Wondering what to do when in Dubai?!

Dubai Experiences

Airbnb experiences are a relatively new offering from the wildly popular hosting platform. And we can’t say enough good things about whoever came up with the concept! Basically, it takes the local knowledge and connections that make Airbnb so fantastic for travelers, and translates them into experiences run by locals with honest ratings from real participants.

Dubai is no small player when it comes to experiences. But before we list a few ideas to get you started, here are some tips for making the most out of any experience:
It’s going to be hard to choose! So take advantage of the ‘favourites’ option (the little heart in the top right corner of each listing) to start to narrow down your choices.
Read the entire listing carefully so you know where to meet, what to wear and bring, and what is included.
Know how to contact your host, and give them your own contact details if you need to communicate outside the Airbnb app
Say a ‘hello’ to the other participants in the group chat—these are your new travel buddies!

Desert Adventures

A trip to the desert is a must when you visit Dubai, and there are experiences to cater to every type of traveler. Maybe you’ll want to fly through the sand dunes on a quad bike, join a camel caravan, and then watch the sunset over a BBQ dinner. Or, how about a safari and a camp dinner? Or maybe a camel ride and a photo session?

Foodies Paradise

Dubai’s extensive history and global economy make it a perfect place for all things gastronomic. Experiences include things like sampling street food with a local on a private tour, taking a food and history walk to discover the flavours of Arabia, discovering art, jewels, and chocolate, and a specialty coffee tour—and that’s just a few ideas!

Arts and Culture

After your first walking tour with Airbnb experiences, you’ll never go back to nondescript commercial tours. There’s nothing like hearing history from a local while walking with a few friends through the very places you’re learning about. These guides are passionate about their city, and about making the experience something very personal. If you’re traveling with children, look for family friendly tours—these guides will bring history alive for your children and always have time to answer their questions.

Stop for a coffee, and then gear up for some amazing night time experiences in Dubai. Whether you want to party, explore, or have a quiet and authentic dinner with locals, there’s an Airbnb experience that will end your day on a perfect note.

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