It is not a secret that Dubai is a tourist spot among many sought-after holiday places in the world. From its coastline to its skyline, the city is full of mysteries and stories! Every single nook and cranny in this place are guaranteed to be a beautiful surprise on its own to tourists even to those who are already residents here. Whether you go for the known locations or to the hidden gems in Al Ghubaiba, each step will never be forgotten.

If you are a backpacker or a traveler, then you must see all Dubai has to offer. And even if there are a lot of reasons that you should come to Dubai, we have narrowed them down to five.

Buckle up because you are taking a wild creative ride to the grandeur of having a holiday in Dubai!


This is a no-brainer at all! Dubai is known to be a hot place to be during its summer time, and it boasts of its beaches that can give you the relaxation and tan lines you have been looking forward to.

There is a list of beaches that you can visit in Dubai. From the JBR beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence) to the Sunset Beach, you are sure to be treated with the perfect kind of unwinding that your body needs.

Get your swimwear and sunscreen lotion packed because Dubai is ready to loosen you up!


If you are a fan of the splendid curve and points of buildings, then this is the right place for you. Driving around Dubai will show you some of the best buildings built, showing the advancement of the city.

You will see some original designs and some familiar ones inspired by famous buildings in the world. Nevertheless, you will be awestruck as you drive from North to South and everywhere else. The aesthetics are on point, giving many people one of the most beautiful city views


Fan of skydiving and riding a hot air balloon? Or do you simply enjoy those theme parks that make you feel you are somewhere else? 

Dubai has an array of leisure and activities that you will not run out of ideas to do!

Skydive Dubai offers the opportunity for people to see the views—from thousands of feet in the air—of Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. There are also hot air balloons that you can ride if you are not into extremities but just fancy a relaxed way of looking out to the city.

Dubai Parks have amazing theme parks like Legoland Dubai, Legoland Water Park, Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks, and Riverland Parks, with the latter welcoming you to what seemingly the village of Belle from the Beauty and the Beast.


Luxury is what the most part of Dubai is all about. High-end stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, and many others are all present in Dubai. You can shop any malls as they are all packed with products from clothes to perfume. You can even get a good discount during Dubai Shopping Festival.

Dubai is also a foodie city because it also has its own festival called the Dubai Food Festival every year! You can find many food trucks in beaches or other places. There is also a known food area called The Last Exit near Jebel Ali. It is a street food truck park in Dubai that offers a selection of food.


One of the best things in Dubai is that you can still feel like you are home even when you are completely in another country.

Many holiday homes are available for you to stay in during your vacation. Frank Porter can help you in looking for the right apartment or villa that will fit your taste and the number of people you are coming with. Whether it is a for a 3-night stay or more, we are here to ensure that you have a warm home to lodge in and come home to after a long awesome day of making memories in Dubai.



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