Explore Dubai with Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb is once again taking the sharing economy to a new level with Airbnb experiences. These are Dubai activities or excursions led by local hosts who love sharing their city with guests. And Dubai hosts are stepping up to share some amazing experiences.


Airbnb Experiences in Dubai with Local Hosts

Booking Airbnb experiences is easy. Once you’ve chosen your Airbnb short-term rental for your Dubai visit, you’ll see a variety of ‘experiences’ options to choose from. Or, you can look up ‘Dubai Airbnb experiences’ and follow the link. Enjoy booking any experiences offered through the platform, regardless of where you’re staying.

There is something for everyone with Dubai Airbnb experiences. History aficionados might want to start their day with a walking tour through the Bastikiya, Dubai heritage houses, and the Al Fahidi Fort with an interesting and engaging local guide. Or travel with a guide to Ras Al Khaimah and spend the day exploring this historic city.

Small Group Adventures in Dubai

Those looking for a bit of adventure can explore the desert in a Jeep Wrangler and literally go off the beaten path. If you prefer less horsepower and more horse you can take a horseback ride through the desert, meeting camels, wildlife, and crossing sand dunes.

After your desert experiences it may be time for some water sports. Airbnb experiences has you covered here, too! There’s the option to take a jetski experience along the coast and see Dubai from the water. For those who are always ready to try something new, how about taking a freediving course with a certified Freedive Instructor and taking your Dubai adventure to new depths with only your mask, snorkel, and fins?

Experience Luxury, Art, and Street Food in One Day

There are plenty of options for a more laid-back experience too. You can enjoy an afternoon on a luxury boat that will take you for a tour of Dubai from the water with some swimming and tanning as well. You can also take a tour of Dubai’s art, jewels, and chocolates, enrol in a photography class, or try your hand at ceramics.

Of course, all these experiences are probably making you a bit hungry. Don’t worry—there’s an experience for that too! Enjoy the flavours of Ramadan on an Emirati food walk, take a tasty Dubai street food express, or learn how to make ethnic dishes with a Dubai food experience.

Dubai’s Airbnb experiences are as varied as the city itself. Many are perfect for families and offer children a unique chance for lifelong memories. Some are suitable for larger groups, and some cater to just a few guests at a time. The next time you’re in Dubai, try out a few experiences. And whenever you’re back, see what’s new, as experiences can be added at any time.