Making Your Guests Feel Right at Home!

How to Make Your Guests Feel Right at Home


 It is getting tougher and tougher in the short-term rental game, and anyone who wants to stay in the market should keep up with the competition. Property managements get in the game to help out.

One thing that can ensure your intact position in the game is that you are an amazing Airbnb host who wants the best for their guests.

It is always a matter of how, and this article will show some things that you can do to lock in those good reviews because the flow of bookings can depend on how much your guests have enjoyed their stay.

Here are a few tricks that you can apply to your next check-ins!


Everything that looks good to the eyes are what people usually get lured in. Your short-term rentals should be appealing from the photos itself and especially in person.

Ensure that the aura of your apartment is cozy and welcoming just by looking at it with proper interior design (vibrant colors or a good mix of colors). A holiday home always gives a feeling of warmth and relaxation even when one is simply viewing it through a platform.


You would not want your guest to ramble on about how terrible their check-in was because it will give the impression that if you cannot get this little thing right, then who knows what else you can mess up? Follow a proper system. Dates should be properly blocked for them and payments should be made days before their check-in. The apartment should also be ready before guests arrive.


It is an amazing thing to have someone be there at the apartment to greet guests. Being in a foreign country, knowing no one, can be weird for some especially when they are just told to enter an apartment that they have not been to in their lives.

Preparing a welcome pack with simple things like packets of coffee and tea with bottles of water and others can make them feel at home.

Maybe you can even push it by giving chocolates, fresh flowers, or toiletries! Guests tend to be touched with hosts who seem to genuinely care about their guests.


These maybe just extra things that you can do but they are extremely helpful not just for your status as an Airbnb host but especially for the intact position of your holiday home in the vacation rental game.

Make sure to have important details written in one set of house rules that guests can simply scan. Emergency numbers, map of your local area, things to do, and restaurants/cafes to eat in are small things that will make your guests feel actually special and welcome to the place.


In this era when Airbnb hosting in Dubai is taking off more than ever, you will surely need a property management that can do everything for you. All you need to do is relax and wait for your payouts while we do the necessary things to keep your reputation and up your bookings!

As a property management, we will ensure that you are on the top of your game and always have bookings especially in the high seasons.

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