Boost your bookings: Listing vacation rentals on multiple sites

Boost your bookings: Listing vacation rentals on multiple sites

While listing your charming cabin, chic city apartment, or cozy beach bungalow on a single platform might entice a focused audience, expanding your reach by listing on multiple rental channels can be a game-changer. But though doing so can bring about many benefits, juggling listings across different platforms requires strategic planning and meticulous organization.


In this piece, we will delve into the reasons you should consider listing your vacation rental on multiple platforms, and explore the three essential actions to take when doing this.

Why should you list your property on multiple platforms?

Listing your Airbnb property on multiple platforms can be a powerful strategy to boost your bookings and maximize your income. Here are some key reasons why you should consider cross-listing:


  • Increased exposure and reach: By being on multiple platforms, you tap into different traveler audiences who might not be on Airbnb. Sites like, Expedia, Vrbo, and niche platforms cater to specific demographics or travel styles, and can therefore significantly expand your potential guest pool.
  • Higher occupancy rates: With more platforms displaying your listing, you increase the chances of someone booking your property, especially during slower seasons. This can lead to a more consistent income stream and reduce the chances of your property sitting empty.
  • Competition diversification: Different platforms have different fee structures, guest demographics, and booking patterns. By diversifying your presence, you’re not reliant on just one platform’s algorithm or fee changes to remain profitable.
  • Targeted marketing: As some platforms cater to specific traveler types, you can tailor your listing and pricing to better suit their preferences. This can lead to higher conversion rates and more satisfied guests.
  • Potential for higher rates: With increased competition for your property, you might have more room to negotiate better rates on some platforms. However, we recommend researching individual platform fees and guest expectations to ensure higher rates don’t negatively impact bookings.

3 must-dos when multi-listing your vacation rental

Here are some crucial elements to keep in mind when casting your rental net into the wide waters of multiple channels:

   1. Choose the right platforms

Not all platforms are created equal, so understanding your target audience and their booking habits is crucial. Do you cater to a budget-conscious backpacker crowd? Targeting platforms like HostelWorld might be ideal. Craving an upscale clientele? Luxury rental sites like OneFineStay could be your match.


Research guest demographics, pricing structures, and platform fees to select sites that align with your property and pricing strategy. Diversifying your portfolio with a mix of established giants like Airbnb and alongside niche platforms catering to specific interests like pet-friendly travel or glamping enthusiasts can further broaden your reach.


At Frank Porter, we list your property on multiple platforms, from Airbnb and Agoda, to Vrbo and Expedia. 

And to ensure maximum visibility in Dubai, your property shines on our own dedicated booking platform, attracting guests seeking the city’s best stays, from the bustling Downtown to the serene Palm Jumeirah.

   2. Keep your listings consistent

Imagine finding the perfect vacation rental, only to discover photos and descriptions that vary wildly across different platforms. It’s a surefire way to set the stage for disappointment, lowering trust in your listing and creating missed booking opportunities. What’s more, if your listings lack consistency, some platforms’ search algorithms might not correctly categorize your property. This means potential guests looking for exactly what you offer might never even see your listing because it’s not presented accurately.


The key to success? Embracing consistency. Showcase your property with a uniform set of high-quality photos that spotlight its most enticing features on every listing platform. Write compelling descriptions that highlight unique amenities and the local charm of your neighborhood, using consistent language and keywords. Be sure to update information promptly too, including rates, availability, and house rules.


Based in Dubai and the UAE? Look no further than Frank Porter. Our skilled Listing Management team crafts unique descriptions, optimizes listings for multiple platforms, and keeps everything updated — pool closures, renovations: you name it!

   3. Sync your calendars

Double bookings are the nightmare of any vacation rental owner. But you can bid goodbye to sleepless nights spent manually updating calendars across multiple platforms by using channel management software. This lets you synchronize your calendar availability across all platforms in real-time, eliminating the risk of overbooking. It also streamlines communication and booking confirmations, freeing you to focus on what truly matters: creating unforgettable guest experiences.


Choosing the best channel manager for your vacation rentals depends on a few factors, like the size of your operation, your budget, and the features you need. However, here are a few of the most popular and well-reviewed options to consider:


  • Your.Rentals — Simple and affordable, it’s ideal for beginners.
  • Octorate — Revenue-boosting tools for experienced hosts.
  • Smoobu — Budget-friendly for low-volume situations.


And, finally, for a personal touch, opt for Frank Porter. Our dedicated Guest Support Team handles all booking-related matters, from initial enquiries to real-time calendar updates, ensuring that you never under or overbook.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about what Frank Porter can do for you.

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