Holiday homes are ideal places to stay for vacations or business trips. With the holidays approaching, you’ll want to make sure your home is dressed to impress! As an Airbnb host, when it comes to home improvements there are a few additional factors that require time and money investment in your property. So, let’s get started with a few practical suggestions for improving your vacation rental that will also help you enhance your ratings:

Personalized Touch

Guests typically choose a vacation home to enjoy their vacation while maintaining the comforts of home. As a result, incorporating a little bit of your own personal style will appear friendly and warm. You can customize your holiday home by setting up a lovely music corner in a room and displaying your favorite books or movie collection, in addition to making a few décor adjustments such as wall paintings and reupholstering. Adding a personal touch will be difficult, but you don’t have to overthink it. Keep it confident and adaptable, and add whatever you want to make it interesting, such as travel images, office achievements, family history, or anything else.

Be In Your Guest’s Shoes

Seeing your location through the eyes of a visitor may help you find key areas for improvement. If you have a fully devoted rental, consider sleeping in your visitors’ bed and measuring the level of comfort and warmth, as well as utilizing the bathroom items and replacing them if anything is missing. Cook one or two meals in the kitchen, and double-check kitchen tools, cutlery, crockery, and everything else you’ll need for a stress-free cooking experience. If you are unable to locate defects in your vacation home, you can ask a friend or family member to do a test visit and provide feedback to assist you in completing the repairs that you may have overlooked otherwise. Your guests can also provide feedback about their experiences because they have visited other sites, which might help you make critical improvements.

Consider Important Fixes

While making improvements, bear in mind a few key points that will give the impression that you have put effort into making your home more than just a rental:

  • Examine the daily-use objects to see if they’re in the right spot. For example, towel racks should be closer to the shower, the showerhead should be adjustable and situated at the appropriate height, there should be a secure location to leave keys, and a hook for jackets or handbags should be provided.
  • Check for essential amenities like a mobile charging port, an electric outlet for a side table lamp, and other air conditioning controls.
  • Doors and windows are basic housing components that are fixed and functioning. For your visitors, a blocked door or a cracking window might be a great turn-off.

Spruce Up Your Backyard

Your home’s exterior, in addition to its interior, needs to be improved. Even if your vacation house isn’t near the sea or in a particularly attractive place, you can still make your backyard suitable for an evening sit-out or barbeque party by installing a gazebo, outdoor heaters, and a hammock, which will instantly give a plain backyard a vacation feel.

Any improvement you make to your home should improve the perception of your personal space, regardless of time or budget constraints. Don’t forget to take some beautiful, presentable images of your home and update your listings on a regular basis while you’re at it.