Airbnb Rooms: What is it and how could you benefit?

Airbnb Rooms: What is it and how could you benefit?

In the ever-evolving world of short-term rentals and vacation accommodations, Airbnb continues to pave the way for innovative solutions that benefit both hosts and guests. One of their latest offerings, Airbnb Rooms, promises to revolutionise the hosting experience. 


In this article, we’ll introduce you to Airbnb Rooms, explore its exciting new features, and reveal how we at Frank Porter can enhance your Airbnb Rooms hosting journey.

What is Airbnb Rooms?

Airbnb started as a way for people to stay in other people’s homes, offering the opportunity to experience life like a local with the added benefit of a reduced room rate. While many guests now rent out whole apartments or residences for private use, Airbnb Rooms is a way to go back to the original ethos of Airbnb and offer up not only a more affordable way to travel but also the opportunity to meet new people.


This feature provides hosts with even more tools and options to enhance their guests’ experience. Hosts can create memorable stays by offering private rooms or distinctive areas within their homes or properties. For guests, the introduction of the Host Passport helps them get to know their Host before booking their stay, with the aim of ensuring guests feel comfortable throughout.

Host Passport

One of the standout features of Airbnb Rooms is the Host Passport, a powerful tool that not only streamlines the hosting process but also enhances the personal connection between hosts and guests. 


Host Passport is more than just a practical tool; it’s a way to foster trust and ensure that both hosts and guests have a comfortable and memorable experience. Host Passport allows hosts to introduce themselves in a more personal and engaging way. 


Through this feature, hosts can share their background, interests, and any special details about the property that make it unique. This personalised introduction helps guests feel more comfortable and connected even before they arrive at your Airbnb Room. It’s an opportunity to create a sense of anticipation and familiarity, making guests feel like they’re staying with a friend rather than a stranger.

New Rooms Category

The Rooms feature is easy to access as a search category on the usual Airbnb dashboard (both on the website and app). This features a curated set of 1 million private bedrooms, with a list of shared spaces as well, including things like a shared kitchen, garden or living room. 


Filters have also been redesigned, including the ‘type of place’ filter which helps you view the Rooms option easily, as well as comparing prices of entire homes and rooms. 


There are also new privacy features that will clearly indicate if the bedroom door has a lock, whether the bathrooms are shared or private, and whether the Host will be hosting any other people in their home during your stay. All of this is designed to make the guest feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

How Frank Porter can help you manage Airbnb Rooms

Frank Porter specialises in Airbnb management services for property owners in Dubai, offering an array of solutions tailored to your needs. This extends to the new Airbnb Rooms feature, where we can assist in the following ways:


  • Listing Management: Our expert team handles everything, from creating and updating Rooms listings to capturing top-quality photos and crafting unique property descriptions that make your private rooms stand out. We will continuously monitor and update listings across various channels, ensuring accurate information and addressing any changes like property upgrades promptly. Our pricing specialists use a combination of algorithms and manual adjustments to keep your property competitively priced, considering factors like seasonality, supply, holidays, and world events.


  • Cleaning and Maintenance: We offer a comprehensive Airbnb cleaning and maintenance service designed to ensure your property is in impeccable condition for your guests’ comfort and satisfaction. Our in-house maintenance team takes care of various tasks, including A/C repairs, water heater replacements, painting touch-ups, light bulb changes and more, ensuring your property remains in tip top shape.We also take care of refreshing and refilling essential guest amenities such as towels, linens, toiletries, coffee, tea, and other essentials at every check-in.

  • Interior Design: Frank Porter’s Airbnb Interior Design services offer a range of tailored solutions to transform your property into an inviting and functional space perfect for short-term rentals. Our  “Full Project” package furnishes and styles properties comprehensively, from furniture to guest essentials, with a turnaround time of two to four weeks. Alternatively, the “Styling Project” option allows for budget-friendly upgrades, completed in as little as one week, ideal for partly furnished properties.

  • Management Support: Our property management support teams are structured for maximum efficiency and dedicated support to both hosts and guests. For guests, we can provide round-the-clock assistance, from initial inquiries to check-in and ongoing support in multiple languages, ensuring an exceptional experience. For hosts, our support teams handle all things related to government compliance, operational tasks, permit renewals, revenue optimisation.

We hope this has given you an insight into Airbnb’s new venture, and how Frank Porter can help you be the best host. Whether you’ve been in the industry for a while and are looking to elevate your Airbnb Rooms listings or you’re an aspiring host ready to embark on this exciting journey, we are here to help you create memorable stays and lasting connections.

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