Short term rental businesses such as Airbnb should not only be about making money, but also about giving your guest an awesome experience. You’ve possibly travelled to new places and had an experience that could not be compared to any amount of money. You should also aim to provide similar experiences to your guests.

There are those ordinary steps that you must take to ensure that your guests get the value they are paying for. It wouldn’t hurt to go an extra mile and make their stay a lot more comfortable though. Below, are five tips that you could employ to ensure your guests have the best experience they ever had while staying in an Airbnb.

Warm Welcome

The kind of welcome you get whenever you visit a new place largely determines how the rest of your stay is going to turn out. You can offer to meet your guests at the airport or any other entry point when they arrive, and help them with their luggage. If they can find their way to the property, ensure you are there to receive them with a smile.

Go an Extra Mile

First and foremost, always be completely honest in the listing. Do not promise that which you cannot deliver. That being said, everyone like a surprise. Your guest will be a lot happier when you go an extra mile from what is in your listing. Whether you’ll offer some coffee or welcome gift – it will be much appreciated.

Guide Your Guests on What to Do in The Area

Often times, your guests will not know what are the most exciting things to do in your area if they are visiting for the first time. They would certainly feel well-take-care-of if you can provide guidance on what they can enjoy. If you are not available to show them around, ensure you leave for them some information in the house or room about the same.

Music System / Game Consoles / Apple TV

Guests love to be able to relax in your home. Provide them with a sound system so they can easily link their music, or Apple TV so they can easily connect their account. If traveling with kids – a PlayStation or Xbox is always appreciated. Tech up your Airbnb!

Follow Up

Guests love to know you are thinking about them – in moderation of course! Follow up after 2 days to ensure everything is ok – and ask if there is anything they need. This shows you are a caring host and will always reflect positively in a review!

You might not have the time to do all these by yourself. That’s where property management services come in. Frank Porter is an expert in Airbnb management services. We ensure that we provide that extra thrill for guests so that the positive reviews keep building, and the revenues keep coming in.


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