Living the Great Expat Life in Dubai

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Living the Great Expat Life in Dubai


Dubai is a highly desirable place for expats to live. Between the tax advantages, the unique culture, the friendly international community, and investment opportunities, many people are finding a great life in Dubai.


Making Friends in Dubai


In an energetic, fast-paced, internationally minded city like Dubai, it’s easy to make friends. And when 8 out of every 10 residents in Dubai is from somewhere else, it’s pretty easy to travel the world in friendships without leaving the city. Social media is playing a big role in connecting these expats around the city. Whether you want to connect with some people from your native country, or find out the secret perks of your own neighbourhood, there’s probably an online group to help you. And when you’re ready to go back to your home country for a visit, Dubai offers some of the best flight connections in the world.


The Culture in Dubai Always Amazes


Expats in Dubai love all the opportunities to experience a new culture. From interesting food, beliefs, and traditions, to the sunny, hot climate, and from historic neighbourhoods to the quintessential experience of attending the camel races, the Arabic culture in Dubai is fascinating.


The weekend comes sooner in Dubai (always an advantage!) from Thursday night to Saturday every week. There’s always something to do in the city, but savvy expats know to always keep room in their diary (and their stomachs!) for brunch—a weekend tradition.


Quality of Life in Dubai


Dubai consistently receives top marks from expats for its sense of safety and security, quality childcare, education, and health care, and excellent quality of life. The extremely clean city, excellent service, great shopping, and luxury atmosphere all help too!


Financial Advantages in Dubai


Perhaps the biggest thing expats notice when they arrive in Dubai is on their first paycheck—no taxes! There are no income taxes in the UAE, including Dubai. Free movement of capital and profit are also advantageous to expats.


Real Estate Investing in Dubai


Expats are encouraged to participate in the Dubai real estate market, and many of them do so. Right now, the residential market is a buyer’s paradise, and the opportunities are fantastic. Many expats are picking up a second residential property solely for investment purposes. With the assistance of Airbnb concierge services from Frank Porter, they can enjoy the lucrative benefits of short-term holiday lets without any of the hassle of managing a property. Expats are also using Frank Porter to list their primary residences when they head out of the city, creating a great opportunity for funding their vacation without any extra work or trouble.


Dubai is a vibrant, interesting city that has opened its arms to expats from around the world. And it continues to work toward creating a city that everyone wants to live in.