Crafting a Thoughtful Airbnb Welcome Pack: Ideas to Delight Your Guests

Crafting a Thoughtful Airbnb Welcome Pack: Ideas to Delight Your Guests

A warm welcome is the first step in creating an amazing stay for your guests. If your aim is to be the perfect host, a personal and thoughtful welcome pack is a great place to start. This gesture not only ensures your guests feel cared for, but also provides them with valuable insights into the finest local spots, assuring them that their host is dedicated to making their stay extraordinary.

But what should you include in a welcome pack? Let’s explore the essentials and other treats to include.

1. Personalized greetings

When writing your welcome pack, it’s important to keep the tone light and personable. If you can, include the guest or guests’ names as this helps to create an immediate and personal connection. It makes them feel acknowledged and at ease from the start.

Next, it’s a good idea to include as much of your local knowledge as you can. Make a list of all of your favorite things about the area, where you like to go out to eat, to drink, and all the best sights to see. Think of it as if your friends are visiting your town or city for the first time. What would you want to show them? Include maps of the local area, circling and labeling your favorite spots and recommendations.

If you want to make your welcome pack really special, you can ask your guests some of their preferences beforehand; why they are visiting and what kind of things they like to do. This will help you to choose a few different things to recommend based on what they love.

2. Essential amenities

Another important aspect to highlight about your guest’s stay is all the amenities that are included in their booking. This could range from the toiletries and personal care items you’ve chosen to include, to the quality towels and linens that you’ve given them to use.

Consider providing a few items to eat or drink too. Whether it’s a stocked fridge with essentials like milk, a welcoming display of a bottle of wine, or an assortment of snacks on the counter, these gestures are designed to make your guests feel genuinely cared for and welcomed.

3. Local flavor

Do you want to introduce your guests to the culture of your city or town? You could also incorporate a “must try” section in your welcome pack, featuring recommendations for the finest local food and drinks. This personalized touch not only guides your guests towards culinary delights, but also ensures that the most noteworthy gastronomic experiences are savored during their stay.

This goes hand in hand with the recommendation of providing small gestures to eat and drink too. You could leave a few regional snacks that represent the area, giving them a taste of the things that make your location so special. This could be simple things like honey from a local market, a local wine, or a sweet treat that’s made in the region.

4. Emergency and information kit

Let’s not forget the basics. You need to ensure your guests are safe throughout their stay. Make sure your guests know you are easily accessible with all the right numbers and emergency information. 

Aside from our own contact details, provide local emergency numbers for police, fire, and medical assistance, plus information on the nearest clinics, pharmacies, and medical centres. Property specific information such as evacuation procedures, emergency exits, and the location of safety equipment like fire extinguishers is also necessary.

Practical information is also valuable. Simplify your guests’ stay by offering instructions for all appliances and electronics within the accommodation. From the thermostat to the coffee maker, detailing the functionality of each item helps guests navigate the space effortlessly.

Going the extra mile can really make the difference. It’s the little things that matter to your guest, and the things that make a stay memorable.

If you’re looking for a little extra assistance in creating that memorable stay for your guests, Frank Porter’s support team are on hand to help with all guest-related matters – from the initial inquiry to the physical check-in, as well as support throughout the stay. For more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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