Day Trips from Dubai

There are some fantastic options for day trips from Dubai. Whether you love culture,
adventure, food, sand, or water, there’s a day trip just perfect for you.

Camels and an Oasis
Those camels need to come from somewhere! Take the drive to Al Ain near the Oman border
and enjoy a day like no other. Stop first at the Palm Oasis Village and learn about farming and
irrigation in the Middle East at this ECO heritage site.
Then head over to the camel farm where you can get some great up close and personal pictures
with these essential desert animals. Ready for something new? Try some camel ice cream!
Top off your day with a view from the highest point in Abu Dhabi before going back down the
mountain for a relaxing stop at the natural hot springs.
The Mangroves in Abu Dhabi
It’s a bit of a secret that there’s a Mangrove National Park a short drive from Dubai in Abu
Dhabi. This is an area of protected coastal mangrove forests that’s a critical ecological area.
Mangroves act as a natural windbreak, protect against tidal surges, purify the water, and
promote biodiversity.
A visit to this national park can introduce you to crabs, herons, foxes, flamingos, turtles, fish,
and dolphins. It’s certainly a break from the city life, and supporting ecological preserves like
this one is an excellent use of resources.
Fossil Dunes Al Wathba
If you want to visit the location of the opening scenes from ‘Star Wars: A Force Awakens’, take a
30-minute drive to these fossil dunes. All you need is a 4×4, beverages, and a sense of
adventure to enjoy these natural wonders.
Dalma Island
Travel to this true island oasis by ferry in your own car, by helicopter, private jet (there’s a small
airport on the island), or hired boat. If you’re planning to spend the night and don’t want to
camp, book in advance as there are limited accommodations.
This island takes you back in time to a simpler life where the stars shine bright at night without
light pollution, you can camp and BBQ on the beach, and pay with cash (not every place accepts
credit cards). Dalma Island is peaceful, non-commercial destination with spectacular sun rises
and sunsets.
Picnic at Dig Daga Farms
Go where the locals go, and drive to Dig Daga (also known as Digdaga) for beautiful views, farm
fresh food, and a chance to picnic and visit with Emiratis. In the winter you can also take in the
camel races every Friday from 6:30-9:30.
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