Prior to the pandemic, the rental business was flourishing, and numerous investors considered it as a profitable option and looked forward to traveling the world and visiting unfamiliar places. In 2019, Dubai had a high volume of tourists. Overall, the UAE generated huge revenues on vocational rental properties, allowing numerous traditional owners to rent out their places, allowing a lucrative rental system.

With COVID-19, tourism came to a standstill, leaving owners that used to make a lot of money to consider a different investment approach. Currently, the situation hasn’t normalized, however, the hope remains that it will happen soon. Many people are skeptical about traveling internationally. Many have, however, begun traveling domestically, giving owners an opportunity to earn. Thus, it leaves us with the question of whether the Airbnb service company can be profitable in comparison to regular holiday rentals. To collaborate with Airbnb, you can connect with any Airbnb management company in Dubai and benefit from their services.

Let’s weigh the possibilities that both offer.

Airbnb Advantages

Maximizing Income

You can receive increased rent on the property. However, there is a vast scope to earn by selling certain services that include collaborating with tour companies and car rentals. You can encourage the guests to use their services by having an intern make a commission. Cleaning services, along with laundry services, are also an excellent option to earn.

Increased Flexibility In Pricing

It is important to offer attractive deals that include numerous discounts; however, you can make that additional money on weekends and bookings made at the last minute. This will allow you to get new clients without affecting your income.

Protection Without A Lease Agreement

Airbnb hosts doesn’t come across any issues while leasing their estate. Even without a lease contract, they make rules to suit their requirements. If these rules are violated, the host receives justice immediately by connecting with Airbnb. Without the intervention of the court, the issue is sorted.

Traditional Rental Advantages

Regular Income

This feature is extremely attractive with traditional leasing. But what about security? In terms of real estate investing, the method offers a specific amount of rent till the contract is active.

Less Effort

The income received is slow but steady, so it would not require too much effort. Maintaining and cleaning the place will not be your concern as the tenants. It does not require you to do too much running around.

To Conclude

Overall, Airbnb and the rental method each have their individual advantages, therefore it is difficult to tell which one is better. There are numerous factors that come into play. If you do not have the time to run around, but you require a fixed income, then traditional renting is a good option. But if you’re looking for an opportunity that allows you to boost your earnings, an Airbnb management company in Dubai is an excellent option. You can decide which option is the best prior to finalizing a strategy.