If you have holiday homes to rent, getting the right guests into your rental apartment is crucial to ensure the safety of the unit. The needs of the vacation home rental guests may vary depending on different types. Among all, families form a major part of rental guests in the UAE, owing to the increasing number of families attracted to Dubai tourism. The rental home requirements of families are complex, especially in the case of families with more members. In order to rent out your holiday home specifically to families, you need to target all your efforts from listing descriptions to apartment facilities for a family. Here are a few tips to get families for your rental apartments.

Well-written Profile Descriptions

While looking for a short-term or monthly apartment rental in Dubai, families tend to be specific with their search terms. Including terms such as ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘family-friendly’ in descriptions of the vacation, home profiles will increase their visibility. Features such as the silent environment and nature-friendliness of an apartment will also make an attractive point to mention in the descriptions.

Special Care for Comfort

Apart from the normal furniture, families with children will need a range of additional amenities such as a crib and high chair. Creating simple playing areas with casual toys in the vacation home can make it a popular choice for families. For holiday homes with outdoor spaces, you can also add more attractive facilities for children like small basketball or football courts.

Highlight Security Features

In the case of family guests, safety offered by the holiday home is a major concern. Mention the various measures taken to make the rental home a safe space in the apartment listing. You can consider professional security systems such as safety alarms, surveillance cameras, and sensors for the entrances or premises. There are also other simple measures to child-proof the apartment such as the use of socket covers, cupboard latches, and stair gates. List all these features on the apartment listing to attract families.

Simple Guides Can Do Wonders

A detailed guide of all the facilities available around for use by the guests will offer a proper understanding of the rental space. This will make your vacation home rental listing stand out in the market. Kid-friendly locations such as parks, playgrounds, picnic spots, and other family-friendly spots like restaurants should definitely be highlighted.

Update All Listings

After choosing the right property listing platforms, make your holiday home listing fully informative with all the above-mentioned points. Clear yet comprehensive online listings with all the details are an easy means to attract family guests. Professional property management companies like us will make your life easier by efficiently handling all the aspects of apartment listing from photography, listing to frequent updation.