The great thing about the sharing economy is how mutually beneficial it is. Every user benefits when they access the sharing economy. They always find services and products that are less expensive, more accessible, and generally better quality than they would find elsewhere. And every service/producer in a sharing economy benefits because they have access to more clients and reliable payments that just aren’t available in other ways.

But if there was a showdown between all the biggest sharing economy users—such as Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo, RelayRides, Turo, and Taskrabbit—who would win? Which company gives the biggest benefits to both sides of their platform? Our money’s on Airbnb! Here’s why:


As soon as a host registers their apartment on Airbnb they can start taking bookings and welcoming paying guests. Sure, in places like Dubai this can take a little more time as hosts either navigate the regulations or hire someone like Frank Porter to take care of it for them. But once they’re up, the guests start to come!

And Airbnb isn’t limited to renting out homes. No matter what type of dwelling you have, Airbnb can generate funds as you host guests from around the world. Of course, that’s another benefit. Airbnb can introduce you to a world of lovely people who are passionate about travel, adventure, and using the sharing economy.


Whether you’re a business traveller fitting work and meetings into flights and connections, or a family out on an adventure, Airbnb will connect you with some of the best places to lay your head at night.

In fact, for both families and business travellers, Airbnb provides a better night’s sleep and an all-around better travel experience than a hotel can offer. And that doesn’t include the benefits that come from better prices, the convenience of a home away from home, and stepping into a place that people care for like it’s their own (because it really is their own!)


When hosts list their place on Airbnb, it’s usually because they’re passionate about their hometown, and love sharing it with others. And the guests who use Airbnb are often looking for a meaningful connection with the place they visit that’s outside the artificial tourist traps that hotels generally involve.

Airbnb is a great way to connect people with each other and give them a unique way to experience the place they’re visiting. Of course, many guests have no actual contact with their hosts during a visit, but the very act of staying in a residential area, taking the host’s recommendations for places to eat and visit, and walking through neighbourhoods that real people live in gives a special connection to any visit.

It’s true we may be a bit biased, but based on all the advantages, we think Airbnb is a big winner for hosts and guests, and is the best thing going in the sharing economy.