How to be an Outstanding Airbnb Host!

How to be an Outstanding Airbnb Host!

The secret to a flawless, five-star Airbnb review lies within the complete guest experience, and there are numerous ways to make your visitors feel welcome and show them that their happiness is your first concern. This guide will teach you how to be an Airbnb host to remember in five easy steps.

Set honest expectations

You don’t have to have a perfect home to be the perfect host, but you should be forthright and honest with your guests about any faults they might encounter. Visitors will be disappointed if you exaggerate your home’s amenities or omit important details, something that can lead to negative reviews.

To avoid this, be sure to describe (or spin into endearing quirks) any potential issues with your property in detail. If your guests are warned in advance about patchy air con, or how the internet may occasionally cut out, they can decide if these are deal breakers for their trip — or go ahead and book with clear expectations.

It’s a good idea to employ a photographer to take professional property photos for your listing, as this will be the first thing potential guests view before deciding whether or not to book. According to Airbnb insights, hosts with professional photos can earn up to 20% more than others in their area. This is something that Frank Porter’s listing management services can help you with. We can arrange for one of our in-house expert photographers to take stunning photographs of your home, highlighting its best qualities. We’ll then add them to your profile alongside catchy and distinctive Airbnb property descriptions.

Communicate with care

Competition in your area is likely to be fierce due to the burgeoning number of Airbnb listings, so, to stand out from the crowd, you want to seem as professional as possible. Guests’ memories of your rental will be formed based on their interactions with you, so let them know they can contact you whenever they have questions, problems, or requests.

If you want to keep your visitors happy, the best thing you can do is to respond quickly, even if you can’t do so right away. This is actually one of the prerequisites to become an Airbnb Superhost, which can boost your reputation and help you bring in additional bookings.

There are a number of ways to speed up your response rate and make sure you never miss an inquiry. For example, you can automate your bookings, check-ins, and check-outs with the help of scheduled messaging software. Alternatively, the guest support team at Frank Porter can handle all guest-related issues on your behalf, from initial enquiry to physical check-in, as well as ongoing support. The team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and speaks several different languages, guaranteeing that our customers receive the finest possible service.

Prep your property

According to an Airbnb poll, guests ranked having access to convenient amenities as one of the most important aspects of their vacation. As more visitors look for longer stays, this is more important than ever.

When filling, furnishing, and preparing your Airbnb, keep in mind the essentials that your guests will require and don’t compromise on the extras if you want that perfect five-star rating. You might find one or two things that could be altered to make their stay more enjoyable, from tea and coffee and basic cooking supplies, to thoughtful extras such as nice toiletries, fluffy towels, and hair dryers.

At check-in, guests want to be welcomed into an environment that is homely and full of personality, but is also sparkling clean. Airbnb has very stringent rules on hygiene, listing cleanliness as one of the most important values for guest satisfaction — dictating that a five-step process is carried out in between bookings, in accordance with local laws and guidelines.

So, before opening your doors, it’s vital to give the entire home a thorough clean and stock the bathroom, kitchen, and guest rooms with supplies that visitors can use to tidy up after themselves. We have an in-house maintenance team here at Frank Porter that can ensure your property is in tip-top shape for your guests, providing general maintenance, refilling of essentials, and deep cleaning services.

Offer a warm welcome

The way your guests check in can set the tone for the rest of their holiday. When they are required to perform their own check-in, it adds yet another degree of difficulty to the already demanding task of finding their Airbnb in a neighbourhood they don’t know well. So, if you decide to use a lockbox, smart lock, or keypad, you can ease the process by adding clear instructions to their online arrival guide, in addition to directions to your property.

You should also provide your guests with a detailed handbook that explains how to use the facilities and offers suggestions for the surrounding area, such as the best places to get a cup of coffee or a delicious dinner. This can be digital or printed, but for extra brownie points, be sure to include a heartfelt welcome message

However, to perfect your check-ins, you should aim to greet guests in a more warm and personable manner. If possible, be there to welcome them upon their arrival to help them with their bags, give them a quick tour, and answer any questions they may have.

Be attentive

As discussed, early communication should give you ample opportunity to get to know your guests, their travel plans, and interests. This will in turn allow you to surprise them with thoughtful touches that will make their stay memorable. It could be an important occasion like a birthday or anniversary, in which case it’s nice to go the extra mile for guests celebrating special moments — whether it’s with a bottle of wine, a cake, or something as simple as acknowledging this in their welcome note.

Guests love to know you are thinking about them (in moderation of course!) and doing so demonstrates that you are a thoughtful Airbnb host, which will almost always result in higher ratings. However, if this is not possible due to a last-minute booking or something unexpected, now is a great time to compensate. The chances are they forgot something, whether it’s to pack guide books or to mention certain allergies. So, as soon as guests have made themselves at home, check in to make sure they have all they need.

Final thoughts

Requesting and acting on feedback is an integral step to becoming an excellent Airbnb host. So, a few days after your guests have checked out, send them a friendly message asking for this. Make it a point to emphasise how much you cherish a glowing review and how a five-star rating would help your business grow.

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