With changes to Dubai Tourism policies, short-term holiday rental of private homes has become a lucrative opportunity. Homeowners and tenants can now take part in holiday lets, and offer their property to vetted guests looking for a unique and homelike stay while they visit Dubai. Airbnb and other platforms are working to meet this need and are creating demand for Airbnb and property management services.

Ultimate Tourist Destination

Discerning visitors to Dubai know appropriate accommodations are sorely lacking. Hotels are either extremely expensive or cheap and inhabitable. Visitors are always looking for short-term rentals and holiday lets, and demand in this market is growing exponentially.

In the year since the change allowing private holiday lets has occurred, the number of Airbnb listings and guests using Airbnb while in Dubai has increased more than 100%, and growth is continuing this trajectory. Dubai needs the accommodations that Airbnb hosting brings as tourism spending by visitors generates billions in revenue annually.

Challenges of Short-term Lets

While the opportunity for short-term letting is now widely available, the logistics of operating such listings are a deterrent for many homeowners. Often homes are vacant because owners are out of the country, or not available for the day-to-day attention that these types of lets require. The solution is to engage a reputable property management organisation to handle the logistics of hosting and Airbnb management, allowing the homeowner to reap the benefits without the work.


A successful listing requires a home or apartment with amenities, professional photography and description, daily adjustments of rates, friendly guest interactions, on-site availability, and cleaning and maintenance of the property. When this is accomplished, listings are often fully booked and revenue is maximised. Airbnb and other short-term let platforms also offer significantly higher income than can be generated through a long term let. Frank Porter was created to meet the need for full-service expertise in Airbnb management, hosting, and property management.

The result is a worry-free opportunity to generate income and keep your home serviced and monitored. Our team is passionate about meeting the needs of our homeowners and guests by providing for all property management needs.

Our services take all the work out of property management and provide
excellent 5-star service to each guest staying in the properties we manage.


– Frank Porter –


We take care of all preparations for listing including cleaning, styling, photography, and expert profile writing. We handle all the requirements of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), registration and submission of the monthly fees to Dubai Tourism, and keep your listing fully compliant.

Once your listing is live, we manage all guest communications, pricing optimization, check in and check out of guests, full-service cleaning, and all aspects of ensuring the listing is generating maximum income. We carefully vet each guest and care for your home with the utmost respect. We do the work, you enjoy the income.


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