The travel industry has grown in leaps and bounds. People worldwide are traveling to their desired destinations and exploring the world at their own pace and convenience. Over the years, it has been observed that Airbnb has changed the way people look at their travel plans. With the introduction of the Airbnb services, many people moved out of their comfort zone and spent a lot of time traveling.

Airbnb listing management has proved beneficial to the travelers and the hosts of Airbnb. People who had invested in apartments were now able to give them for rent in the form of Airbnb or register them under Airbnb services. People worldwide will find your apartment online and look for amenities available; if they like the property, they will book it for their upcoming vacation.

What Is Superhost On Airbnb

There are certain aspects a host must keep in mind while catering to the Airbnb guest. One is to become the Superhost on Airbnb. If you have no clue about this, then continue reading this blog to learn more about becoming a Superhost on Airbnb.

Superhost is a program by the Airbnb service company to ensure the guests get the best facilities while they are on their vacation. However, below are the Airbnb service company 4 criteria to achieve the Superhost title.

  1. There must be a minimum of 10 stays annually.
  2. A critical 5-star review for at least 80% of your stays.
  3. You have to respond quickly to the guest’s queries.
  4. You have to cater to the majority of your bookings.

Apart from the 4 criteria listed above, here are some tips for becoming a Superhost on Airbnb.

Be A Great Host

Travelers come to your Airbnb for a reason. They must have liked something about the property that attracted them. Hence take advantage of this and be the best host they can expect. Provide the comfort they need and make them feel at home while on their vacation.

Take That Extra Mile

People often book hotels and rooms to spend quality time on their special events. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration promotion. If you have guests with such events, try to provide the extras like a bottle of wine, a cake, or even a free tour to a nearby attraction. Guests will feel special, which will make them visit your Airbnb Service Company the next time they travel.