super host. If you have that facility, ensure that you mention it.

Airbnb For Professional Work

This profile is useful when the companies have to book multiple accommodations for their teams. However, to get yourself listed here, you have to provide facilities like Wi-Fi, well-designed workstations, laundry, etc.

Airbnb- Plus

The Airbnb plus includes homes that exude luxury. To qualify, your home should be well maintained and must pass the quality checks of Airbnb. Plus, homes have to offer all facilities to their guests like a fully stocked kitchen, toiletries in the bathroom, a perfect garden, and maintained appliances. You must work somewhat hard on the maintenance to get selected.

Airbnb- Luxe

The Luxe category has only 2000 properties the world over. They check all the homes and see that they satisfy nearly 300 different criteria. The guests get access to gorgeous properties, and the trip designers create the perfect vacation.

For the property to enter into any of the above categories, you have to find out what you can focus on. The vacation home rental agency can guide you better with regard to this. Contact them if you wish to succeed as an Airbnb host.

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