Top 8 Airbnb Kitchen Essentials that your Guests Will Love!


If home has a heart, it’s certainly a kitchen. How to make sure your Airbnb kitchen has all necessities for cooking and eating as well as providing all the safety and sanitising requirements in line with the new Covid pandemic? Check our list of top 10 Airbnb kitchen essentials that will help to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Sharp knife and chopping board
If your kitchen has dull knives, at some point you’re going to hear about it in your Airbnb reviews. A knife doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase – just make sure that you replace or sharpen them periodically. Have a cutting board on hand as well so that your guests won’t end up cutting your countertops or chipping plates.

With a global pandemic upon us, keeping clean and hygienic has never been so important! Show you are respectful to the situation by having wipes, hand sanitiser and hand wash in your kitchen and make sure you have plenty of Dettol!

Salt, Sugar & Pepper
You can’t enjoy a takeaway meal without these basic seasonings let alone a home cooked meal. Guests will be upset if they can’t find sugar for a morning cup of tea or coffee so be smart and stock up!

Coffee Machine
A coffee maker is a standard appliance for a hotel room. As a result, you should also make sure that you have one in your Airbnb kitchen as well. A drip coffee machine will do just fine and you can make it even better by leaving a few coffee options for your guests. Making sure that you have creamer, sugar alternative, and honey will go a long way to show how thoughtful you are as a host.

Cups & Dishes
The number of plates, bowls and cups you provide will depend on how many people you usually play host to at your Airbnb but in general, add two more of each. For example, if your Airbnb can accommodate up to two people, provide four of everything when it comes to bowls and plates. We recommend providing both large and small plates. If your Airbnb caters for kids, make sure some of your cups and dishes are plastic.

Pots & Pans
Depending on the type of Airbnb that you are advertising, you’ll need to provide a range of pots and pans. If your listing description boasts of a fully-equipped kitchen, guests will expect not only good quality pots and pans but also several different sizes. Always provide at least one small and one large pot, as well as a small and large frying pan.

Dish liquid and gloves
Make sure guests have something to clean their plates with once they’ve finished their meal. Provide dish liquid, washing-up gloves, tea towels and a drying rack.

Don’t forget those miscellaneous Items!
We could call this category the ‘miscellaneous’ category but it’s one of the most important and these items are often overlooked by hosts. Always offer at least one veggie peeler, can opener, a bottle opener and a pair of scissors.