Summer-proof your Airbnb: Essential steps to prepare for your surge in bookings

Summer-proof your Airbnb: Essential steps to prepare for your surge in bookings

Spurred on by school holidays, last-minute wanderlust and an increase in outdoor events, as an Airbnb host you’re likely to experience an influx of enquiries and bookings in the lead up to and during the summer months.

To ensure you get the most out of your listing, and ultimately secure and increase bookings, it’s best to get ahead of the surge by prepping in advance. Follow the simple steps below to optimise your offering, streamline your processes and stand out from the competition.

Enhance your Airbnb listing

Review and update your listing description and photos:

When viewing listings online, most customers are drawn to photos primarily, then on to the description. Keep your listing relevant this summer with simple tricks; highlight photos of outdoor spaces, update the description with summer-friendly amenities, and check your listing appears when relative filters are selected.

Spotlight summer-specific features:

Make sure to spotlight any areas where guests can enjoy sun or lighter evenings, for example a balcony or rooftop. This can be a game changer when booking a summer stay. If your property is situated close to a beach, park or swimming pool, ensure it’s included in the description.

Optimise pricing strategies for high-demand periods:

It’s beneficial to have a good knowledge of events taking place in the local area, in order to capitalise on the demand for your listing. When an event is announced you can expect guests to book months in advance, so sign up to local media alerts to keep informed of what’s happening.

Top tip: To stand out from the competition, consider using a professional photographer. With their expertise, you can show off your property to its full potential – especially if you have hard-to-capture outdoor areas or unique spaces.

Manage bookings and scheduling

Update your availability and implement a reliable booking system:

By having a visible, up-to-date calendar on the booking page potential guests will be able to see quickly and clearly if their desired dates are available. Making the customer journey as seamless and stress-free as possible increases the likelihood of securing a booking.

Set minimum and maximum stay requirements:

Streamline your bookings by controlling listing availability. By making select weeks available and blocking out set timeframes, it will be easier to manage bookings and predict income. Remember, it may not always be cost or time effective to cater for one-night stays.

Top tip: If your property is listed on multiple sites, make sure your booking system collects and syncs bookings from all sites. Check that once a booking has been made, the availability has been updated on all listings.

Streamline communication

Set up automated messaging and response systems:

Many systems will now send an automatic text or email to a guest once a property has been booked successfully. Communicating with your guest early on creates reassurance around their booking and opens the line of contact.

Create clear and detailed house rules and instructions:

Preparing a property guide or a welcome pack for guests will make them feel welcome and catered for. It’s also a friendly way of communicating any additional instructions you have, for example where to leave the key when they leave.

Prepare for potential guest inquiries and requests:

Anticipate frequently asked questions and provide any need-to-know information about the property. Go above and beyond by communicating tips about the local area, including food and drink recommendations, taxi numbers and advice about local amenities.

Top tip: Checking in with your guest once they have settled in is a great way of making them feel welcome; it can be as simple as a text or email to check everything is ok.

Cleaning and maintenance

Deep clean and declutter your Airbnb:

Keeping your property presentable and clean not only makes it easier to switch between bookings, but also ensures the safety of your guests. Although it’s recommended to keep your property decluttered, don’t be afraid to express your unique style! This is often what attracts guests to a listing.

Check and maintain essential appliances and systems:

Guests’ safety should always be a priority. As a host, you should regularly test any alarm and security systems you have in place. Make sure to also act on any observations or feedback about appliances, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Top tip: Using a dedicated cleaning and maintenance service like Frank Porter’s can alleviate any stress between guest switchovers and ensures your property is maintained at a high standard.

Partner with local services

Establish relationships with local tourism agencies and nearby businesses:

Working in partnership with local services is beneficial for everyone – your guests can enjoy the latest in local produce, amenities and activities, giving them a unique experience whilst staying at your property. As a host, networking and building your reputation amongst businesses in the community can lead to recommendations and ultimately more bookings.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to check in regularly with new and existing businesses in the area (especially if they are independent). Whether it’s dropping by or sending a message online – communicating that you have recommended their services is key to building a business relationship.

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